Epiphone DC Pro Review – 2020 Overview

| Last Updated: March 12, 2021

If you would like Gibson style guitars but would like to have something else than a typical Les Paul or SG model, then you have to check the Epiphone Designer section and especially Epiphone DC Pro.

  • Solid mahogany body with quality finish for better display
  • High-ratio groover tuners for wider range of sound output
  • Equipped with 2 Probucker Pickups for high sound output
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  • Coil splitting option
  • Les Paul that it is not
  • Premium look all the way
  • Epiphone Probuckers onboard


  • A bit expensive for some users
  • Cutaway doesn’t work all the way

Epiphone DC Pro Specs 

Type of Guitar: Electric Guitar

Body Size and Type: Del Rey Double Cut solid body

Number of Strings: 6-string model

Tonewood: AAA Flamed Maple top with Mahogany sides and bottom

Orientation: Available only for right-hand players

Neck Profile: Mahogany Custom C with 43mm wide GraphTech NuBone nut

Fretboard: Pau Ferro with block and triangle inlay with 24 Medium jumbo frets

Scale Length: 24.75 inches

Bridge: Locktone Tune-o-matic

Color: Midnight Black, Faded Cherry, Mojave Fade, Wild Ivy, Black Cherry

Pickup Type: Epiphone Probucker HH pickup configuration

Weight: 8 lbs approx


Here are some pros:

Coil Splitting Option

Humbuckers pickup configurations are loved by every rock-oriented guitarist out there, that’s for sure. But, they will know the struggle if they have to play or record any kind of clean sound from such guitars. 

Luckily, with the coil splitting option, you will get an additional set of single-coil sounds that may be more than enough to save the day and we would like it if all HH pickup setups would come with such an option.

Les Paul That it is Not

While this guitar has a typical Les Paul pot setup and 3-way pickup switch selector position at the upper corner, it has something that Les Paul doesn’t - 24 medium jumbo frets. 

It may not hit all the players, but those virtuosos will find a way to show you how much they appreciate it.

Epiphone Probuckers Onboard

Epiphone is best known for its affordable price. And yet, this time they have included Probucker pickups that may sound just as good as Gibson P.A.F pickups are. They are made from the same alloy used for Gibson pickups, so they will generate that vintage warmth for you and yet be hot enough to handle all kinds of distortions you put on.

Premium Look All the Way

If you would have to guess a price for Epiphone DC Pro based on the appearance only, you would hit a 4-figure number. 

The Glossy AAA Veneer Maple top adds a premium look to it and with 5 different color options and the custom fretboard inlays and beautiful headstock design, it’s one of those guitars you would be glad to take with you for your new video shooting. 

Frankly, the only reason why we have a favorite is because the Black Cherry finish is a transparent color on the back as well.


Here are some cons:

Cutaway Doesn’t Work All the Way

Del Rey double-cut design seems to have a cutaway design, but it didn’t work so well in real-time situations. The last 2 frets are not so comfortable to reach like you would do on Ibanez or Fender guitars, for example.

A Bit Expensive for Some Users

At this price, you’re about to enter the advanced tier of electric guitars and you can find on the used market Gibsons in really mint condition that may provide you with more content than Epiphone DC Pro. But, if you're an all-new type of guy, it‘s still an okay deal.

What Recent Buyers Report

Generally speaking, people are very satisfied with this guitar. They are a bit surprised to get this type of quality from Epiphone and they tend to compare its quality with the Gibson USA models regarding both visual and audio aspects. 

Even the finishing color options are getting positive feedback and are reported to have a great stage presence factor. Factory Setup also seems to please most users and is very often described as comfortable, too. 

They also seem to dig its body thickness and say that it provides great sound for this price. Sustain is being said that it could last for days. The coil tap option seems to be an absolute winner as players can create all kinds of sound, both clean and dirty - as they describe “from Brian May warm tones up to Telecaster trebles”.

There are some complaints about fret buzzing, though, but that’s more a thing related to quality control than a real issue. However, stock strings are having a love-hate relationship with users and several users changed them upon arrival. They also feel that a basic gig bag could be included in this price range.

What Are the Components of the Epiphone DC Pro? 

Epiphone DC Pro is a solid body electric guitar that comes with a Mahogany body filled with the Veneer Glossy AAA Maple top. It has a double-cut body type based on the original Del Rey guitar model. 

The neck profile is Custom C and it’s also made of Mahogany with a Glossy finish. It has a regular 24.75” scale length and 24 medium jumbo frets on the Pau Ferro fingerboard with custom inlays in the shape of rectangles with the triangle in the middle along with the GraphTech NuBone model 43mm wide nut.

The tuning machines are nickel-based 18:1 ratio Grover rotomatics type while the four pots have a gold layer over it.

What Pickups Does an Epiphone Casino Have?

Epiphone DC Pro has Epiphone Probucker pickup configuration with split-coil feature and 3-way switch selector placed at the top-right corner-

There is an individual pair of pots for each pickup and they are used for volume and tone control. This way, if you use a middle pickup position, you will have to dial volume pots for both pickups respectively.

What Strings Does Epiphone Put on Epiphone Casino?

Epiphone provides you with a standard D’Addario string set at .010-.046 string gauge.

What Types of Music is the Epiphone DC Pro Best For?

If you just take a look at its design, it’s going to be hard to miss it. Yes, all kinds of rock-related music will fit in - hard rock, prog rock, heavy metal, punk, industrial, indie rock. There is no reason why you couldn’t use this guitar for blues, pop, country, or even more aggressive metal music as well.

And unlike the rest of Epiphone guitars, because of pickup options, Epiphone DC Pro can also go well for jazz, funk music, and all those genres that relate a bit more on the clean electric guitar sound.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the Epiphone DC Pro Suitable For?

Epiphone DC Pro could suit anyone. The playability is good enough even for those advanced players who have a lot of tricks beneath their fingers. They will especially appreciate 2 extra frets which aren’t usually found on Epiphone guitars. 

If beginners take it slowly, there is no reason to struggle with it. They may not understand the benefits of coil-splitting and won’t know how to use it properly, but it can be a great long term investment.

But, as with all Les Paul-like guitars, DC Pro is not recommended for kids as it may be a little bit too heavy.

Where are Epiphone DC Pro Guitars Made?

Epiphone DC Pro is made in Qingdao, China.

What Makes the Epiphone DC Pro Stand Out From the Competition?

This guitar will stand out with its flamed Maple top layer that will cast a bit of premium vibe on your guitar’s appearance. If it wasn’t for the headstock logo, this guitar could pass as a real Gibson by many aspects. 

Probucker pickups are working just fine and the playability of the whole instrument is more than just fine.

And on top of that, it will fit many semi-pro musicians on a budget as it will give you an excellent bang-for-buck ratio so you can save money for amps, effects, and useful software plugins.

Comparison Overview 

Let’s see how the Epiphone DC Pro stands against some similar models from the rest of the Epiphone offer and let’s compare it with the Yamaha model that seems to be a bit similar in design:

Epiphone DC Pro vs Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a more expensive guitar than the DC Pro model. While they share nut material, fingerboard radius, and scale length, Les Paul Standard comes with a different body type with a single cutaway that seems to be more accessible when compared with DC Pro.

So Which Model is Better? 

Les Paul Standard comes with Gibson Burstbucker pickups and this is an important difference as it will define an overall sound quality a lot. But, it also provides you with 22 frets only and it doesn’t have a coil-splitting option so regarding tone variety and playing options, DC Pro seems to be a better call and it’s a cheaper option as well.

That means it’s up to you to pick - tradition vs. variety.

Epiphone DC Pro vs Epiphone SG Modern

Currently looking at the market prices, these two guitars are about the same price, both share the same HH pickup configuration, number of frets, and tonewood. So what’s the difference?

First, it’s about body type - the cutaway layout is different and it seems that SG Modern has a bit better solved grip for the last frets. Then, the pickup switch position is placed differently, so those who like to stroke a lot while playing may prefer SG Modern switch placement at the bottom. Also, while the neck profile is different it’s completely relative based on your preferences.

Epiphone DC Pro vs Yamaha Revstar RS620

Yamaha Revstar is another guitar that doesn’t have a typical cutaway design, just like DC Pro. It is a decent guitar, a bit more pricey than Epiphone DC Pro and it’s also a Flame Maple model with HH pickup configuration, but with 22 frets instead of 24 and an even larger fretboard radius as 13.75 inches. 

But, while there is nothing wrong with this specific Yamaha guitar, Yamaha as a brand doesn’t have a special place in the guitar world, so it may be a bit complicated for you to sell it later.

Combined with the excluded coil-splitting feature, we would strongly advise you to pick Epiphone DC Pro in this case.


The days when the Epiphone was just a mere Gibson cheap clone are long gone. Nowadays, Epiphone is making wonderful instruments for an affordable price and they seem to hit the sweet spot for most musicians. Epiphone DC pro is a true example of such work.

People Also Ask

Here are some answers to the most frequent questions we found online. We’ll emphasize the scale length importance, how to maintain your guitar properly, provide you an overall price range for all Epiphone electric guitar models, and resolve a bit of concept about body top:

What Does the DC Stand For?

The DC part in the Epiphone guitar name stands for double cut. It explains the cutaway design used on DC Pro and it’s based on Del Rey design from the 1970s. It returned to the market in 2019 with this Epiphone guitar and it shouldn’t be linked with the Epiphone Genesis design.

What Is Coil Splitting?

Every humbucker pickup is made from two single coils. To use the coil split, first, you have to use the middle position on your switch selector. Then, by applying coil splitting you will disable one coil from both pickups and get a sound as if you were using two single-coil pickups.

What Do Push Pull Pots Do On Epiphone DC Pro?

Epiphone DC Pro coil-splitting feature can be accessed by pushing or pulling pots. If you want to use it as a regular humbucker, you will use it in the push position. By pulling them out, you’re applying a coil-splitting and use the guitar in a dual single coil setup.

Is the Epiphone DC Pro Hard to Play?

Epiphone Les Paul is a guitar made upon the original Gibson Les Paul. It comes with the same visual design which includes a bit shorter scale than found on Fender. Such scale length will provide less string tension which leads to less effort to play properly.

How to Care For an Epiphone DC Pro Guitar

Taking care of a solid body guitar is not such a big deal. All you have to do is wipe the dust periodically and apply fret polisher once you get the feeling that strings are behaving a bit differently than usual. 

How to Date an Epiphone DC Pro

Every Epiphone guitar has a serial number on the back of the headstock that allows you to tell a bit more about your instrument. The easiest way to check it out is to go to the next website and simply type down your serial - it would tell you all the info you need.

How Much Does an Epiphone Guitar Cost?

Epiphone guitars are available at many prices. Starting from newbie-friendly models at $199 up to many models at the regular $400-$600 up to $899 Les Paul Prophecy which can at certain points sound even better than some Gibson Les Paul models.

Does the Epiphone DC Pro Have a Real Maple Top?

Yes, Epiphone DC Pro has a AAA Flamed Veneer Maple top. People have a wrong presumption that Veneer wood is cheaper than solid wood. Veneers are used for high-end pieces and cost more than solid wood. That’s why DC pro has such a wonderful sustain tone.


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