How to Restore a Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

SO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE CLUB of reel to reel ownership. Perhaps you’re looking to do some analog recording, screw around with tape loops, or hell, just enjoy some albums in HiFi. The good news is these babies turn up pretty frequently in thrift stores and garage sales AND despite their age, they’re built like … Read more

How to Press Vinyl for Under $100

If you’re like most bands, you thought about pressing vinyl for your latest EP/LP/single until you saw the price. The kicker is most bands don’t even need the 100-250 minimum units required from a traditional vinyl pressing service. Fortunately, a lesser-known option exists in the vinyl word that offers shorter, cheaper, and often more unique pressings. Known … Read more

Best Vinyl Pressing Services: Cheap and Short-Run Options

Pressing records is expensive, but shopping smart can save you a LOT of time and money. Whether you’re looking for 5, 100 or 500 records, we’ll show you the best options. We’ll start with traditional short-run vinyl pressing services, which typically start at 100-300 copies minimum. If you’re looking for tiny runs of 1-20 records, skip … Read more