Best Amps For Telecasters – 2021 Top Picks Reviewed

| Last Updated: December 26, 2021

You want to enhance that vintage Telecaster sound, and one of the best ways to do that is by investing in the right amp.

There are so many options out there that this itself could be quite daunting.

That is why, in this guide, we are going to dive into information that will help you. We will also take an in-depth look at some of the best amps for telecasters.

Will Any Amp Work With a Telecaster?

Making the right decision for optimal performance when using a Telecaster can be overwhelming. Of course, in the end, one of the biggest things that dictate your amp choice is the style of music you want to play and what the tone is you are looking for. 

Telecasters are a lo-fi with dirty tones, and that means you want to choose an amp that emphasizes these qualities. You want to find an amp that has enough overdrive to enhance the distortion. There are a lot of great choices, and we have chosen several of the best on the market.

Characteristics of Our Favorite Amps

The amps below were all chosen by taking into consideration some of the key features. These are the features that, when looking into the best amp possible for your Telecaster, you should keep in mind.

Here are the features we used to curate our list:


This feature is under consideration for multiple reasons, including speaker size and build size. The speaker size has a direct correlation to the sound quality and volume produced from the amp. The other consideration when it comes to size is the actual footprint. This should be decided by thinking of the space you have or if you plan on transporting the amp from gig to gig.


Power rating plays a role in your decision as it is the rating used to tell you how loud the amp can get without distortion.


Not only the size of the speaker, but the quality is crucial in determining if the amp is the right fit for you. Looking into the shape and materials used in construction can herald the perfect option for whatever you need.


Not only should you look for the effects controls you need for your sound but also the ability to easily use pedals to customize your sound.

Comparison Chart of the Best Amps For Telecaster

  • Best amp for Telecaster overall
  • Constructed with a 5-way EQ for better sound performance
  • Crafted with dual modes per channel for improved flexibility of tone
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  • By-passable effects loop for clean sound built-in
  • Easy to use control interface for effects with a simplistic layout
  • High-grade EL84 power tubes used in the construction for superior sound quality
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  • Best amp for Telecaster for the Money
  • Crafted with a volume circuit that improves gradual breakup
  • Designed with a tighter response in the bass when in the overdriven stage
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  • Crafted with a built-in hi-def reverb with a dedicated control
  • Designed with a Class A/Ab operation that is switchable for improved voicing
  • Extended life expectancy with a patented INFINIUM tube multiplier technology
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Review of the Best Amps For Telecaster

With those features in mind, it is time to take a look at our choices for the best amps for the Telecaster.

Best Overall:
 Marshall DSL Series DSL40C


  • Comes with the ability to power switching capability
  • Built with controls for digital reverb and levels for each channel
  • Aesthetically pleasing design that brings with it the iconic Marshall look
  • Amp is versatile offering a wide range of tones to choose from with its dual channels


  • Not lightweight which decreases the level of portability
  • This amp is sorely lacking in the effects department with just one reverb

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have a lot to discuss when it comes to this amp. They love the dual-mode dirty channel and the high-quality, clean channel. The shared EQ seems to be a bit of a problem for some but not enough to keep them from recommending it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There is a lot to love about this amp, but the thing that truly stood out to us was the 5-way EQ that you can use to improve the overall sound quality and customize your sound to your preference. 

Who Will Use This Most

This amp is one of the best on the market and will work for any musician, but the one that will get the most from this amp is the guitarist looking to rock out. The rock guitarist that works in a studio, in particular, will benefit significantly from including this amp in their kit.

Bottom Line

There are so many great features and functions with this amp that we would have been remiss not to include it on our list. Each channel has dual modes, and this increases the flexibility of tones, and with the digital reverb and other effects, you cannot go wrong adding this amp into your kit.

Vox AC30C2

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  • Price versus value is a great deal
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with classic features
  • Easy to use knob interface for simplistic soundscaping
  • Constructed with a volume consistency and quality that outshines many peers
  • Amp is crafted to offer a wide range of tones for improved sound customization


  • Because of its weight, there is decreased portability
  • Lack of footswitch included is a problem for some musicians

What Recent Buyers Report

When you talk to guitarists that have invested in this amp, they rave about several of the amazing performance features. The sound quality and ease of pedal use are just a few things that bring the overall reputation of this amp to the level it is at. Some may find that the input jack loosens easily, but that is not a universal concern and doesn’t detract from the opinion of those recent buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When we took inventory of all the design and function features, there were many that we loved. The one that stood out the most and had the most impact was the use of an EL84 tube. This high-grade tube lends a nice tonal quality to the sound of the amp.

Who Will Use This Most

The features of this amp will benefit almost any Telecaster players, but the one that this amp will really shine for is the musician looking for a good practice or home studio amp. The volume consistency and ease of use are well suited for this individual.

Bottom Line

This unit is an excellent investment when looking for an easy to use control layout. On top of that, you can by-pass the effects loop for a super clean sound. This all combines to give the market one of the best amps possible for using a Telecaster.

Best for the Money:
Fender Pro Junior III

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  • High grade 10” speaker included in the amps build
  • Build and design of amp makes this great for recording
  • The linear volume knob is easier to use than previous models
  • Constructed to be lightweight and durable with high-grade materials
  • Crafted to work well with pedals for heightened customization of sound
  • Designed with improved drive and clean sound for optimal sound performance


  • Not ideal for big gigs due to lack of clean headroom
  • Lack of aesthetic without the inclusion of a pine cabinet

What Recent Buyers Report

The nice, clean tone and the superior volume are just some of the things that guitarists who have recently purchased this amp love. Though it is cumbersome, which detracts from the portability, most are okay overlooking that in favor of a super budget-friendly price tag and a high-quality performing amp.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When you are looking to find the right amp, you may be in a place where price matters, and for a highly affordable price tag, you can get a high-grade amp with this unit. One of the best things about this budget-friendly option is the gradual breakup capability.

Who Will Use This Most

Sometimes, especially when you are a working gigging performer, budget is a concern. With this amp, you get a high-quality amp that is perfect for small blues venues and doesn’t do much damage on the wallet — this is why this model stood out to us the most and why we highly recommend it for guitarists on a budget.

Bottom Line

This Fender amp comes with a decades-old reputation and a high-quality build. This build comes with a speaker that enhances the volume and tight response that works so well when overdriven that you will be able to create a sound that is all your own.


No products found.


  • Perfect crunchy sound created with an improved drive
  • Fitted with a 50w head that heightens the amps crushability
  • Designed with a lightweight, compact build for enhanced portability
  • Amp produces high-quality clean sound with its superior clean channel
  • The unit offers high grade modern sound for improved performance


  • Issues with drive channel sounding a bit lost
  • Unable to find a case to cover that fits this unit

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers say a lot about this amp, and the majority of it is good. The durability of the build, crafted with high-grade material, coupled with a true vintage British sound, makes this a highly recommended amp for Telecaster (even with the few complaints of fuzz).

Why it Stands Out to Us

The level of control with this amp is what made us choose this model for our list. The hi-def reverb, in particular, gives this amp a versatility of sound that optimizes customizability and easily makes it one of the best options on the market today.

Who Will Use This Most

Though really a great option for any Telecaster player, the one that seems to get the most out of this unit is the gigging artist. The lightweight durability of this amp heightens its portability, which helps make this the perfect gig to gig amp option.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best amps on the market, especially when it comes to finding the right Telecaster amp. The features and functions of this high-quality amp combine to offer sound craftability and versatility of tone, unlike many others on the market.

5. Blackstar HT1R Series

Blackstar HT1R Series Guitar Combo Amplifier with Reverb


  • Aesthetically pleasing and built for improved durability
  • Lends a nice, classic, British-style overdrive to your sound
  • Lightweight and compact construction that enhances amps portability
  • Fitted with a drive button that allows for rapid addition of distortion to sound
  • Designed with a wide range of high-quality tonal capability for optimized sound crafting


  • Speaker is a bit on the small side
  • Issues with a decrease in level when overdrive is in use

What Recent Buyers Report

Though some recent buyers find fault with the sound quality being a bit muddy at high volumes overall, this unit is well regarded and reviewed. The individuals who have invested in this feel the tube tone is excellent, and the lack of compression in the line out makes this amp easily recommendable for most. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

When examining this amp up close, there are many things that we could have highlighted, but one thing stood out to us the most. The versatility of sound capabilities attributed to this amp from the built-in ISF control gives this unit a leg up over the rest of its competitors.

Who Will Use This Most

The tone and features attached to this amp make it the perfect option for pop or rock artists that are working on recording in a home or small professional studio. The versatility of tone and high-quality British style overdrive makes this amp have a crunchy tone that stands out.

Bottom Line

There’s so much usability with this amp that there was no way that we could leave it off our list. Built with the capability of reverb control and customization that elevates the overall performance. The build itself also includes an MP3 input that elevates the versatility as well.

What Are The Benefits of Getting a New Amp?

Most musicians will testify that your musical tonality comes in direct correlation with the amp you choose to go with. It can improve the sound of your guitar, which leads to a lot of benefits. Here are some of the biggest pluses you can reap when investing in a new amp.

Improved Response

That small affordable practice amp is not ultra-responsive, and so that means you are not playing to the best of your ability. With the right responsiveness, you will be better able to hone your playing style and understand what your fingers or picks do when used properly with the right intensity and style.

Versatility of Tone

A good amp will have a drive channel that will help elevate the distortion capability. Playing with just a guitar will have the guitar sounding thin, but adding in a high-grade amp will increase the versatility of tone.

Improved Effects Capabilities

Lastly, by adding a new amp to your kit, you will be able to increase the effects capability. By choosing a model that, if fitted with multiple effects, will enhance your ability to customize your sound.


Now that you are armed with a wealth of knowledge in regards to the best amps for Telecasters, you should be well on your way to rocking out with the perfect tone. Knowing what sound you are looking to go after will help as well.

People Also Ask

The above sections have a wealth of knowledge, but they may not answer all the questions you know to have on your mind. So, we thought it would be helpful to take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions from forums across the internet.

Is a Tube Amp Louder Than a Solid State?

When you get down to it, the answer is yes, though it is not quite that simple. Solid-state amps, when played at high volumes, tend to clip hard. This means they begin to give a little distortion. This may cause the solid-state to get a bit muddy; this causes the sound to dull and gives the impression that it has a weaker volume level.

Do Solid State Amps Break up?

When a tube amp is overdriven, it creates these cool effects that a lot of guitarists love called breakup. Even if you choose a solid-state amp, you probably would want to emulate that sound, and you are in luck, it is completely possible. It will take a little work to do, and you may get the results quicker if you choose to use a pedal, but if you don’t want that then take a deep breath and be patient and you will be able to break up your solid-state amp.

Why Are Tube Amps Better Than Solid State?

Tube amps tend to be smoother and more responsive than solid-state amps. Because a tube amp is more precise, so are the different guitars and method of play with the effect of the sound capabilities, which is why it is so much more responsive. Tube amps also tend to be louder and offer a warmer sound than the clean sound of the solid-state maps.

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