Best Bass Guitar Cables of 2021 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 26, 2021

If you are a beginner, you most likely have not considered the impact of your cable on your performance yet. Professionals, on the other hand, might already have experience in this regard.

Nevertheless, the question remains: what separates a good cable from a bad one, and why is this important?

Keep reading to find out the answer and to learn about our top picks for the best performing guitar cables. 

Are All Guitar Cables the Same?

As you might have already guessed, guitar cables are not all the same. They can profoundly impact the tone of your instrument if you have conventional passive pickups. Ideally, a ‘perfect’ cable should not allow any signal loss between your instrument and the amp. 

Additionally, they score differently on their ability to reduce interference and improve sound quality

In other words, your guitar cables guide the signal from your guitar to your amp; this signal should remain exactly the same during this transport. However, some cables might fall short in delivering the best performance due to their capacitance. 

What Size of Cable Do I Need?

Cables come in different sizes, however, you will rarely find ones that exceed 25ft in length. The main reason for this is that the longer the cable, the higher the chance you lose some of the signal it transmits from your guitar to the amp. Additionally, if the cable is too long and of poor quality, you might get a lot of interference and noise coming out of your amp.

The best thing to do is to try to get the shortest cable you can. It is hard to decide on the size itself, as some brands offer exceptionally high-quality cables that are unlikely to lose the signal (check out the reviews in the next sections for more information on these brands). You might want to stick to 20ft as the maximum length for the best experience.  

How to Choose New Bass Guitar Cables

There are some cable features that can affect their performance, apart from length. Here is a brief overview of the top qualities you should keep in mind when choosing your new bass guitar cable:

Conductor Quality

One of the main features of a cable is conductor quality. Some of the cheapest cables come with standard copper conductors, which might affect signal clarity. The best options on the market come with purer materials, such as oxygen-free copper and linear-crystal copper, which definitely improve the cable's overall performance. 


Cables are naturally vulnerable to interferences from magnetic fields or radio frequencies. In order to block this interference, manufacturers use (from most to least efficient) braided, serve, and foil shielding. 

If you have already attempted to buy a guitar cable, you might have noticed the cracking sound it makes whenever you try to move it. If this happens to be a major concern for you, you can opt for an electrostatic shield, the best of them being conductive PVC. 


Capacitance is also important for sound quality. Basically, the capacitance needs to be extremely low because it gives a better response and reduces triboelectric noise. Manufacturers initially used rubber; however, rubber is now slowly being replaced by polyethylene, which is better and cheaper than rubber. 

Comparison of the Best Bass Guitar Cables

  • Best bass guitar cable overall
  • Extremely flexible and durable
  • Low capacitance and braided tweed cloth jacket
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  • Black PVC Jacket
  • 10 feet bass cable
  • Nickel-plated contact
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  • Best bass guitar cable for the money
  • Noiseless bass instrument cable with good connections
  • Professional cable with 4 layers of protection and oxygen-free copper conductor
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  • Can be disassembled – easy to repair and fix if needed
  • Oxygen-free copper center for improved sound transmission
  • Extremely durable, gold plated contact and a matte black finish
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  • Crystal clear tones, professional quality
  • High definition sound ideal for bass guitar
  • Conductive polymer sub-shield with UHD spiral shield and oxygen-free copper core
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Review of the Best Bass Guitar Cables

Check out our top picks for bass guitar cables to find the perfect one for your needs. 

Best Overall:
GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable

GLS Audio Guitar Cable - Amp Cord for Bass & Electric Guitar - Straight to Right Angle 1/4 Inch Instrument Cable - Brown/Yellow Braided Tweed, 20ft


  • Tweed jacket for enhanced flexibility
  • External rubber heat shrink strain relief
  • Only 38 picofarads ensure best sound quality
  • Uses oxygen-free for the insulator shield and center conductor
  • Enhanced durability and longevity due to the high quality of materials


  • Poor quality control
  • Can be a bit too long

What Recent Buyers Report

This cable very well could be the last one you will use for many years to come. It is rock solid, dependable, and it is specially designed for bass instruments. The tweed jacket covering the cable is heavy-duty; additionally, the design is visually pleasing, with a vintage touch.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This bass guitar cable is our top pick due to its professional-level features. It is extremely flexible, and it has a tweed jacket specially designed for this purpose. The oxygen-free copper is used for both the insulator shield and the center conductor. It also has enhanced sound qualities due to the picofarad rating with only 38 picofarads per foot.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are a professional in need of the best quality products, this is the best choice for you. This cable can be used for bass guitars even to enhance the sound quality. What makes this cable stand out from the crowd is the low picofarads. Only 38 picofarads will ensure the best performance you have ever had.

Bottom Line

If you are worried that your cable will fail you on the big day, there’s no need to! The GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable is the new best friend to your bass guitar. It is durable and long-lasting, and the exceptional quality of the materials used to construct it will definitely be an enormous upgrade to your performance quality.

KIRLIN Cable LGI-202-10


  • Affordable price
  • Improves connection to the amp
  • Best option for practicing and gigging
  • Rubber-coated ends make it hard to break
  • Does not wear up too quickly if you move them between instruments


  • Short lifespan
  • Shielding could be improved
  • Not suitable for professionals playing for long hours

What Recent Buyers Report

This cable is sturdy and has very good shielding. It is extremely useful, especially if you are experiencing humming noises from your amp, and can definitely improve your performance by ensuring a great connection to your amp. It is close to unbreakable, and it has rubber-coated ends.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is our next best alternative if for any reason the option above did not make it to your ‘must-have’ list. The quality is high, the connection is reliable, and the insulation is exceptional. This product represents a very attractive purchase value, making it worth a shot if you are still looking for the ideal bass guitar cable.

Who Will Use This Most

If you enjoy playing at home a lot or if you are a beginner, you might want to choose this option instead of more expensive ones. This is best for light playing or even gigging, especially if you are on a budget, as it comes at an extremely viable price.

Bottom Line

Overall, this cable is an affordable option for those on a budget or just practicing. It has a nice design that makes it stand out from your other cables. It has an average life, and it will be perfect if you are a beginner. As a professional, however, you might want to choose a product with a longer lifespan.

Best for the Money:
Mugig Professional Cable for Guitar/Bass/Keyboard

Guitar Cable, Mugig Professional Instrument Cord Electric Guitar AMP Cable 16ft/5m, 1/4' (6.3mm) TS Wire for Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/Mandolin, Right Angle to Straight, Nylon Woven (Cyan-Black)


  • Great quality in a great price range
  • Flexible tweed jacket for increased convenience
  • Best for both beginners and demanding musicians
  • Extremely durable and high quality, with double shield
  • Oxygen-free copper for insulator shield and center conductor for noiseless performance


  • Design is unimpressive
  • Packaging could be improved to avoid damages

What Recent Buyers Report

This cable offers excellent advantages for its qualities. It can handle both long performance hours and frequent handling without experiencing any damage. It is also a great choice for musicians who enjoy switching between their instruments, as it is sturdy and durable. A great choice for casual players.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are specifically searching for a budget option, you've found the best one in this category. The oxygen-free copper for the insulator shield and center conductor ensures reliability and superb performance; the tweed jacket enhances its flexibility and life. Lastly, this cable has a double shield, with a conductive PVC and OFC Insulator Shield.

Who Will Use This Most

This cable from Mugig is fabulous for both beginners and professionals. On one hand, it comes at an incredible price for its quality, so it is affordable for any budget. On the other hand, it is a professional cable designed to last and enhance your sound quality, a reliable accessory that ensures noiseless and flawless connection to your amp.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Mugig Professional Cable for Guitar/Bass/Keyboard is a great choice regarding the ratio between affordability and quality. It can be used in casual playing or by more demanding musicians, and it can withstand frequent manipulation without incurring damages. The quality of the materials is certainly worth checking it out.

4. Donner Guitar Cable

Donner Guitar Cable 10 ft, Electric Instrument Cable Bass Amp Cord for Electric Guitar Bass Amplifier Audio, 1/4' Right Angle to Straight, Black White


  • Ensures reliable connection
  • Triple strain relief system for prolonged use
  • Oxygen-free copper conductor ensures noiseless signal transfer
  • Zero interference, qualitative reproduction of natural tones of bass guitars
  • Tangle-free nylon cord and aluminum connector for enhanced flexibility and durability


  • Poor quality control
  • L-jack could be better designed

What Recent Buyers Report

The build of this Donner cable represents a major improvement compared to similar products. The quality is consistent, the wire comes without any manufacturing issues, and it has no exposed or vulnerable areas. There are no rubber parts that could cause any problems, and should any problems arise, Donner provides excellent customer service.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This cable packs into its gorgeous matte black design virtually all the quality you could want in a bass guitar cable. It is tangle-free due to the use of a nylon coat for the cord, which makes it not only durable and flexible but also extremely resistant. Additionally, it is noise-free, avoids interferences, and ensures a reliable connection to your instrument.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is perfect for any bass player, from novices to professionals. The quality is consistent, and the components are well-made. It boasts a long lifespan and offers reliable performance every time you use it. There are no issues reported with this cable, which enhances the credibility of its high-quality manufacturing.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is one of the best cables you can find on the market. It has a great design, packs in high-quality components, and features gold-plated tips for longer life and reliable use each time. It does not degrade the tones, and it is noiseless, the perfect accessory for you. You will be convinced from your first glance at the packaging that this product is outstanding.

5. Mogami Gold Instrument Cable

Mogami Gold INSTRUMENT-10 Guitar Instrument Cable, 1/4' TS Male Plugs, Gold Contacts, Straight Connectors, 10 Foot


  • Keeps natural tones
  • Silent background and high clarity tone
  • Clean sounds and amazing performance
  • Carbon impregnated PVC anti-static shield
  • Professional quality and the highest level of transparency


  • Higher price range
  • Poor quality control

What Recent Buyers Report

This cable has a sturdy, long-lasting feel and a clean design. The gold endings add to the quality of this product; most importantly, if it breaks, you can easily repair this cable due to its detachable features. In the event that it breaks beyond repair, this cable comes with a lifetime guarantee for its quality.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Mogami cable stands out due to its excellent performance reported over many years. It is best known for its clarity of tones, but also the drop-dead silent background. It comes with a range of fantastic features, such as the Ultra High-Density spiral shield and the oxygen-free copper core.

Who Will Use This Most

This cable is for professional players, best used in the studio for recording purposes. However, the gigging or traveling musician might also best benefit from purchasing this cable because it comes with an anti-static shield layer that prevents handling noise.

Bottom Line

Overall, this Mogami cable is a top performer in terms of sound quality and, of course, the lack of sounds it offers. It comes with dense shielding, which limits interference to zero so that you can enjoy the cleanest connection between your instrument and amp/pedal. Try it out, its clarity and purity will definitely surprise you!

Perks of Getting New Cable

Here is a shortlist of the main benefits you can experience if you decide to invest in one of our top products:

Sound Quality

The main perk of choosing one of our listed models is, of course, sound quality. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is definitely a cable that is best for you. Despite price ranges and disparities in features, the cables listed are among the top choices on the market. 

Zero Interferences

These products have been specially chosen to avoid interferences and background noises. Make sure you keep the length in check (especially if you want a lower-priced cable) for the best performance. 

Improved Performance

Another benefit of investing in one of these products is an overall improved performance and music experience. How annoying is it to hear interference and buzzing sounds when you play? This can be a real turn-off for any beginner, and a definite put-off for professional players. It is crucial to choose a high-quality cable that suits your needs to enhance your experience, whether you play at home, in a studio, or on stage. 

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Before making a decision, be sure you keep in mind that no product is ever perfect. It is important how you store your cables and how you manipulate them if you travel often, as these can have a huge long-term impact on the life of the product. Despite this, our top picks are close to perfection in that they satisfy high-quality needs, affordability issues, and reliability concerns. 

Some products are always satisfying to buyers, while others tend to offer less enjoyable experiences. Mostly, this happens due to manufacturing errors in the products, poor quality control, or transport damages. However, all companies have return policies so you can request a replacement for your cable at any time. If this is a significant concern for you, you can also opt for a Mogami cable, for instance, since that company offers a lifetime guarantee. 


Overall, we hope that this review answered some of your most pressing questions about guitar cables, such as what they do, why they are important, and which are the best ones. All you need to do now is consider the options and try one out for yourself!

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