Launched January 2015, Gear Savvy is a group of musicians, filmmakers and audio nerds who review a wide range of gear.


How does the process work?

For any given piece of gear (say, fuzz pedal or dynamic mic), we start by listing all the key players out there. We look for the most popular products as well as the most unique, the best beginner options, the best pro options, etc.

Once we have our list, we compare specs in the form of a table. This allows our readers to compare key info at a single glance.

Below that, we write a summary of each product. These reviews are based our first hand experience, as well as other expert reviews, forum discussions, YouTube demos, etc. As much as we would like to try all gear first-hand, we sometimes have to rely on primary resources. (Expect this to change once Gear Savvy is awarded the #1 review site of all time and we can afford to buy everything, ever.)

There's thousands of review websites out there. Why do we need another one?

True. Websites like Gearslutz and Harmonycentral are great to find expert opinions (and debates) on audio gear. There's also countless YouTube channels dedicated to demoing audio products.

There's actually so many resources out there, it can be a lot to take in. Researching a new piece of gear requires a lot of clicks and scrolling: You have to sift through a lot of conversation on forums to get the relevant bits and skip through a lot of dud YouTube videos.

This is where we come in. Rather than add to the clutter, we seek to filter the information that's out there: We scour the web for expert discussions, collect product specs, and find the best demo videos so you don't have to. Combine that with our first-hand experience, and you have one of the most qualified and authoritative gear review sites out there.