Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Review – 2021 Overview

| Last Updated: March 12, 2021

First sold by Gibson in the 50s, the Les Paul is a much-loved choice among electric guitar players today.

Epiphone, a subsidiary of Gibson based in Nashville, Tennessee, has made their own Les Paul tribute with the Les Paul Tribute Plus.

Here we’re going to explore the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus, breaking down everything you need to know before you invest.

  • Equipped with a Grover locker tuning machine
  • Comes with the classic Les Paul design
  • A strong and durable hardshell case included to keep it safe
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  • Pricing
  • Gibson pickups
  • Easy playability 
  • Amazing aesthetics


  • Heavy weight
  • Adjustments needed

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Specs

●     Type of Guitar: Electric

●     Body Type: Solid Body

●     Number and Type of Strings: 6 Strings, .010-.046

●     Tone wood: Mahogany

●     Orientation: Right-handed

●     Neck: ‘60s Slim Taper D

●     Scale Length: 24.75”

●     Color: Vintage Sunburst, Midnight Sapphire Blue, Faded Cherry, Black Cherry

●     Weight: 9.12 lbs

●     Pickup Type: Gibson USA ‘57 Classic Humbucker


Below are the main pros:

Amazing Aesthetics

If you’re looking for a good looking guitar, the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute plus will not let you down! This instrument looks just as good as the more expensive Les Paul models out there. You can suit your own style with its multitude of color options, including Vintage Sunburst, Black Ebony, Midnight Sapphire, Faded Cherry, and Black Cherry.

These color options are made with a nice, glossy Mahogany body and carved maple cap top, offering both a great look and solid tone.


We’d be remiss not to mention the pricing on this model. With other Les Paul models, you can expect to spend a pretty penny to get an impressive instrument. With this model, Epiphone continues to deliver high-quality instruments in a much more approachable price range. It’s hard to find Les Paul models with the same build and features as this model at such a low price.

Easy Playability 

This guitar is great to play, right out of the box! Many reviewers note that this model comes in tune, encountering minimal buzz and fret noises. The Slimtaper D profile makes this model super comfortable to play and feel good in anyone’s hand.

Gibson Pickups

Perhaps one of the best features of this model is its genuine Gibson pickups. The Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus features Gibson USA 57’ Classic Humbucker, giving it the classic tone Les Paul instruments are known for. It’s amazing to get such a high-quality pickup from a more discounted brand like Epiphone, upping the value even further.


Below are the main cons:

Heavy Weight

Though this may not be an issue for some players, it is worth noting that this guitar is heavier than others. This solid mahogany instrument weighs in at just over a kg, making mobility and playability an issue for some. However, the weight does speak to a solid body with a clean look and good sound.

Adjustments Needed

While this guitar does come with some great hardware and features, reviewers online have had some common adjustments to make. Most notably, some reviewers felt the need to adjust the action, citing it as too high. There are also reviews out there that have issues with the string quality, urging others to replace those as well.

What Are the Components of the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus?

Body & Neck

This mahogany body and neck make this instrument solid, with a beautiful bright tone. Its maple-top further adds to its great tone and provides a beautiful, vintage look to the instrument.

Volume & Tone Control

This instrument features two different volume and tone controls, making adjustments to your sound ease. This is especially useful for players who regularly person and gigs and may need to make adjustments as they play.


This Epiphone model features Grover looking turners, providing some nice stable turning and long-term reliability. You won’t have to worry too much about your instrument needing frequent tuning with these great pieces of hardware.


This guitar features some beautiful hardware on the bridge. Here you’ll find a nickel Locktone Tune-o-Matic bridge and stop bar. The neck also features pearlized trapezoid inlays, adding to its vintage styling and aesthetic appeal.

What Types of Music is the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Best For?

This electric instrument is suited for a variety of genres! With it’s Gibson pickups, making adjustments to tone can be done easily, changing your sound to suit whatever genre you are playing. 


If you’re a rock player, this is a great choice! The Les Paul build has been favored by many rockstars, and this model won’t disappoint you. A clear tone, solid sound, and easy electronic pickups make this model perfect for a rock gig.


With some tone adjustments, this guitar can be great for country music playing as well. Again, your Gibson pickups and Grover tuners can help you to adjust your tone to suit your needs, but the solid tone will do you justice here.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Suitable For?

This guitar is great for any kind of player! If you are a regular guitar player, this piece will make a solid addition to any rotation, especially for those who like to gig.

While it’s weight may not make it best for younger players, the slim neck makes it more approachable for smaller players. Additionally, the lower price range makes this a much easier guitar for a beginner who does not want to invest in other Les Paul models that are usually more expensive.

What Makes the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Stand Out From the Competition?

As is common with most Epiphone modes, the biggest differentiator here is the price. Epiphone models come at a great discount when compared to other brands in the guitar world. However, here, the discount doesn’t necessarily come with a lack of high quality! This guitar sill boasts an incredible build.

Plus, the addition of genuine Gibson hardware further adds to its value, especially at the price point these models come in. You won’t find hardware like this on similarly priced Les Paul guitars.

Comparison Overview 

Let’s compare the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute to other models out there:

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Overview

This guitar is a solid Les Paul model offered at an affordable price, as we've outlined above. With this model, you’re getting a great instrument with significant savings. Genuine Gibson hardware and a solid mahogany and maple body offer a great tone.  

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus vs Gibson

When comparing the Gibson Les Paul Standard to the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus, the biggest point of difference upon first look is the price. However, the higher price point will come with some benefits!

The Gibson Les Paul is manufactured in the United States, unlike the Epiphone counterpart crafted in China. While both instruments have similar wood choices, the Gibson guitar is a higher quality build. People also cite the Gibson as having a higher play quality, with a brighter, louder tone than the Epiphone.

Though these are both solid instruments at the core, those willing to spend are getting higher quality, longer-lasting, American-made instruments when going with the Gibson over the Epiphone.

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus vs Standard Plus Top Pro

The main difference here comes to their build quality and differences in hardware. As mentioned above, the Tribute Plus comes with some impressive Gibson Classic 57 pickups and Frover locking tuners. The Tribute Plus has Probuckers in comparison, aiding its lower price point.

If you don’t mind a different wood top and don’t care too much for specific kinds of hardware, the Standard Plus Top Pro is a solid instrument! However, for some more money, you are getting much better hardware and a longer-lasting instrument with the Tribute Plus.


The Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus is a solid choice for those looking to invest in a Les Paul guitar! This is a high-quality build with great Gibson hardware, a beautiful tone, and a price point that can’t be beaten when looking at other Les Paul models on the market.

People Also Ask

Still, have some questions? Here are some common asks when it comes to the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus. Knowing the answers to these commonly asked questions can put you in a much better position when purchasing your new guitar.

Is the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Hard to Play?

This guitar is very approachable to play! The neck is comfortable in hand, suitable for players of all ages. Though some adjustments may need to be made, these guitars are playable out of the box.

How to Care For an Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Guitar

Standard guitar care should be taken to maintain your guitar. Remember to regularly clean the neck and strings and store your guitar carefully in its case when not in use. Investing in oil from your local guitar shop to condition your fretboards and body will also help maintain your instrument.

How to Date an Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Guitar

To date your guitar, look for its serial number, located on the headstock of the guitar. You can visit websites like this one here to easily date your guitar and see more information, including where it was manufactured.

Who Plays an Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus?

Many music legends have played Les Paul guitars. Of course, Les Paul himself was the most famous Les Paul player. However, in more recent history, some famous Les Paul players include Slash, Jimmy Page, Bob Marley, and Zakk Wilde.

What is the Finish on an Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus?

This model comes in a variety of finishes! You can find Tribute Plus guitars in a wide variety of colors, including Midnight Sapphire, Midnight Ebony, Black Cherry, Faded Cherry, or the ever-popular Sunburst coloring.

Is the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Discontinued?

This model was first made in 2012 but has been discontinued from the Epiphones website. However, it is common to find this model in well-known guitar shops and online.


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