Best Portable Voice Amplifiers for Teachers, Presenters – 2019 Review

Whether you are speaking to a large audience or outdoors, your voice can easily become muffled or drowned out by background noises; no matter the context, you certainly do not want your audience to have to strain to hear your words. This is when you should decide to invest in a high-quality voice amplifier.

The strain teaching has on your voice is something that is not widely addressed in the community, although the detriments are very real. About 58 percent of teachers develop a voice disorder in their lifetime, and the same can be said for speakers and presenters who spend long hours flexing their voice box.

While there can’t always be a PA system in the classroom, one solution is to bring a microphone with you. A small, portable voice amplifier, along with a microphone headset, provides much-needed relief at a minimal cost.

Keep reading to find more information about the best voice amplifiers and how they can help you.

Comparison Chart of the Best Portable Voice Amplifiers


Zoweetek Voice Amp

  • Maximum 10 watts for 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Clear, crisp sounds without distortions.
  • Up to 12 hours life, rechargeable through USB in 3-5 hours.
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WinBridge Voice Amplifier SD-M800

  • Waterproof.
  • 3-in-1: voice amplifier, Bluetooth speaks, power bank.
  • Supports microphone input and music play at the same time.
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WinBridge WB001

  • Stable headset design.
  • Adjustable microphone, small and light.
  • Can play music from TF card and flash drive.
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Croove Voice Amp

  • Perfect for teachers.
  • Covers more than 4,300 sq. ft.
  • Up to 10 hours of use with red led when amplifier is fully charged.
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WinBridge Wireless Voice Amplifier WB711

  • Wireless microphone.
  • High-power audio with clear sound in a lightweight design.
  • 8 hours of amplify time, 8 hours of music playtime, microphone 3-4 hours playtime.
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What is a Portable Voice Amplifier?

A portable voice amplifier is a small device that has a speaker and a lightweight headset. All you need to do is to plug in the headset, attach it to your belt or wear it around your neck, and you are prepared to speak to large audiences. 

How to Choose a Portable Voice Amplifier

Not all voice amplifiers are created equal. Here is a quick overview of features you should pay attention to before deciding to purchase a voice amplifier:


First, you need to consider whether the device’s battery life is suitable for your purposes. If you use it for medical reasons, you might not mind charging it every 2-3 hours; however, if you are a music teacher working long hours, this might be extremely inconvenient. Products come in ranges between 2-3 hours to 10-12 hours of use.


Think about the purpose of your voice amplifier. Do you need it for large crowds or small rooms of people? Products also come with different sound watts, starting with 10,000 sq. ft. coverage. You might consider a weaker one if this is not the case for you.

Other Characteristics

Other things you need to consider when you choose your portable voice amplifier might be whether you will perform outside in bad weather; in this case, you might want to choose a waterproof device. If you prefer hands-free products, you should opt for a wireless voice amplifier. 

Quick Take: 
Top 3 Picks

Review of the Best Portable Voice Amplifiers

Here are the best five voice amplifiers for musicians and music teachers: 

Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier with Wired Microphone Headset and Waistband, Supports MP3 Format Audio for Teachers, Singing, Coaches, Training, Presentation, Tour Guide


  • Adjustable microphone.
  • Flexibility and suitability to any situation.
  • Durable; constructed from wear-resistant ABS.
  • Long life; up to 12 hours of voice amplification.
  • Supports MP3 audio playing (repeat single tune, loop music, and switch songs).


  • Has interference from time to time.
  • Wire could become uncomfortable if you need to move around.
  • Charging cord has USB port (might be convenient to be charged from products with micro USB ports).

What Recent Buyers Report

This  voice amplifier offers great benefits to its buyers. It is as useful as it is powerful; you can speak softly and it does not distort your voice. It is useful for musicians because it helps them to keep their vocal cords healthy, along with other users, such as teachers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier has a wide, penetrating coverage, up to a large room of approximately 25-100 people, with 10w sound output. It has a stylish, ergonomic design that is easy to use. In addition to this, it is ultra-portable and you can choose between wearing it around your neck or your waist. Its battery can be charged in only 3-5 hours and lasts up to 12 hours.

The Zoweetek is perfect if you want the affordability of the WinBridge with just a little more volume. The most notable difference is the battery life; with up to 12 hours of battery life, it blows the WinBridge out of the water! It has the TF port, the MP3 aux port and the USB port like the WinBridge. It includes a belt as well as a clip-on built into the speaker, which gives you many options to secure the amplifier onto your body, another edge it definitely has over the Croove.

Considering the pros of the Zoweetek compared to the others, there are very few drawbacks to this portable amplifier. However, one thing to consider about the sound of this amplifier (and small portable amplifiers in general) is that the sound is tinnier and thinner than that of larger amplifiers. This isn’t too much of a concern if you are primarily talking and singing, but this might be a deal breaker if you’re a baritone or bass or rely heavily on playing music from your amplifier. The lows won’t cut through as well and if you really wanted to crank the bass you may end up damaging the speaker.

For general use in the classroom, however, the Zoweetek will function perfectly.

Who Will Use This Most

This voice amplifier is great for musicians and music teachers who perform for longer periods of time. Due to the fact that it is a powerful device, you can help your vocal cords stay healthy by not having to raise your voice to reach the audience. In addition to this, it can be used in band rehearsals without putting strain on your voice or to make sure you are heard by your entire class.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier is a stylish mini-sized device that allows you to speak and sing with clarity and a wide coverage. It is a great asset, highly versatile and flexible, with an adjustable microphone and lightweight headset.

Updated WinBridge Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset Wired Loudspeaker Voice Changer Megaphone Portable Microphone Mini Amp Pa System for Teachers Parkinsons Outdoors Waterproof 18W


  • 10-12 hours of battery life.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Can play music from iPhone via Bluetooth.
  • Silicone case is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof
  • Amplifier comes with portable Bluetooth wireless speaker and power bank for emergency charging.


  • Wired microphone.
  • Lack of mute button.
  • Does not show the volume when changing it.

What Recent Buyers Report

The product is most often purchased by outdoor performers who look for a product resistant to water. It is extremely durable and reliable in such conditions. In addition to this, despite its only 18 watts, the amplifier delivers a very strong sound. The design is very solid and long-lasting.

Why it Stands Out To Us

This voice amplifier represents a great deal as it comes with a power bank for emergency charging (battery lasts approximately 10-12 hours) and a Bluetooth wireless speaker. It can be used as a megaphone, and it can be used even during wind and rain, as its silicone-based design assures a waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof build.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is great for any musician, especially those playing outdoors. It can be used during the worst of weather due to the fact that it is waterproof. The case is extremely durable, making it perfect for long hours of performance. This amplifier is an excellent choice for musicians who want to protect their vocal cords during rehearsals or band play.

Bottom Line

Overall, this product is a solid option, offering a 3-in-1 package that is highly multi-functional. Its waterproof and shockproof design makes it perfect in any conditions and it also comes with a power bank, allowing you to quickly charge it in case of battery drainage during long hours of use.

Best for the Money:
WinBridge WB001

WinBridge WB001 Rechargeable Ultralight Portable Voice Amplifier Waist Support MP3 Format Audio for Tour Guides, Teachers, Coaches, Presentations, Costumes, Etc.-Black


  • Repeat function.
  • Sturdy, adjustable headset.
  • Helps to maintain healthy vocal cords.
  • Waist-clip design or around the neckwear.
  • Easy to setup – plug in the headset and turn on.


  • Charging time 3-5 hours.
  • Wired microphone / no charger included.
  • Shorter battery life (3-8 hours depending on volume) compared to other products.

What Recent Buyers Report

This amplifier is perfect for an audience of 80-100 people and it does not have any interference or feedback. It has multiple useful features, is loud and clear, and can be charged through any USB cable; this makes it very convenient, as you can use any cable if you lose the charger. You can also speak with music because the product is able to read from a microSD card and a USB flash drive.

Why it Stands Out To Us

The WinBridge WB001 Rechargeable ultralight portable voice amplifier is a device that allows you to amplify your voice quickly, benefitting from a lightweight tiny design that is extremely comfortable. It can be worn around the neck or on the belt loops and it has a sturdy headset with adjustable characteristics for an improved experience.

The WinBridge is the most economic voice amplifier on this list – and it doesn’t sacrifice quality. It includes almost all the accessories as the Croove and more flexibility. Not only does it have an MP3 aux port where you could plug in music to play for the class, it also has a TF card port and USB port as well.

The WinBridge headset is also a standout among the three voice amplifiers; it is made of rubber instead of metal and is much more comfortable for extended periods on time. It seems to have been designed for someone more mobile when giving a presentation - perfect for the classroom! The built-in clip on the amplifier attaches securely and gives you the freedom to move around the classroom without encumbering your movement like a belt would. The wear-ability of this portable amplifier is a standout among the three.

The WinBridge does not include a wall charger. It charges via USB, which means you’ll need to charge via your laptop, or use a USB wall adapter included with most smartphones.

Sadly, the battery is also the weakest on this list. It has 5-8 hours of charge with MP3 playing and only 3-8 hours with prolonged microphone use. Beware of the microphone usage draining the battery, especially if you tend to use higher volume settings in a noisy class! You may just look down and find you're out of battery before the end of the day.

Who Will Use This Most

This amplifier is perfect for the gigging musician or for teachers who are looking to preserve their voice when performing or teaching. The device is tiny-sized; however, it is strong and durable and can be used around the neck or in the belt loops. You can easily preserve your voice while giving your best performance.

Bottom Line

Overall, WinBridge WB001 is a great product choice that helps you preserve your vocal cords and save you from sore throat. It is ideal for small audiences and for rehearsals, allowing you to control the level of your voice and, at the same time, enable all the audience to hear you clearly, without feedback or interference.

Croove Rechargeable Voice Amplifier, with Waist/Neck Band & Belt Clip, 20 Watts. Very Comfortable Headset


  • Great for teachers and professionals.
  • Highly flexible with adjustable microphone.
  • Covers 4,300 sq. ft. without distortions, breaks or cracks.
  • Unmatched quality focused on voice clarity, free of interference and feedback.
  • Compact design with adjustable microphone and removable belt clip for hands-free portability.


  • Headband is not adjustable.
  • Minimum 2 hours needed to charge.
  • If volume is too high in small rooms, it amplifies all other noises as well.

What Recent Buyers Report

This product offers consistent quality and the company has excellent customer service. It is perfect for teachers who have voice issues due to the long hours of talking or singing, as the voice amplifier is strong enough to save your voice unnecessary stress. The design is modern, small, and extremely comfortable to wear.

Why it Stands Out To Us

The Croove Rechargeable Voice Amplifier is a great and convenient product which allows you to be heard by both large and small crowds, up to 4,300 sq. ft. The adjustable volume makes it flexible and versatile and it can be used up to 10 hours without recharging. The projected sound is free of cracking, popping, or feedback noises, ensuring clarity and precision of your voice.

When considering voice amplifiers for the classroom, battery life is one of the key considerations. Class after class, with very short breaks in between makes longevity a necessity. While the specs online list the Croove as 10 hours a charge, anecdotal evidence online suggests it can last much longer. Some users state that the Croove lasted almost a week without a charge, with one review stating that it lasted a month with daily use of 4 hours. That’s 80+ hours of battery life!

Alongside battery life, longevity is also important in teaching tools. While some companies don’t supply replacement parts for their products and require purchasing a completely new model, Croove has replacement parts available for every accessory that accompanies the amplifier. Next time you accidentally spill your coffee, you can replace any parts worry-free!

The included waist band is flimsy and tends to shift and fall, especially if you’re on your feet and moving. The headset also runs large, so it may slip or fall if you have a smaller head. This could be worked around by purchasing a different clip-on microphone to use instead of the headset, but considering this is the most expensive headset out of the three, this would add even more to the cost.

If your classroom or presentation tends to do a lot of movement and dancing, this may not be the microphone for you because of the looseness of the headset and potential need for readjustment.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is best for teachers who need to cover a large auditorium as it offers a range of approximately 4,300 sq. ft. without compromising on quality. The adjustable volume has a separate knob that allows you to use on smaller or larger crowds. The speaker is designed for voice clarity; the wireless amplifier helps to eliminate any feedback, cracks, or popping noises.

Bottom Line

Overall, this product is the best option for music teachers who need to perform for long hours. The amplifier helps by allowing you to keep your voice volume down and protect your vocal cords, but allows you to be heard in large auditoriums up to 4,300 sq. ft. without compromising on the quality of the sound.

Best Wireless Voice Amplifier:
WinBridge Wireless Voice Amplifier WB711

WinBridge Wireless Voice Amplifier WB711 Microphone with Speaker Personal PA System Throat Saving 10W Rechargeable Portable for Tour Guide Teachers Coaches Classroom Elderly Etc


  • Small design, but powerful sounds.
  • Detachable and foldable microphone
  • Comfortably worn at the shoulder/waist.
  • Wireless microphone; the device can be placed in the middle of the room so volume is equal.
  • Rechargeable product with 3-4 hours of microphone playtime, 8 hours for amplify/music playtime.


  • Unclear product instructions
  • Does not work when amplifier is charging.
  • Comes with only one cable for both headset and amplifier.

What Recent Buyers Report

This product works excellently; it does not have any static background noises and it does not blur the sound of your voice. It is especially useful for teachers who need to reach large groups of students without placing strain on their vocal cords.

Why it Stands Out To Us

WinBridge Wireless Voice Amplifier WB711 is the best choice for a wireless voice amplifier with a 5v battery that can be used for approximately 8 hours. It is lightweight, but has a sturdy, resistant design. The product is extremely comfortable because it uses UHF wireless technology, allowing you to be hands-free, although it ensures lack of interference and a high degree of reliability.

Who Will Use This Most

This voice amplifier is most suitable for music teachers who often need to raise their voice in order to reach numerous students. This helps to preserve your voice and, at the same time, to allow students to clearly hear you without disturbances.

Bottom Line

Overall, WinBridge Wireless Voice Amplifier WB711 is the best option for a wireless voice amplifier. It is extremely reliable, and it allows you to move without the discomfort of wearing wires.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Overall, this is what you need to consider before buying your voice amplifier:

Battery life

If you are a music teacher, battery life might be the most important aspect you need to consider. It is necessary to ensure that your device can last long enough to cover all of your classes, or you might want to choose a product that comes with a power bank for emergencies. 


Besides battery life, coverage is also important. Consider the number of people who need to hear your voice and the size of the space you are speaking in before making a purchase. 


Another aspect is the longevity of the device. You should consider choosing a sturdy, well-built product if you are planning to use it regularly. 


Whether you are a musician looking to preserve your voice during rehearsals or a music teacher whose vocal cords become worn out trying to reach your students, voice amplifiers are a great way to help you improve the quality of your work and ensure that you are heard by your audience without disturbances.