Launched January 2015, Gear Savvy is a group of musicians & Filmmakers Sharing their Gear Advice & DIY Hacks.


What Gear Savvy Does Different

Websites like Gearslutz and Harmonycentral are great to find expert opinions (and debates) on audio gear. There's also countless YouTube channels dedicated to demoing audio products.

There's actually so many resources out there, it can be a lot to take in. Researching a new piece of gear requires a lot of clicks and scrolling: You have to sift through a lot of conversation on forums to get the relevant bits and skip through a lot of dud YouTube videos.

This is where we come in. Rather than add to the clutter, we seek to filter the information that's out there: We scour the web for expert discussions, collect product specs, and find the best demo videos. Combine that with our first-hand experience, and you have one of the most qualified and authoritative gear review sites out there.

How Gear Savvy Makes Money

When you click a link to purchase a product from Gear Savvy, we sometimes earn a small commission from the retailer (e.g. Amazon, eBay). This helps support our hosting costs, and reimburses our writers for some of their work. 

Will You Review My Gear?

Yes, probably. If you're an instrument maker or service provider, we are open to writing an editorially-independent review of your gear. This includes guitars, guitar pedals, microphones, drum equipment, keyboards, etc., as well as musicians services like vinyl/lathe cut providers, distribution services or marketing companies. Please send an email to the address below.

Contact Us

Email for all inquiries.