Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks – 2021 Comparison

| Last Updated: March 23, 2021

Online music lessons are starting to provide you with an incredible value for money and we completely understand if you get stuck and don’t have a clue what course should suit your needs better.

Let’s break down the differences between probably the two most popular websites - Jamplay and Guitar Tricks.

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What is Jamplay and Why is it Popular?

Jamplay is an online platform with more than 7,700 guitar lessons for both acoustic and electric guitar. It is very popular as it had 126 teachers involved so far with many famous guitarists doing special Artists Series and Master Classes.

How Much Does Jamplay Cost?

Based on the type of annual membership Jamplay is providing you with three options:

Standard - $159.95 (1 toolkit, 25 ownership credits, and 1 individual consultation)

Plus - $224.95 (3 toolkits, 50 ownership credits, and 2 individual consultations)

Pro - $299.95 ( 9 toolkits, 100 ownership credits, 3 individual consultations, and bass annual membership)

The main difference between these sets is the number of toolkits you’re getting on an annual basis. 

As for the price, Jamplay is prone to provide you frequent discounts throughout the whole year during holidays and special days.

What is Guitar Tricks and Why is it Popular?

Guitar Tricks is a website similar to Jamplay with a bit of a different approach. There are 40 teachers in total on the Guitar Tricks and they cover both electric and acoustic guitars of various music genres. 

Their Core Learning system organized in 2 basic and 2 x 4 advanced courses is very popular among new guitar players while those more experienced may find Artist Study series interesting as well while both can browse through the collection of 11,000 lessons for song courses. 

In those series, Guitar Trick is trying to explain to you in a nutshell how some guitar legends are thinking while playing and composing.

How Much Does Guitar Tricks Cost?

Guitar Tricks provide you with two subscriptions - monthly for $19.95 and annually with a 25% discount ($179.55) and additional free packs of songwriting and chord builder toolboxes and 90 minutes of blues and rock jam tracks. 

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Guitar Tricks vs Jamplay - Similarities and Differences 

If you take a glance over both sites you may get an impression that the only crucial difference is the color layout. So, let’s see what those sites share in common and what makes an edge for them. Also, we will tell you which site you should pick based on your playing skills.


Professional Guitar Learning Content

While we may find some differences if we take a deeper look, the truth is that both websites provide about the same quality lessons for the topics they are covering. 

In both cases, you will be able to learn how to play the guitar by using only their services.

Lessons in High-quality Video Format

Both platforms provide you with truly professional content recorded at least in HD format and it’s not so rare to see 4k material as well. 

All lessons are captured with several cameras that are focusing on key aspects necessary to better understand playing techniques that are being addressed so it’s safe to say that these videos are as close as possible to what you could get from a real personal teacher.

Unlimited Watch Time and All-access 

There are no limitations on how many courses you may watch per day. The same goes for if you want to replay the content. 

And what’s even better, lessons are available to everyone regardless of the subscription type they have chosen.

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Built to be Used on Computer

While there are handheld apps for both sites, the truth is that the best experience for both services is if you use your browser to watch it.

Limited 1-on-1 Sessions Available

Both Jamplay and Guitar Tricks offer you 1-on-1 sessions with certain conditions. For Jamplay, it requires a certain premium membership if you want it to be for free, while Guitar Tricks is occasionally organizing such.

Audio Files

Besides video lessons, both sites provide you with various audio files that can be used for additional practicing. Those files are available to download for free.

Additional Tools

Tools such as chord and scale finder, tuner, metronome, and many others are available in both services. There are some minor differences between the total number of those tools, but the concept remains the same - those tools are there to help you out with your guitar playing for free.


Additional Lessons

Both services include the special part of the courses dedicated to specific popular guitar players. But, Jamplay has decided to invite some of those players in person and call these events Master Courses, while Guitar Tricks has chosen to analyze their playing instead and named it Artist Study.

While you may appreciate Jamplay’s decision to have a real player talking about its style, perhaps the Guitar Tricks option may be also interesting as those teachers may go a bit more in-depth and point out some important key points.

Membership Fee System

Jamplay has a bit of an unpopular option of paying an annual membership only. Guitar Tricks on the other hand comes with the standard and affordable monthly subscription. 

So, while the price difference is not so different on an annual basis, we will understand if the Jamplay offer doesn’t sound so tempting if you’re a little bit short on money.

Communication and Feedback

Jamplay organizes weekly Q & A sessions where you can ask by chat system anything related to your current progress or struggle that you may have. You may also contact the teacher directly while you’re at a certain lesson regarding any particular problem you have and if the teacher is unavailable at the moment, some Jamplay teacher will step up and try to provide you with the answer.

Unfortunately, none of these options are available for Guitar Tricks.

Free Trial Period

While both services allow you a “no question asked” money-back period, Guitar Tricks is providing you with 14 days of the free trial if you provide your credentials. If you apply for it just please set the reminder for canceling because it will renew automatically.

Jamplay on the other hand doesn’t provide any free trial or a free sample at all.

Offline Download

Guitar Tricks allows you to download whole lesson content with the simple limitation of 15 downloads per IP address.

Jamplay on the other hand has a system called ownership credits which allow you to do the same. There is a different amount of credits based on the subscription you have chosen and in case you need more, those would cost you $3 per credit.

Jamplay Toolkits

Toolkits are genre or skillset packs available for download that you can keep forever. It has around 75 to 100 items (such as videos, practices, JamTracks). The idea behind their creation was to solve frequent problems that guitarists have encountered in certain genres.

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Live Content

Jamplay is more active regarding live sessions and it holds Live Courses regularly and those sessions are stored in the archive and available to watch after the premiere ends. Also, if Live Course has any Guided Practice audio file, it will be available for download.

Guitar Tricks is not offering such a service at the moment.

Top Pick by Category - Guitar Tricks vs Jamplay

If you’re still uncertain which way you may go, let us break it down for you:

Ideal Guitar Learning App for Beginners

Both options work well, but, the Guitar Tricks website layout and the app functionality is a bit better. There are certain gamification aspects found that may stimulate newbies to progress and they may appreciate how everything is simplified so they won’t get overwhelmed by the possibilities. 

Ideal Guitar Learning App for Advanced Players

We would pick Jamplay here as a clear winner.

It’s not just about lesson content which is undoubtedly better and more profound on the Jamplay platform, it’s also about having an option to take part in live classes and interact with other players and teachers.

Kids-friendly Guitar Learning App

Our pick would go for Jamplay because it has specific courses made just for them. While Guitar Tricks lessons are comprehensive, it’s always better if you have a special course made just for this age.

Best Guitar Learning App for Metal

With so many metal artists involved at Jamplay, the choice may be pretty obvious. There are guys from Megadeth, Nevermore, Testament, and many others, so if you plan to bang your head hard, you should look no further.

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Best Guitar Learning App for Song Learning

It seems that Guitar Tricks has a much larger song lessons database when compared to Jamplay. Also, they are better grouped by various intuitive subgenres called “collections” such as “hair metal” or “from movies and TV” or so you can much easier get to the song you’re looking for.

And the song collection is simply incredible - we were thrilled to see songs covered in details such as:

  • Dream Theater - Pull Me Under

  • Pantera - Walk

  • Tool - Sober

  • Slipknot - Wait and Bleed

  • Linkin Park - In the End

  • Whitesnake - Is This Love


In the end, it doesn’t matter which platform you’re going to choose as both are terrific websites. In both cases, the only potential that is real lies within your devotion and ability to build habits of having a constant practice. 

People Also Ask

We hope that you are at least a bit closer to your final decision. Here are some of the questions we’ve got about those two services. We will mention some of the famous artists enrolled with the Jamplay and also cover money back policies for both websites.

Who Provides the Lessons in Jamplay?

Besides many professional teachers and emerging artists, Jamplay also involved many iconic rock and metal guitarist to take a part in their program:

  • Steve Stivens (Billy Idol)

  • Bumblefoot (Guns ‘N Roses)

  • Tony Macalpine

  • Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy)

  • Lita Ford

  • Glen Drover (Megadeth)

  • Steve Smyth (Nevermore, Testament)

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Is Guitar Tricks Worth the Money?

Guitar Tricks has an incredible value for money, especially if you take a look at all song lessons available at the moment. Those can come in handy for both beginners and advanced players. And what’s most important.

Is Jamplay Worth it?

Jamplay is probably the best guitar learning website at the moment. It is one of the most active services publishing at least 5 new lessons every week and actively organizing live courses and Q & A sessions for 8 hours every day. That means you should get at least 270 new lessons per year.

Does Jamplay Offer Refunds?

Jamplay allows you a refund in the first 30 days of membership with no questions asked about such a request. 

The whole refund process is simplified and described as a “two click cancellation” process so you can consider it as a 30 day trial period.

What is Guitar Tricks Money-Back Policy?

Guitar Tricks allow you to ask for money back within 60 days of purchase and you would get a full refund. 

Their motto says “pay only if you’re learning” so that should provide you some solid ground as their money-back period lasts twice as long as Jamplay policy.

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