Best Online Guitar Lessons – 2021 Guide to Finding the Right Course

| Last Updated: December 27, 2021

Taking proper guitar online lessons can be challenging sometimes.

With so many courses out there promising you to learn a guitar fast and all being priced about the same, how can you tell which one is right for you?

Well, here are some ideas of what you could expect from the best online guitar lessons.

Why Did These Online Guitar Lessons Make Our List? 

Here are some of the most important reasons why we picked these guitar lessons specifically:

Detailed Lessons

The main problem behind all guitar online lessons is simple - everyone can make it, so it can be hard to pick the right one. 

These lessons will fill in all the aspects of the content you’re looking for so much that you probably won’t need any other course at all. We don’t see any particular reason why you couldn’t become a pro player by using these courses only.

Practical Advice

Most teachers from these lessons are professional musicians. And they are willing to share their practical experience with you. The info you may get from it is extremely valuable and eventually, it may mean more than any actual lesson you may participate in.

Teacher Experience

A good teacher can make wonders in any school and music isn't any different. You should think of teachers as being closer to the coach role.

Getting a good vibe and being motivated will take you much further.

Music teachers from our courses are usually not just music teachers, they are professional artists with a lot of stage mileage so you can be sure that you will be learning only things that make a difference in the real world.

Additional Content

Besides excellent lessons, these websites provide you with additional resources you may use even after you finish with your course. This content starts from practical tuner and metronome but it also extends to scale and chord library, interactive games made for improving at reading notation system or holding live sessions where you can test your knowledge.

And in the end, some of those websites such as Jamplay, GuitarTricks, or Fender Play have even special lessons dedicated to learning specific songs.

Comparison of the Best Online Guitar Lessons

  • Complete rock and metal guitar course
  • In-depth advices about playing solo guitar
  • Suitable for all playing skill levels
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  • Outside of the box rock & metal course
  • Improve phrasing in pentatonic scales
  • Detailed Sweep picking exercises
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  • Best Rock Guitar Lessons
  • Numerous famous song riffs explained
  • Learn various pentatonic and blues scales
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  • Best Country Guitar Lessons
  • Styles covered from Perkins to Boogie
  • Exercises for scales, bending and slides
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  • Best Metal Guitar Lessons
  • Rhythm and lead guitar techniques
  • Ppractical advices for overcoming playing flaws
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Review of the Best Online Guitar Lessons 

It was really hard to pick the best online guitar lessons because there are so many great courses available. That’s why we picked one of the best based on the music genre or player’s age:

Best Overall:
Artist Works Guitar Lessons with Paul Gilbert


  • Suitable for all guitar players
  • Best course to learn about fast picking
  • In-depth advices about playing solo guitar
  • Video submissions reviewed by Paul Gilbert
  • Complete rock and metal guitar course with more than 100 lessons


  • No refund option included
  • Artist Works membership can be expensive for some users

Teacher Bio

Paul Gilbert has been on the stage since 1985. He made a bit of a revolution into the world of rock and heavy metal guitar with his speed picking and we could say that he invented shred playing. Besides playing, he’s been teaching actively ever since and has his own column in Total Guitar magazine.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It’s very hard to name the best modern guitarist in the world, but we think that Paul Gilbert would be in everyone’s top 10 list.

That’s why taking a course from such a teacher is an incredibly valuable experience and the option to send him video submissions and get feedback directly from him is a chance that can make a huge difference to your overall playing.

Who Are These Best For? 

The best part is that the whole course is organized so that once you master the specific level you may have enough knowledge to proceed to the next level. That’s why this course might be suitable for everyone except for complete beginners.

Bottom Line

Despite the fact there are hundreds of guitar lessons available, nothing comes close to the Paul Gilbert course. For all devoted players who want to become a professional - this is that one course that covers everything.

Jamplay Bumblefoot Artist Series


  • 19 lead guitar lessons
  • Detailed sweep picking exercises
  • Favors outside of the box thinking
  • Improve phrasing in pentatonic scales
  • Real-life experience sharing that will improve your playing


  • Made mostly for advanced players
  • Wish rhythm guitar were included

Teacher Bio

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal is a Brooklyn-origin guitarist and producer best known for working with Guns N’ Roses during the 2006 to 2014 period. Currently, he is a part of the supergroup called Sons of Apollo and there is an interesting trivia for our article - he took classes with Paul Gilbert.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like the fact that Ron emphasizes real-life advice first as those will be much more useful in general. Explaining the importance of the drummer in every band, how practicing rhythm guitar can be significant even for a lead guitar playing are just some of the great tips you can get from this course.

As for lessons, he does live up to his reputation, so don’t expect easy lessons at all.

Who Are These Best For? 

Advanced players may prefer this course, especially if they are metal music fans and looking to improve lead guitar playing skills. These lessons will require from you that you know much more than just basic terms and techniques.

Bottom Line

This course is an excellent choice if you would like to learn many atypical tips, scales, and exercises. It will also be an excellent showcase of how far you can go once you master the basics first.

Best Rock Guitar Lessons:
Jamplay Classic Rock Guitar with Will Ripley


  • Numerous famous song riffs explained
  • 43 lessons of classic rock guitar playing
  • Learn various pentatonic and blues scales
  • Expand your mindset based on the work of the most famous rock bands
  • Master your bending and vibrato along with classic rock lead guitar licks


  • Could be a bit more skill demanding
  • Lacks warm-up and exercise lessons

Teacher Bio

Will Ripley is a young but very resourceful Jamplay teacher influenced mostly with the 90’s rock music combined with the blues roots and old school rock such as Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix and besides Jamplay he’s also teaching at Vancouver Guitar School.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

You won’t find at Jamplay so often songs being used as an explanation. But, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. By performing song analysis you’re learning a lot about how songs are being formed and this knowledge is sometimes more valuable than any music theory tip you may learn from online lessons.

Classic rock guitar licks are also a great add-on that you may incorporate in various situations. 

Who Are These Best For?

It’s best for young people who still need to learn a lot about rock music. It can also be handy for players who know how to play but wouldn’t mind learning a thing or two about their favorite band.

Bottom Line

This course will be ideal for all those who have learned music theory but don’t have the practical experience yet. It will provide you with general ideas and approaches that may expand your rock mindset.

Best Country Guitar Lessons:
ArtistWorks Electric Country Guitar with Guthrie Trapp


  • Tips for improving slides and bending
  • Exercises for performing better scales
  • Various country song standards included
  • 100% country music-oriented guitar course
  • Covered several country styles from Perkins to boogie


  • Might be expensive for some users
  • Number of video submission depends on the length of the subscription length

Teacher Bio

Guthrie Trapp has performed since 2001 in sessions with many famous musicians such as Willie Weeks, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, and many others. Before his real musical career, he has been winning various music competitions as a teenager and he plays harmonica and mandolin besides guitar.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This course is organized in three skill levels and you will find a lot of country-music specific content such as how to utilize bass notes for rhythm playing or country shuffle and train beat. Guthrie will also help you to memorize chord triads much faster. 

As for lead parts, there are numerous handy tips on how to link phrasing together and how to make a memorable solo from scratch.

Who Are These Best For?

It’s an all-around course for adult players. Even real pro players can learn or refresh their memory for a thing or two from it and if they put enough devotion beginners can come close to becoming a professional.

Bottom Line

Country music you know that starts and ends in Nashville. That’s why we believe that the best way to learn more about it is to hire a guy who has been living among those people for the last 20 years.

Best Metal Guitar Lessons:
Jamplay Tony MacAlpine Master Course


  • HD video quality filmed with 6 multiple cameras
  • Both rhythm and lead guitar techniques are covered
  • Lessons held by one of the best metal guitar players ever
  • Detailed song walkthrough explaining playing styles used
  • Bunch of practical advices for overcoming your playing flaws


  • Wish the course wasn’t so song-oriented
  • Beginners might be overwhelmed with this course

Teacher Bio

Tony MacAlpine is not just a guitarist. He’s one of those players where you’re almost uncertain if he plays keyboards or guitars better. His career is mostly oriented to solo acts but he is also known for working with Steve Vai, Planet X, Ring of Fire, and CAB.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for a course that favors melodic content over speed and technique, Tony’s course will be the best choice, especially if metal shredding is your thing.

Besides a detailed song walkthrough, Tony will provide you with various tips about how to perform in real life and overcome flaws that every player has and it’s one of the rare courses where both lead and rhythm guitars are covered respectively.

Who Are These Best For?

Progressive and neoclassical metal lovers will enjoy Tony’s approach a lot.

While beginners and kids may appreciate this course, we would rather recommend it to those guitarists who know their way around guitar first because of the technical playing aspects of the course.

Bottom Line

Courses like Tony Macalpine’s will help you improve lead playing. And it’s not just about improving - along this course you will find better ways to improvise and be more musical regardless of how fast you are playing.

Best Blues Guitar Lessons:
ArtistWorks Blues Guitar Lessons with Keith Wyatt


  • Slide guitar course included
  • Covers all kind of blues genre
  • Learn all the blues basics from the scratch
  • Upgrade your blues knowledge to the professional level
  • More than 100 lessons specifically dedicated to the Blues music


  • No additional blues content available within this subscription
  • Number of video submissions varies based on subscription length

Teacher Bio

Keith Wyatt is an American GIT-graduated guitarist that has more than 40 years of experience with the blues being his specialty. He was a Director of the Guitar program at Musicians Institute in California for over a decade and wrote three books about blues music. He is also a regular Guitar World columnist.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like how the lessons are organized based on your playing level so you won’t get stuck at certain lessons that are not meant for you at the moment. Also, we love the fact that Keith Wyatt extended the course over all kinds of blues music and not just classic blues. 

And just to keep the course complete, you will also learn how to play a slide guitar within this course.

Who Are These Best For?

This course is a perfect fit for all those guitar players willing to learn more about the blues guitars regardless if they are complete beginners or just seasoned players willing to learn a bit more about other genres.

Bottom Line

Just like with the Paul Gilbert course, ArtistWorks really does a terrific job once again to provide you quality over quantity. This is the first guitar course you should check if the blues guitar is your number one interest.

Best Jazz Guitar Lessons:
Artist Works Jazz Guitar with Dave Stryker


  • 100+ jazz lessons for electric guitar
  • Learn how to improvise in a jazz fashion
  • Course split based on required guitar skill
  • Bunch of practical advice for jam sessions
  • Dozens of songs analyzed and ready for play through


  • Course not designed for beginners
  • Backing tracks available only for annual membership

Teacher Bio

Dave Stryker is a guy who has recorded dozens of records including 31 leader albums. He has received multiple awards and number one positions on various jazz-oriented radios and charts including Top Ten Guitarist awards in 2001 by Down Beat magazine.

Currently, he is teaching jazz guitar at several Universities and Workshops.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This course will teach you all you need to become a real jazz guitarist. It won’t just cover you with the theory and show you some exercise, you’re going to learn a lot of phrasing and chord substitutions that you can use in any song.

Along with those lessons, some tips will be implemented through various songs so you will learn many jazz standards while learning. 

Who Are These Best For?

Adult players who are confident about their musical knowledge will benefit the most from this course. Thanks to the improvising advice, the replay value for this course is enormous and we won’t be surprised if you go back to some lessons even a year later.

Bottom Line

This course will cover you not with just music knowledge but also a lot of practical tips for jam sessions and different theme or rhythm approaches. We won’t be surprised if this might be the only course you ever attended.

Best Guitar Lessons for Kids:
Jamplay Kids and Guitar with Steve Eulberg


  • Advanced strumming exercises included
  • Guitar setup and tuning lessons provided
  • 42 lessons dedicated to kids guitar playing
  • Course suitable even for complete beginners
  • Lesson being organized to match younger mindsets first


  • Lessons are oriented towards acoustic guitar
  • Some lessons might be too demanding for younger kids

Teacher Bio

Steve Eulberg is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Pemberville, Ohio. He’s been playing since 1970 and he has more than 320 lessons on the Jamplay platform.

His teachings have a friendly and warm approach with a sense of humor included and that’s why beginners and kids have praised his courses a lot.

Why it Stands Out to Us

In this course, Steve is focusing on providing you lessons that will be suitable for the kids first. Songs are basic and adapted to match their age and interest.

Even if they never had a chance to hold a guitar, Steve has it under control and he will explain all about the guitar and its parts before going any further and they may even learn how to tune a guitar on their own.

Who Are These Best For?

The name description tells you everything - kids are the main target audience for this course. The phrasing, vibe, and approach are adjusted to suit kids’ mindset the best and while adults can also take it, we believe better progress with other beginners’ courses at Jamplay. 

Bottom Line

It may surprise you but finding a proper guitar dedicated for kids is not so easy. 

This course is covering all the basics so that every child can learn a guitar just by watching this course no matter how much prior experience it has.

Best Guitar Lessons for Beginners:
ArtistWorks Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons


  • More affordable membership price
  • Guitar basics carefully organized in 9 sections
  • Learn all about the guitar basics and setting up
  • Dozens of song tutorials available along the lessons
  • Comprehensive course made for people who are playing guitar for the first time


  • Monthly membership option available only
  • Video exchange option requires additional fee

Teacher Bio

David Butler is an acoustic guitar player and also a cofounder of ArtistWorks. He has invested a lot of time and effort to make adults learn how to play instruments and provided you the Video Exchange platform where you can learn by watching other lessons.

Why it Stands Out to Us

In this course, you will be covering the guitar basics while using an acoustic guitar. The whole course is split into 9 sections and as you progress you will be slowly introduced to more terms, chords, strumming patterns, various music genre songwriting rules, and learn dozens of songs along that road.

You may also like the fact that ArtistsWorks is offering a lower fee for this course, being aware that the rest is meant for more advanced players first.

Who Are These Best For?

This course is intended for complete beginners, those who had might not even hold a real guitar in their life. It covers all the basics so that any adult can learn how to play the guitar within a month or two.

Bottom Line

If you’re clueless about guitar playing, David Butler has provided a very detailed and affordable course for you that may help you learn how to play acoustic guitar fast. As being the owner of this website, rest assured that the provided content is top quality.

Honorable Mention:
ArtistWorks Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar with Martin Taylor


  • Tips on finding the right guitar equipment
  • Fingerstyle playing covered such as walking bass
  • In-depth course about how to accompany the singer
  • Practical learning approach based on how to play specific songs examples
  • Hundreds of lessons covering both music theory and playing technique content


  • Not designed for beginners
  • ArtistWorks doesn’t accept subscription refunds

Teacher Bio 

Inspired by Django Reinhardt, Grammy-nominated guitarist and BBC lifetime achievement award winner, Martin Taylor is best known for his fingerstyle jazz guitar playing. He has even been awarded the MBE title from the Queen of Great Britain for his contribution to jazz music.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a complete course for fingerstyle guitar playing. Whether you want to learn jazz basics, expand the chords by using the 7ths and 10th on specific strings or work on your walking bass technique, this course is your first choice.

We also appreciate Taylor’s effort to show you how to play on a specific song example and even include several variations for that song including simplified versions as well.

Who Are These Best For?

Course is split into several segments so you can skip directly to the level of guitar playing that seems most suitable to you. 

And although there is a lesson about using the pick, most of the course content will cover fingerstyle performance.

Bottom Line

If you take some time to read the biography about Martin Taylor you will find a real hard time finding a more suitable teacher for your jazz guitar teaching. If you love jazz, let’s cut this short and simply just pick the ArtistsWorks subscription.

How Do Online Guitar Lessons Work? 

Online Guitar Lessons are organized in courses that contain dozens of lessons usually prolific towards some music genre. You can watch them without any restrictions as long as your membership is active.

Most videos are filmed in HD quality that can be slowed down and usually all the content is filmed with multiple cameras covering various angles of playing and helping you get the most from it.

Some websites will provide you with the content that is available for download while others will allow you to ask a question about a specific lesson or send a video to the teacher directly.

Can You Really Learn to Play Guitar Online? 

Besides procrastinating, we can’t think of a strong enough reason to say that it’s not possible. 

As a matter of fact, within these websites, you will get access to various courses and teachers so you can pick the one that fits you the best. And these online teachers are probably much more experienced than those who will teach you in person.

No approach works for all, so in case you don’t find luck with one website, thanks to the trial period you can try them all until you find one that fits your mindset the best.

Do's and Don’ts of Online Guitar Lessons 

Here are some quick tips on how to approach online guitar lessons in the best manner:


Here are some things you want to do when taking online lessons:

Practice Regularly

Let’s compare guitar lessons with gym classes. If you do once per week no matter how much time you spend that day, you won’t make any progress. But, if you organize yourself and work on it, you will see the changes much sooner than you would expect.

The best part is that practicing guitar for several hours every day can be much more rewarding.

Be Realistic About Your Playing Level

Taking only those courses that seem to be appropriate to your current playing skills will take you much further. 

Most websites have specific courses dedicated to complete beginners. If you belong to such a group, pick those first and ignore everything else.

Pay Attention to Details

Try to pull off the lessons as close as the teacher shows you. Pay close attention to the details and especially about hand positioning. If you learn something wrong it will be twice as hard to get it fixed later.

Be Patient

The practice is the only way to progress. So, take your time and relax. You’re supposed to have fun while playing these lessons.


Here are the don'ts:

Don’t Think You Know Better

Even if something seems to be boring and repetitive, there is probably a good reason why the teacher asked you to do that. Don’t rush, and don’t take shortcuts because you don’t know what you might be missing in the long run.

Always remember that people you’re taking classes from are trained professionals that have a much better vision of what’s important for your playing skills.

Don’t Start Too Many Courses at Once

It might be very tempting to grasp several courses as they are all available. But, unless the content is somewhat linked, it may result even worse than watching several series together.

Types of Online Guitar Lessons

Here are some of the most typical guitar lessons that you may find online:

Learning Courses

These courses should expand or polish your playing skills, build your speed, train your ear, and you may get some general tips on how to set up a guitar or get the tone required for a specific genre. They can be oriented towards complete beginners but seasoned professionals as well.

Song Lessons

If your playing technique is on the spot, there might be a chance that you haven’t developed ear training so good to play all the songs you actually can. That’s why song lessons may come in handy as teachers will demonstrate to you how to play specific songs step by step slowly and once you go through the whole song you will be able to watch it once again at full speed.

Artist Courses

This is our favorite course. Sometimes, it’s not about how good you play, but what and when you play. And the best teachers to get that advice are people who already made their professional careers. Luckily, guys like Artist Works and JamPlay have involved many famous musicians in their courses, so watch carefully for every advice you may get from them.

Final Word 

Regardless of the course, you are about to opt-in we can assure you that all those teachers would be glad if they had such support when they were starting. So, take your time and be consistent in your practicing - the rest will come up naturally.

People Also Ask

Now, stay with us as we’re about to explain that “ear training” phrase we used before and also answer some of the most usual questions regarding guitar learning such as how fast can you learn to play a guitar or how often should you practice:

What is Ear Training?

Ear Training is a method of being efficient in transferring sounds that you hear directly to your instrument. It can be learned just like anything else and it may help you a lot to be better at playing guitar. The more you play guitar, the better your ears will become.

Can You Learn to Play Guitar in a Month?

Can you build muscles in a month? Or ask yourself - have you ever learned anything within a month?

In a month you may learn how to place the hands correctly and learn the basic chords and notes, but, it will be a long and fun road with many ups and downs.

How Often Should You Take Lessons to Learn Guitar?

The best approach for online guitar lessons is to take at least 30 minutes every other day. Consistency is much more rewarding than one long session in a week. Even if you take private lessons in person, you will have to do homework on your own.

What Age to Start Guitar Lessons?

Anyone can start learning guitars. Even if your kid is too small for holding a real guitar, there are smaller 3/4 and 1/2 models that work just like the real one. You can even consider buying a ukulele until they grow up.

As for older guys - you’re never too old to rock!

Should I Buy Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

Regardless of your preference towards rock music, learning to play on acoustic guitar first might be rewarding as your hand muscles will build-up faster. 

But, there is nothing wrong with you to learn playing an electric guitar straight away, especially if you have no interest in acoustic guitar music.

Is Guitar Hard to Learn?

It won’t be anything like a walk in the park. But, it all depends on your goals. Within two or three months you will be able to play some song basics on acoustic guitar. But, it will take a lot more if you want to learn how to play a November Rain.

How Often Should I Change Strings on a Guitar?

It all depends on how often you play. For a regular player, strings on an electric guitar should last around 3 months. Acoustic guitar strings should last a bit longer, around 4 months.

Bear in mind that the guitar condition and improper playing techniques may shorten the lifespan of your strings a lot.

Can I Teach Myself to Play Guitar?

It might not be the fastest way, but, yes. But even then, you will have to rely on various sources that will explain the basics, so instead of losing time on browsing for a proper free online tutorial that will explain this, you could rely on a real teacher instead.

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

Based on the website you choose, guitar lessons can cost from $9.99 up to $29.99 per month. Some offer discounts for annual membership while others don’t include monthly or quarterly subscriptions at all. But, our impression is that such websites provide better content and service that justifies the price.

Guitar Lessons Guides

In the market for guitar lessons? Luckily, we've compiled this list of courses. Feel free to review each article and find the one that fits exactly what you're looking for. Be sure to check back soon as we'll be updating this page frequently. 

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