How to Press Vinyl for Under $100

| Last Updated: December 30, 2020

If you’re like most bands, you thought about pressing vinyl for your latest EP/LP/single until you saw the price. The kicker is most bands don’t even need the 100-250 minimum units required from a traditional vinyl pressing service.

Fortunately, a lesser-known option exists in the vinyl word that offers shorter, cheaper, and often more unique pressings. Known as lathe-cut services, you can order 7”, 10” or 12” records in quantities as small as a single unit.

So without further adieu, here’s 8 ways you can press vinyl for under $100, whether you’re looking for a run of 20 singles, or just a few fancy LPs.

7 CT 7" Records With Blank Jackets


This bare-bones package is perfect for the resourceful and visually-creative. Those handy with a pen or printing screen will easily make this package come to life. If you prefer a pre-printed option, however, Tangible Formats has a great deal that includes 10 ct. 7” records with full color labels AND a printed cover for just $155.

1 CT 12" Record With Jacket


  • Poly-sealed.
  • Full color center label.
  • Full color 2-sided jacket.
  • 1 stereo 12” heavyweight record from Austin Signal (18:00 per side max).

Total Price: $55

Not everyone needs multiple copies. Austin Signal’s single-run records make the perfect gift. This is a heavyweight 180g vinyl with a printed label, full-color jacket and poly-sealed packaging, which is basically as professional as you can get. Furthermore, if you are looking for a larger run, it’s only $35/each if you order 5 or more.

5 CT 10" Records With Sleeve


  • Blank white labels.
  • White paper sleeves.
  • 5 stereo 10” records from Tangible Formats (10:00 per side max).

Another barebones option, but for those who need something longer than a single. Tangible Formats’ 10” records can hold up to 10 minutes per side at 33.3 RPM. Pair with a high quality sleeve or jacket, and customize it with your own drawing or screen print.

5 CT 12" Records (No Packaging)


  • No packaging included.
  • 5 stereo 12” records from Vinylizer - Maxi Single Length (9:00 per side max).

Canada’s Vinylizer offers one of the most affordable ways to press high quality stereo 12” vinyl. This package is for a “Maxi Single” length pressing, which means the total record cannot be longer than 18:00 (longer records are available at a higher price). Full color jackets and labels are available for an extra $7 per record, or print your own if you’re handy with ink.

20 CT 7" Records With Plastic Sleeves


Yes, you read that right. Funky Frankenstein offers a way to press 20 records for a mere $100, or $5 a piece. Add white printed labels and cardboard jackets, and you’re looking at a full run of 20 records.

Potential buyers should note: These are available in mono only and Funky Frankenstein makes no claim to hi fidelity. That said, buyers have given positive reviews, noting the “lo-fi 60s vibe” of the lathe cut works great for the right type of music.

10 CT 10" Records With Plastic Sleeves


  • Clear plastic sleeves (labels $1/ea extra).
  • 10 mono 10” clear records from Funky Frankenstein (9:00 per side).

Funky Frankenstein also offers longer playing records, including this 10” package with up to 18 minutes of audio. For just $5 extra, you can add black and white labels, (or $10 for full color) so you can sell them as-is, or add an insert to the plastic sleeve for a classic LP look.

5 CT 12" Records With Cardstock Jackets


  • Clear plastic sleeves.
  • Full color center labels.
  • 5 mono 12” clear records from Funky Frankenstein (12:00 per side).

Last but not least, we have the most cost-effective way to print a short LP. Funky Frankenstein can provide up to 24 minutes of mono audio on a clear 12” record for just $16 a piece. Included are full color center labels and plastic sleeves. Sell them as-is, or buy separate cardstock jackets from Amazon for a more formal design.


Lathe cut services offer a new way to press cheap vinyl. They do this by skipping the taxing process of creating a metal stamper, and instead, record each record in real time.

As a result, lathe cut services are able to provide smaller runs -- as small as a single record. However, the cost per record can be somewhat high. If you’re interested in larger quantities, it will be cheaper per record to go with a traditional pressing service. Check out our alternate guide on the best short-run pressing services, which begins at 100 units for $895.


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