Best Acoustic Guitars For Small Hands – 2021 Complete

| Last Updated: December 26, 2021

If you are a musician who happens to have little hands, you may think that it’s impossible to find a quality guitar that works for you.

It may be more challenging to discover a guitar that is comfortable for you, but it is in no way impossible.

In this article, we have made it simpler for you by rounding up some of the best acoustic guitars on the market that are made for people with small hands. We have also provided a quick guide to help you sift through your options. 

How Does an Acoustic Guitar Change for Those with Small Hands?

Shopping for a guitar as someone with smaller hands will change what you will be looking for. One thing that can affect how well a guitar plays is the action of the guitar. When you have hands that are smaller than normal, you might need to press down on the strings harder than normal. That means that you really need to pay attention to the action, as a higher one will make it difficult to accurately hit the right notes.

Another factor that changes is the scale length. Guitars that have shorter scale lengths will be a lot simpler for individuals with smaller hands to play. A full-size guitar is 25.5" in scale length, which means you'll need to search for a guitar that is anywhere between 22-24.9".

What Size of Acoustic Guitar Do I Need?

Figuring out the size of the guitar that you need is not very difficult. As we said, you will want to look for a guitar with a shorter scale, as well as one that fits your height. There are compact models, commonly called travel guitars, that are often great choices for smaller-handed players. You will also want to choose a thinner neck to help enhance playability. The exact size depends on you and your build.

Why Did These Acoustic Guitars Make Our List?

When we were choosing our options below, we stuck to a few key factors that help make a good selection for those players with diminutive hands. Here are a few of the criteria we used:


Choose a guitar with a body size that will ensure that you can hold the instrument easily. This is particularly important for those players with small hands. Acoustic guitars can be fairly cumbersome. Picking the somewhat more slender option could have a major impact on playability for smaller-handed players. 


Between 22 and 24 inches is the perfect range. A fingerboard like this will allow you to easily reach every fret without extending your fingers or having to press down too hard on the strings. The number of frets, as you can see, is important when finding the right option for you. 

Fender Mustang Electric Guitar


This is obviously associated with the length of the fingerboard. Necks that are shorter are increasingly thin. This helps since you need to have the option to get a decent hold of the neck to play your guitar properly with ease. 


If your hands come with smaller fingers as well, you ought to consider using thinner strings. This will enhance your comfort and maneuverability as you play. 

Comparison of the Acoustic Guitars For Small Hands

  • Best acoustic guitar for small hands
  • Stable tuning mechanism built-in for longer and more precise tuning
  • Designed with a 22¾” scale length for young and smaller-framed guitarists
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  • Best for the Money
  • Equipped with an ART-based pickup system for optimized sound shaping
  • Constructed with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge for a unique sound quality
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  • Lightweight, compact design for better playability
  • Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners With Small Hands
  • Sustainable man-made materials used to prevent warping
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  • Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar For Small Hands
  • Mahogany top wood produces clarity and focus of sound
  • Constructed in a ¾ size scale that has improved tonal quality and playability
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Review of the Best Acoustic Guitars for Small Hands

After you have decided what you are looking for in your acoustic guitar, take a look at our top recommendations below.

Best Overall:
 Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top


  • Design leads to a good action
  • Great investment to performance ratio
  • Materials used for build makes for low tones that are beautiful
  • Included in the box is a backpack carrying case for easier portability
  • Use of a solid hardwood top produces high-quality focus and clarity of tone
  • Great size for smaller players or children looking to begin their guitar journey


  • Issues with the response when using fingerstyle playing
  • Some issues with overall treble quality being a little subpar
  • Issues with the amount of upkeep needed to maintain high performance

What Recent Buyers Report

This Taylor-made guitar brings with it quality and a price tag that is easy on the wallet. With great action and compact size, this model has everything you need. There are, of course, some issues with the tonal quality and the upkeep schedule needed to maintain it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are a young player and want a quality guitar, you may worry that finding one that will work with your smaller, finer hands is quite impossible. Taylor has heard your concern and solved your problem with the 22¾” scale length. The quality of this instrument is impressive compared to alternatives of any size, particularly this small-hand-friendly size range.

Who Will Use This Most

This guitar is perfect for young or smaller-framed guitarists who are just beginning to pick up the skill. Due to its small size and easy portability, they will be able to take it with them everywhere they go. This means they get more practice in, and that will lead to faster learning.

Bottom Line   

Crafted to produce quality sound, this budget-friendly guitar is easily one of the best out there today. The use of premium tonewood and high caliber hardware, along with the shorter scale, combine together to make this a great choice for smaller-handed players.

Best for the Money:
Yamaha APXT2EW

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  • Price versus value far exceeds expectations
  • Designed with a tuner included in the build
  • Tonewood and design give it a versatile sound
  • Built-in electric features elevate the sound capability
  • Neck design and scale length optimize this guitar’s playability
  • Comes with the decades-old reputation carefully crafted by Yamaha designers


  • Issues with the model staying in tune
  • Laminate is not aesthetically pleasing
  • Acoustic tone is slightly thinner than in their models

What Recent Buyers Report

This guitar is definitely a steal for the price tag. The name alone that is etched on that neck is worth a lot. Then, when you look at all the features and hardware used in its construction, you can see why so many love this guitar.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This guitar from Yamaha has a lot of aspects that shine, but the thing that makes this short-scale addition to the family so great is the electronics. The built-in ART-based pickup system allows for optimal sound resonance. Not only that, but it allows for creative sound shaping, as well.

Who Will Use This Most

Many small-handed players could take advantage of this guitar's amazing qualities. That said, the guitarist that will get the most from it is the studio guitarist. Once hooked up, the superior sound will allow for perfect sounds on every recording.

Bottom Line

Budget isn’t always the most important consideration when looking to find the right tool for anything. It is especially frustrating sometimes when it comes to guitars, but this Yamaha doesn’t have that problem. It is a well-built, amazing-sounding guitar that is very budget-friendly.

Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners With Small Hands:
Martin LXM Little Martin

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  • Stays in tune for extended periods of time 
  • Comes with padded gig bag for safe transport
  • Crafted in eco-friendly material for sustainability
  • Design features improved portability and a wide range of use
  • Laminated coating offers brightness for a better bass response
  • Better playability, as the neck is constructed with high-grade tonewood’s 


  • Decreased resonance makes it a quieter guitar 
  • Scalloped bracing is not included in the design
  • Natural wood sound is changed by the laminate

What Recent Buyers Report

The LXM Little Martin is mostly built of man-made woods. However, it still offers a novel sound and a sturdiness that will have this guitar in your hands for many years. Its structure carries with it playability that is just as good or better than a majority of its peers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The name of the game with this guitar is versatility. The size and weight give it superb playability that is perfect for any guitarist with little hands. The design also makes it easy to transport, which can be quite helpful on the way to your next lesson or performance.

Who Will Use This Most

Though this guitar would serve many guitarists well, the beginning player will probably be the one that takes the most from it. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to play. On top of that, the excellent tonal quality and tuners will help the guitarist find their ear.

Bottom Line   

The Little Martin is a guitar that was designed to be one of the best, no matter your experience level. With all the features and functions, you can clearly see why we think it is best for beginners. It has a heightened level of playability and stays in tune even after those long hours of practice.

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For Small Hands: 
Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Guitar


  • Premium woods offer enhanced durability
  • Durable finish for decreased risk of dents and scratches
  • Nicely designed fretboard that works for any size of hands
  • Stability of the neck accomplished with the bolt-on neck
  • High-quality tonewoods used in the design for optimized sound capabilities
  • Premium tuners keep the guitar in tune for extended periods of time, even with extensive play


  • Not enough power for large venues
  • Laminate finish is not aesthetically appealing to all musicians
  • Sustain is affected by the lightweight construction to a small degree

What Recent Buyers Report

This guitar is comfortable and easy to play. Not only that, but the volume is excellent, which is perfect for small rooms or home jam sessions. The guitar does tend to need to be tuned regularly, but the sound and tonal quality make this a small price to pay.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The tonal quality of this guitar, despite the shorter scale length, is outstanding. That is why it finds itself on our list. The shorter scale allows for easier fret accessibility because there is less distance between them.

Who Will Use This Most

The shorter scale is perfect for smaller-handed guitarists. The addition of electronics opens up a work of versatility, especially for the gigging guitarist. The ability to not be cabled allows for better stage coverage. This is another reason that the working professional guitarist will benefit greatly from this guitar.

Bottom Line   

Finding the right acoustic-electric can be daunting. However, we are confident that, if you decide that this is your choice, there is no way that you will walk away with buyer’s remorse. Its elevated sound and durability will have you playing beautiful music for years to come.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

The features above are the things you need to look at first. Beyond those, there are a few aspects that you need to consider before you make your final purchase.

Wood Type

Various woods fluctuate enormously in sound and cost, so picking the correct one for your inclinations is significant. One of the most prevalent wood types for acoustic guitars is spruce. It is also, for the most part, one of the most economical kinds of wood used in guitar construction. One step above that is mahogany, which is denser and yields a punchier sound with lower hints. Individuals regularly call this sound "woody". Of course, there are more expensive woods, but these are the most common.

Neck Width

Probably the greatest issue that individuals with little hands have with standard guitars is that the necks are excessively wide. This makes it very inconvenient when they attempt to play. This is the reason it's ideal to search for a slimmer necked guitar with the goal that you won’t need to apply as much pressure when you play. To help measure the guitar neck width, measure from the nut to the twelfth fret. 


Having a budget will, in fact, play a part in the end quality of your guitar. Knowing how much you are willing to spend or invest is paramount to making the right choice for you.


We hope this guide has helped you select the perfect guitar for your hands. With the knowledge above, it should be easy to find the best acoustic guitar to suit your small hands. By using the round-up, you will find yourself well equipped in no time.

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