Jamplay Guitar Lessons – 2021 Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: May 10, 2021

Have you ever wanted to check out some in-depth tips from your famous guitar player?

Or maybe you would like to find a guitar teacher that feels more connected to your music preference?

We think that you may find what you’re looking for on Jamplay online guitar learning platform.

  • Lessons oriented toward professional players
  • Live courses and Q&A sessions available
  • Great rock artists enrolled
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Jamplay Online Guitar Lessons

What is Jamplay?

Jamplay is an online platform dedicated to guitar and bass learning courses. Currently, there are more than 7,700 lessons available for guitar in more than 450 courses recorded in various camera angles and organized in a step-by-step manner.

Guitar lessons are available for acoustic and electric guitar respectively. 

Who Provides the Lessons in Jamplay?

Currently, there are 126 teachers available at Jamplay. All those teachers are full professionals with decades of playing experience. Besides regular Jamplay staff, there are special Artists Series and Master Classes courses which are being held by some great guitar players, so let’s just name a few for you:

  • Steve Stivens (Billy Idol)

  • Bumblefoot (Guns ‘N Roses)

  • Tony Macalpine

  • Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy)

  • Lita Ford

  • Glen Drover (Megadeth)

  • Steve Smyth (Nevermore, Testament)

What Devices Can You Use Jamplay On?

Besides standard web-oriented platforms available for all mainstream systems (Windows, iOS, Linux) Jamplay supports both Android and iOS-based handheld devices and extends its support even to Xbox and Playstation consoles and all kinds of internet TVs such as Apple TV.

How Long is Jamplay Membership?

All Jamplay memberships are organized on an annual basis and last for 365 days starting from the day of initial purchase. Unfortunately, monthly and quarterly memberships are not available anymore.

How Much Does Jamplay Cost?

At the moment, Jamplay provides you with the three annual membership options:

  • Standard - $159.95

  • Plus - $224.95

  • Pro - $299.95

The difference between those options is displayed in the number of toolkits you’re getting. Standard comes with one, Plus allows you to select three and Pro gives you access to all nine toolkits. Pro version also allows you to have two 1-on-1 consultations based on the topic you’re interested in.

Bear in mind that discounts happen throughout the whole year during various holidays and other special days.



  • Live courses available
  • Teacher feedback is included
  • Various useful additional tools
  • Great rock artists enrolled in tuition
  • Professional in-depth courses for all kind of guitars


  • A bit expensive for beginners
  • No monthly subscription available
  • Bass lessons are not included in the membership


Here are some pros:

Professional In-depth Courses For All Kind of Guitars

Jamplay people put a lot of effort to provide you with the course for all kinds of guitar playing styles and we must give them credit for that. And if you take a glance at their teachers' biographies, you won’t be surprised as most of them are either professional teachers or professional guitar players with a lot of extremely valuable field experience.

It will be hard to find content that isn’t covered in their courses whether you would like to learn a bit more about specific music styles, practice those playing techniques that are a bit rusty at the moment, or make a complete start from scratch. 

Whatever your intentions are, we truly believe that you can learn everything you need about guitar playing by relying on Jamplay services only.

Live Courses Available

Jamplay is offering up to 8 hours of live classes and Q & A sessions every day that you can opt-in within regular membership. Most of those courses contain downloadable guided practice parts and every class is stored for later viewing if you can’t make it to watch it on schedule. And in case you have a question about a specific course, you can ask the teacher directly on the Jamplay platform.

For Year Pro membership two private 1-on-1 online lessons are included in the offer, while other memberships have an option to purchase it additionally. In both cases, you can schedule a lesson about any particular topic you have in mind.

Teacher Feedback is Included

People from Jamplay are doing a great job in making their service and content interactive. 

If you want, you can just play lessons and practice at your own pace. But, if you need feedback, Jamplay teachers can monitor your progress and even give you badges and awards that may stimulate you further.

Various Useful Additional Tools

Jamplay’s website is huge, and it may be either overwhelming or lead you to spread your interest on so many different topics at the same time. 

Besides lessons, there are many libraries, interactive games that should keep you interested. Plus, there are brand new toolkits included that you can pick on an annual basis depending on your current interests and keep them forever. They may help you to narrow down the field and help you be more concentrated on the reasons why you came here in the first place and become more productive overall. 

Great Rock Artists Enrolled in Tuition

If you’re into rock guitars, names such as Steve Stivens, Tony Macalpine, Glen Drover, Tosin Abasin and many others should ring some bells. Besides their courses where they talk a lot about useful tips that can be applied to any stage or studio, they are also showing you how they performed some of the iconic rock tracks, too.

With Jamplay, you will be able to find out how to play that intro for Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell or what’s the magic behind the White Wedding guitar arrangement. And the same goes for Megadeth or Guns ‘N Roses songs as well.

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Here are some cons:

No Monthly Subscription Available

Monthly subscriptions are a nice way to find out if guitar lessons are a thing for you. Especially when you know that you won’t have so much free time in the next couple of months or you’re not so sure how much you want to dedicate to guitar learning.

Sure, the annual fee will be probably lower than a 6-month subscription individually, but we would still prefer it if you would leave such an option to the end-user instead, especially when you take a look at the price in general.

A Bit Expensive For Beginners

While we appreciate the fact you can get a grasp of all the content at once, let’s be real about it: beginners won’t have any interest in taking shred classes any time soon. That’s why we would appreciate it if you have provided a less expensive limited beginner’s pack along with your standard offer.

Bass Lessons Are Not Included in the Membership

If you’re a bass guitar player you would be disappointed to find out that your lessons are separated from the rest of the offer. We don’t see any particular reason to do so, especially since you have included acoustic guitars along with electric.

What Buyers Report 

Many guitar players say that they have relied only on Jamplay as their learning platform for years and managed to become advanced players. They loved the fact you can combine multiple teachers at once. It seems that teachers use different teaching methods so there should be a suitable option for every student. 

Buyers also say that many courses will have additional replay value once you master the guitar basics and also encourage you not to get afraid of all the starting options available as they may feel overwhelming at first. The song lessons were shown in-depth and with several camera angles so every move is captured. Those features were especially valuable for skilled players as they could understand better how their technique could be improved. 

The whole experience with the site is commented as professional and it seems that even the app has been polished and updated as we couldn’t find any complaints about the reviews from the last two years.

But, we did find some complaints about the auto-renewal and refund process, though. Fortunately, every complaint was resolved with the customer service quickly so if you have any concerns, you will probably get an answer from the Jamplay representative directly.

How Do Online Jamplay Guitar Lessons Work? 

Whole Jamplay system is organized in four phases - the first is dedicated to beginners, the second is about genre & skill specifics, the third covers the songs and the last one is aiming at developing songwriting skills.

Lessons are split into sections located at the right while you can find additional content at the bottom where you can find tabs, write personal notes about specific lessons or even ask a teacher anything about that lesson.

The website platform layout is quite modular, so for example you can hide the left panel showing more lessons from the teacher and the right panel showing lesson chapters and focus more on video content.

Types of Lessons By Jamplay

Jamplay lessons are organized in several categories so let’s break down the Jamplay site structure for you:

Beginners Lessons 

Those lessons are tailored not just towards beginners, but kids as well. They are offering you elementary guitar knowledge so you could get a better grasp of your instrument.

Lessons by Genres

Lessons are also organized into 20 subcategories based on the music genre. 

Simply choose between blues, metal, rock, jazz, folk, country, or any other genre and pick the course that may interest you the most.

Refine Skills Lessons

These courses aim at specific playing techniques so in case you’re struggling with the rhythm, lead, or speed technique, you can select a specific class that may help you improve those skills. 

It may also help you with learning how to read notes and other music theory and give you useful tips about utilizing specific accessories or how to apply certain tricks to your regular playing.

Song Lessons

Jamplay also offers you hundreds of song lessons within their usual annual membership. Besides song demonstrations frequently performed by the original player, you will get an in-depth explanation of how to pull off any part of the song.

Artist Series Lessons

As already being said, some of the greatest rock legends have opted into Jamplay and provided you with the courses that should help you understand the music basics from the perspective of acclaimed professionals. This may be a world-changing experience and, at least for us, this section alone could be worth the membership price.

When Would Jamplay Be The Best Choice?

While we can confirm that Jamplay provides guitar lessons for all skill levels and both acoustic and electric guitar, it seems that it may be the best choice if you have some electric guitar playing skills already. 

With all those famous artists offering you all the insights and the portion of their personal experience, we got the feeling that a beginner may not appreciate it in a way that an intermediate guitar player could.

But, in case you are a newbie, you should know that there is a specific Jamplay section called toolkit made with 700+ lessons made just for your skill level.

How Does Jamplay Compare?

Many online learning platforms are evolving these days, so let’s see how Jamplay stands against some other similar services available:

Guitar Tricks vs Jamplay

Guitar Tricks is a platform that seems very similar to Jamplay and it’s targeting a similar audience at a similar price but they offer a bit more friendly format with a 14-day free trial and quarterly subscription system. 

The lessons are pretty much the same quality as those from Jamplay, but they are a bit more beginners’ oriented and they have a better-organized system for guys who are just starting out. On the other hand, Jamplay content will be much more valuable for both semi-pro and advanced players. 

Our impression is that while both websites can help you become a full professional, Jamplay has just a little bit better system to help you do so.

Jamplay vs JustinGuitar

Unlike Jamplay, JustinGuitar offers free service. But, their free service comes with a bunch of product offers that may slow down your progress eventually. Some of them even end up with lessons that are a bit incomplete in terms that they may lead you to purchase the course if you want the whole deal.

So, in our opinion, JustinGuitar may come in handy to learn pure guitar basics without spending any money. It may also help you find a solution for a specific guitar problem, but that’s as far as it can get.

If you plan to do anything serious with your guitar playing or want a complete course that should cover all your needs we wouldn’t recommend you relying on Justinguitar so much. 

TrueFire vs Jamplay

TrueFire is the oldest guitar learning website ever made and Jamplay learned a lot from it. Surely, it’s kinda hard to compete in terms of just plain numbers with someone who had started in 1991. 

Just like with Jamplay, we find it will be impossible to not find a course for a guitar problem you may have and it’s safe to say that they both target the same audience, except that TrueFire will have a bit more content dedicated to complete beginners.  

Also, Jam Packs are TrueFire's unique content and also a wonderful way to practice in a real-life environment for various music genres.

But, navigating through more than 33,000 lessons may be counterproductive, eventually, and let you feel trapped with so many options. 

That’s why we like how Jamplay decided to provide you extra content instead. 

We also have a feeling Jamplay went a bit more extended with Featured Artists action and thanks to live Q&A and courses the whole platform experience feels a bit more interactive. Also, let’s not forget that Jamplay has a better and more up-to-date song course collection than TrueFire.

In the end, it’s really hard to pick a winner here. The annual price is about the same, but if it means something, TrueFire offers a free trial and monthly subscription fee instead of a 30 day refund program.

What Makes Jamplay Stand Out From the Competition?

Our impression about Jamplay is that it’s the most complete online guitar learning tool at the moment. With at least five new lessons released every week, they are also the most active platform at the moment. Overall, the whole Jamplay vibe may resemble real music school, and the fact that you can participate in courses instead of just replaying pre-recorded content feels wonderful.

It’s not just about the number of courses and lessons available in total, it’s also how well-structured they are and how professional they are made in general and the ever-evolving number of famous guitar players available at Jamplay shouldn’t be ignored as well. 

Can You Really Learn to Play Guitar Online Through Jamplay? 

Perhaps you don’t think that online learning platforms can be useful as teaching in person, but we recommend you give it a shot.

All Jamplay lessons are available 24/7  without any extra fee asked. In case you get into any struggle, you can rely on live Q & A sessions to resolve the problem or even hire a 1-on-1 meeting with a professional.

There are courses made for all kinds of playing skills so anyone can benefit from this membership and the only limitation from learning new skills lies hidden within the time you plan to put in such a platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Jamplay Guitar Lessons

Here’s a brief recap of the most important features about Jamplay Online Guitar Lessons:


Here are some advantages:

In-depth Guitar Lessons

There are about 8,000 courses in more than 20 music genres for both acoustic and electric guitar.

Professional Teachers

Jamplay teachers are true professionals with a lot of either teaching or playing experience.

Live and Interactive Courses

Up to 8 hours of special courses and Q & A sessions with live chat support is available every day.

Most Active Guitar Community

Expect new content every week as people at Jamplay thrive to update their content regularly.

Up-to-date Content

Besides courses, there are lessons for many iconic songs. If that’s not enough Master classes held by real rock legends are also included.

Learn At Your Own Pace

There is no limit to how many classes you can take per day.


Here are some drawbacks:

Annual Subscription Only

Paying a single annual subscription may be a bit too much for beginners not sure if the guitar is their thing.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Yep, it’s both pro and cons. If you’re a slacker, you may prefer someone pushing you forward instead.

Bass Guitar Courses Not Included

Annual membership covers acoustic and electric guitar courses only. For bass guitar, another subscription is required.

Photo credit: themusicambition.com

How to Use Jamplay

Whole Jamplay website and app is organized in four phases:

  1. Beginners - here you can start with all the guitar basics

  2. Genre & skill - if you know the basics, this is the phase you should check first - you can pick your favorite genre and see what courses are available

In case you want to work on a specific playing technique, this is the phase to check, too.

  1. Songs - within this phase you will find many iconic songs shown to the tiniest detail.

  2. Songwriting - probably our favorite one. This phase aims at your songwriting skills and shows you some useful tricks on how to improve.

Lessons Page 

The whole page is organized in module format and every part of the page can be minimized except for the main video window in the center. This way you can remove all the content that’s distracting you or increase a video window.

At the right, you can find a list of lesson sections you’re currently watching. On the left, there is a list of lessons available from the teacher you’re currently looking at.

At the bottom, there is extra content such as tabs or resources you can download. In this section, you can also write personal notes about specific lessons or ask a teacher about something in this lesson.

Additional Pages

Besides lessons, there are many useful tools available as a separate entry so you can access them any time you want. 

You can check the huge library containing not just chords and scales, but also the most famous licks and riffs along with jamtrack libraries so you can play along with pre-recorded tracks and practice your skills.

Along with those libraries, there are several games available that should help you in memorizing note position on a fretboard or standard notation along with learning about rhythmic signs.

Final Word 

With its modern design and interactive content available 24/7, Jamplay seems to be the best modern solution for guitar learning available online. Every guitarist can learn something from it and we encourage you to give it a shot, devote some time to it and see how much you could earn within a month.

People Also Ask

Now that we have covered all the basics about the Jamplay platform, let’s see what membership terms Jamplay provides, what are their conditions regarding free trials and refund process, and for what guitar players Jamplay may feel like a truly worthy investment. Also, let’s check where you can find all the Jamplay tools.

Does Jamplay Offer a Free Trial?

Jamplay doesn’t provide free accounts or free content in general. But, they do provide special giveaways at which point you may register for free and get access to a special learning session.

Meanwhile, you can browse Jamplay and check the overall content for guitars and see if it suits your interest.

How Much Are Jamplay Guitar Lessons?

At Jamplay, you’re not paying for a single guitar lesson. You’re paying annual access to all lessons instead. Think of it as it’s some sort of guitar Netflix subscriptions. But, if you like a specific lesson, you can own it by buying ownership credits directly on the website.

How Old Do You Need to Be To Take Guitar Lessons on Jamplay?

Jamplay is generally suitable for all ages as their teachers excel in explaining things in a very proficient way. But, if your child is young, there are some special guitar lessons tailored just for kids so they won’t encounter terms and approaches that are more suitable to adults.

Is Jamplay Worth the Money?

If you plan to get serious about your guitar play, Jamplay is one of the best platforms to do so. It will help you not just learn how to play the guitar but it can be an even better tool for developing your playing skills further.

Where Can I Find a Jamplay Guitar Chords Chart?

Jamplay has a dedicated resource page available for members only with all the guitar chords organized per note. Besides standard tuning, you can check those chords in drop and Wahine tuning as well. 

You can check the page structure on the link below:


Does Jamplay Offer Refunds?

Yes, Jamplay allows you to ask for a refund in the first 30 days of your membership without any further questions involved about the reasons for such a request. The whole refund process is simplified and described as a “two click cancellation” process.

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