Epiphone DR-100 – 2021 Review

Even some of the best players out there have started once with a cheap but good acoustic steel string guitar.So perhaps Epiphone DR-100 could do the same for your beginnings, too. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar CHECK PRICE PROS Full scale acoustic guitar  Spruce top for tone brightness Bridge system supports steel strings Guitar neck for … Read more

Epiphone EJ 200SCE – 2021 Review

Acoustic guitars can be used for both parties and recording purposes, so why not have both in one instrument?Epiphone EJ-200SCE is a nice and affordable example of an instrument capable of fulfilling all your needs including stunning visuals. Epiphone EJ-200SCE Acoustic/Electric Guitar CHECK PRICE PROS A true eye candy  Piezo undersaddle pickup included Jumbo body … Read more

Gibson J-45 Review – 2021 Guide

Acoustic guitars are often considered an amateur instrument, meant for those campfire parties and casual lounge music nights.But, guitars such as the Gibson J-45 could prove you wrong in a second and within five seconds explain why it costs so much.Let’s see what’s so different about this acoustic guitar. Gibson J-45 Studio CHECK PRICE PROS … Read more

Epiphone SG Special Review – 2020 Guide

Hey, do you like AC/DC? Besides that legendary vocal, what else would you mention as their trademark? Guitars, right?Well, the guitar that has been used regularly for an Angus’ duck walk belongs to the Gibson SG series. Epiphone SG Special CHECK PRICE PROS Lightweight model It Has the Look Quality body and neck material Unique … Read more

Epiphone Dot Review – 2021 Guide

If you ever wanted to have that good old guitar sound and thought it was out of your league because of the price on the used market, you probably haven’t heard about Epiphone guitars.Epiphone Dot might be the guitar you were looking for for a long time. Epiphone Dot Electric Guitar CHECK PRICE PROS Affordable … Read more

Epiphone Les Paul Junior Review – 2021 Overview

If you are a huge fan of Les Paul guitars then you probably know that back in 1954, Japan has made a guitar that never got exported before. Well, there is a reissue of that specific model now – Epiphone Les Paul Junior. Epiphone Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar CHECK PRICE PROS Affordable for the … Read more

Best Epiphone Guitars of 2021 – Top Picks

If you’re a guitar player, there’s a huge chance you’re a Les Paul fan.But, unless you’re a professional player, Gibson guitars will most likely be out of your budget.So, did you know that you can get the same body type from Epiphone and so much more?Comparison of the Best Epiphone GuitarsEpiphone History OverviewJust like the … Read more

Epiphone Les Paul SL – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Epiphone’s slogan says “for every stage”.And when you take a look at the Les Paul SL, you can tell that they are devoted to their mission. If you have wished to learn to play an electric guitar, this guitar is a very affordable way to go. Epiphone Les Paul SL CHECK PRICE PROS Simplified controls Slim … Read more

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro – 2021 In-Depth Review

The majority of Epiphone solid body guitars are from the Inspired by Gibson line.They are currently doing a great job making affordable Les Pauls, so let’s check if they managed to do the same with the model that Les Paul, the original inventor of these guitars insisted to be made in the first place. Epiphone … Read more

Epiphone Les Paul Standard – 2020 Review

Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar is one of the most iconic guitars of all time.So iconic that it’s one of the most expensive guitars available today in mass-production. Being aware of its popularity Gibson decided to provide a more cost-effective model labeled by their Epiphone sub-brand. Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Standard CHECK PRICE PROS … Read more