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Gibson Maestro Electric Guitar Review – 2021 Guide

Gibson always had the interest to recreate original models that made them become what they are today. Besides legendary Les Paul, there is another model that seems to have a bit of underdog status – the SG Standard. You probably heard about it, but, did you know that Gibson had its tremolo bridge system as well? … Read more

Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro Guitar – 2021 Review

If you ever wanted to have an original Les Paul but didn’t have money for it, perhaps you could check the Epiphone Les Paul Traditional as well.It’s an affordable way to get as close as possible to Gibson’s iconic electric guitar. Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro CHECK PRICE PROS Great overall build quality Gibson USA … Read more

Ibanez V70CE Review – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Japanese guitar brand Ibanez has been a reputable manufacturer in the musical world since its inception in the late 1950s. Today, Ibanez is known for producing high-quality instruments at an affordable price point.In this guide, we’re exploring the acoustic-electric Ibanez V70CE, deep-diving into everything you need to know about this guitar. Ibanez V70CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar … Read more

Ibanez SR405EQM Review – 2021 Overview

Ibanez is a Japanese guitar brand known for putting out consistently great builds at super affordable prices.This continues to ring true for the Ibanez SR405EQM, a bass guitar build that offers some impressive specs for a modestly priced instrument. Ibanez SR405EQM Electric Bass Guitar CHECK PRICE PROS 5-String Bass Low-Cost Pricing Reliable Hardware Gorgeous AestheticsCONS … Read more

Ibanez RG8 Review – 2021 Guide

If you’ve ever been curious to try an 8-string guitar, the Ibanez RG8 is a great place to start. This guitar provides plenty of options to players who want to experiment with new sounds. Here we’re going to explore everything you need to know about this guitar. Ibanez RG8 Electric Guitar CHECK PRICE PROS Great Pickups … Read more

Ibanez AS 73 Review – 2021 Overview

Ibanez is a Japanese brand that has been making guitars since the 50s. Their Artcore AS 73 model is a versatile electric guitar and a much-loved hollow-body found on the market today.Let’s explore the instrument, breaking down all you need to know if you want to buy it. Ibanez Artcore AS73 Electric Guitar CHECK PRICE … Read more

Ibanez AM 93 Review – 2021 Guide

The AM93 Artcore guitar from Ibanez is a beautiful instrument, capable of gorgeous sound at an impressively decent price point.In this article, we’re going to dig into all the details and specs that define this guitar, unpacking its pros and cons, and outlining everything you’d want to know before you buy. Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93ME … Read more

Epiphone Riviera P93 Review – 2021 Guide

Epiphone was reinvented with the release of their Riviera guitar in the 60s, a model that has evolved into a staple for the brand.Here we’re reviewing the Epiphone Riviera P93, deep-diving all you need to know about this incredible instrument. Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 Electric Guitar CHECK PRICE PROS Great Looks Durable Build Solid Hardware … Read more

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Review – 2021 Overview

First sold by Gibson in the 50s, the Les Paul is a much-loved choice among electric guitar players today.Epiphone, a subsidiary of Gibson based in Nashville, Tennessee, has made their own Les Paul tribute with the Les Paul Tribute Plus.Here we’re going to explore the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus, breaking down everything you need … Read more