Epiphone Sheraton II Pro Guitar – 2020 Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: March 12, 2021

Before Gibson started owning Epiphone, this company was most famous for creating a wonderful hollow body and semi-hollow body electric guitars.

Sheraton guitar represents both companies - it inherited the Epiphone Century archtop and got typical Gibson pickups.

  • Complete with a laminated Maple top
  • Uses the Graphtone XL nuts medium jumbo frets
  • Also comes with 3 Probucker pickups equipped
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Epiphone SHERATON-II PRO Thin-line, Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Coil Tapping, Wine Red


  • Easy to perform
  • Very affordable model
  • Premium guitar parts installed
  • Humbucker pickups setup for louder output


  • Action setup
  • No coil tap on pickups

Sheraton II Pro Specs 

  • Type of Guitar: Electric Guitar

  • Body Size and Type: semi-hollow thinline body with 1-ply “F” holes binding

  • Number of Strings: 6-string model

  • Tonewood: Layered Maple with Gloss Finish

  • Orientation: Available only for right hand players

  • Neck Profile: 5-piece layered Hard Maple or Walnut with 1.69 inches Nut width

  • Fretboard: Pau Ferro fretboard with 22 Medium frets 

  • Scale Length: 24.75 inches 

  • Bridge: Golden Epiphone LockTone™ Tune-o-matic

  • Color: Ebony (EB), Natural (NA), Wine Red (WR), Vintage Sunburst (VS) 

  • Pickup Type: Epiphone ProBucker 2 on the neck Probucker 3 on the bridge

  • Weight: 8.7 lbs

Where are Sheraton II Pro Guitars Made?

Sheraton II Pro are made in Gibson’s facilities in Qingdao, China.

Epiphone Sheraton II Pro Pros and Cons


Below are the main pros:

Premium Guitar Parts Installed

The Pro version is equipped with many premium parts which include not just golden hardware and high-quality tuners but also an Epiphone LockTone bridge system which makes the intonation even more stable. And regarding build quality, we honestly couldn’t find any difference between mid-range guitars and Epiphone counterpart.

Humbucker Pickups Setup for Louder Output

Epiphone ProBucker humbucker series is one of those pickups that works better than expected. They are made of Nickel Silver and it has that good old vintage sound why you’re buying such guitar in the first place. They share the same alloy Gibson is using for their pickups. The size and shape improve overall tonal response while they come in the same size and shape of the Gibson humbuckers. 

Thoge pickups are equipped with sand-cast Alnico II magnets, 4 conductor lead wire, and are vacuum wax potted to eliminate any unwanted feedback, an event very often to semi-hollow and hollow models. The sound can vary thanks to the 3-way switch selector. This also means that splitting coils will be possible from the beginning.

Easy to Perform

Semi-hollow guitars tend to have a thick neck so players that are used to solid body models may have a problem. Luckily, Sheraton II Pro comes with the ‘60s Slim Taper profile which makes this model extremely playful, and being lightweight for a semi-hollow model will also make you more enjoy playing it.

Very Affordable Model

The Epiphone brand doesn’t have so much of a positive reputation like Gibson. That’s why their price will be lower than Gibson in the long run. Don’t be surprised if you find out that you could buy two guitars for the price of the single Gibson. And making underpriced models is the only positive way that smaller brands could fight against bigger names.


Below are the main cons:

No Coil Tap on Pickups

Unlike some HH pickup other models, Sheraton II Pro doesn’t provide you with the coil tap option at all, so a single pickup position is unavailable. This is a pity as installing a 5-way switch instead of 3-way would incredibly improve the sound versatility of this instrument.

Action Setup

Semi-hollow guitars can’t set the strings as low as you’re used to having on solid body instruments. This might be a problem if you’re used to such action as you won’t be able to perform as fast as you would want to.

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers were at least semi-pro players who knew exactly that they would want this type of guitar but didn’t have enough money to buy a real Gibson model. They weren’t disappointed with the build quality of this Epiphone counterpart and they are especially satisfied with the finish and set up quality. It’s a true showcase that being made in China doesn’t have to mean low-quality products. This specific model is reported to have all the hardware just like you would expect from any well-made USA guitar.

They also have a feeling that the Gibson model isn’t worth the price difference and that Epiphone may look like a steal when compared to that price.

Anyway, sustain is praised a lot while there were no complaints about intonation stability, and the overall sound is described as warm and mellow but also being able to produce that sharp treble if necessary.

The only caution you should take in mind to check upon arrival is the frets status as they might require additional polishing. Also, while the colors may not match the internet preview perfectly, people are getting even more in love with real-life model finishes, especially regarding the wine red model.

What Are The Components Of the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro? 

Sheraton II Pro body is made of Layered Maple with Gloss Finish and as for the neck, it’s laminated 5-piece Maple/ Walnut ‘60s SlimTaper profile that uses Graphtech NuBone XL for nut material at 1.69” width. The scale is 24.75 inches long and it comes with 22 medium frets along. 

Speaking of hardware it’s equipped with the golden parts and it comes with Epiphone LockTone Stop Bar at the tailpiece and Tune-o-matic bridge system. As for tuning gear, 18:1 Grover Rotomatics are installed on the headstock.

What Pickups Come With the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro?

This guitar is equipped with a dual humbucker configuration and those are brand new and acclaimed Epiphone Probucker 2 and Probucker 3 pickups. They can generate the typical Gibson sound and thanks to the 3-way switch selector it can also perform in split coil mode.

What is the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro’s Body Size?

Body size is categorized as thinline semi-hollow body. It has an F-hole on the archtop and a Bound Tortoise Pickguard with metal "E".

What Strings Are Installed on the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro?

Epiphone Sheraton II Pro comes with D’Addario .010 to 0.046 string gauge set.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro Suitable For?

Epiphone Sheraton II Pro is an ideal choice for semi-pro players who are seriously considering becoming professional at some point. 

It can also be a very nice long-run investment for all beginners because its sound and build quality will be good enough so they won’t have to swap it as they progress with playing techniques and the price may also be just in the range to be something to consider.

However, due to its size and neck profile, we wouldn’t recommend it to younger players as they may struggle to perform on such a model.

What Types of Music is the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro Best For?

This guitar works well for any kind of music that doesn’t rely a lot on loud and distorted sound. It can generate a wonderful crunchy tone so indie rock players may love it, while it will sound sweet enough for other genres such as blues, jazz, or all kinds of vintage rock. 

Is the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro For Punk Rock?

Thanks to the dual humbucker pickup configuration, Epiphone Sheraton II Pro can work really well for punk rock music. It will generate just enough amount of power so that your overdrive effect sounds just right.

What Makes the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro Stand Out From the Competition?

This is an interesting model that comes with really balanced all-around features in all terms. First of all, due to its semi-hollow body nature, the sound will be more versatile when compared to the airy hollow body or fully electric solid body sound. 

It provides you with a great humbucker pickup configuration so it will have a bit more of a Gibson sound inside that’s hard not to love and the hardware is premium quality.

And the price can’t be ignored - Epiphone is known for offering a bang-for-buck ratio, so this guitar seems to be very close to fully professional models at a semi-pro price.

Comparison Overview

Let’s now compare some of Epiphone semi-hollow body models with Epiphone Sheraton II Pro. Those models are in a similar price range so it may also be interesting for you to consider:

Epiphone Sheraton II vs Pro

Like you would expect, those two models have a lot in common as they are from the same series, especially regarding visual aspects. 

But the main differences are premium parts found in Pro models. So, for example, Pro models come with upgraded pickups instead of unbranded ones and this will affect the overall sound a lot.

However, all the parts installed on the Pro model are also available in the spare parts market. So, if you’re short on money, you can also consider buying a standard Sheraton II and upgrade it later when you save more money if you find it necessary.  

Epiphone Sheraton II Pro vs Epiphone ES-335 Pro

Those two guitars share the design and a bunch of features so, in general, you can’t go wrong with any decision. Eventually, it may be based on your taste, for maple neck profile on Sheraton might be the reason to pick it instead.

But, specs-wise ES-335 PRO comes with better pickups that allow you single coil positions. This feature may play a huge difference in your playing. If you would like some mild clean guitar sounds, ES-335 PRO will handle such a task much better than a Sheraton II Pro.

Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Sheraton II Pro

Epiphone Casino is a significantly lighter model than Sheraton II Pro, so it may play an important role if you aren’t fond of heavy guitars. But, the lightweight factor also affects the sustained tone, so, if that’s important to you, Sheraton II Pro is your clear winner.

Speaking of price Casino is a bit cheaper so if you’re tight on a budget you may consider it.

But, the biggest difference is within the pickup configuration. Epiphone Casino is equipped with P90 single coil pickups, while Epiphone Sheraton II Pro comes with PAF-style humbuckers. Those pickups have quite a different sound so the Casino will come with much less grit and punch when compared to Sheraton II Pro. On the other hand, it may sound warmer, and without that unpleasant harsh trebles that may fit only specific music genres.

That being said, Casino would work better with more vintage genres, while Sheraton could find its way even in modern production.


Epiphone Sheraton II Pro is a true example of how underrated Epiphone is as a guitar brand. Luckily for you, if you don’t care too much about the brand logo on the headstock, you will get a decent sounding semi-hollow guitar at a great price.

People Also Ask

Let’s now go to some of the usual questions people are asking regarding Sheraton II Pro instruments and semi-hollow guitars in general. We will also explain to you what some technical terms like feedback and coil-split on the pickup mean:

What Does a Semi-Hollow Body Guitar Do?

Semi-hollow models come with just a part of their tonewood being hollowed and most usually it’s the top part. They are considered as an ideal middle choice between a solid body and hollow body guitars as they share a bit of trait of both and can go in both directions if needed.

What is Feedback?

Feedback is an audio event that is generated infinitely between input and output signal due to loud volume and it lasts as long as you don’t interrupt one of those two sources. Most of the time it’s referred to as high-pitch squeaky noise and it will eventually lead to really harsh and unpleasant noise. 

What Does a Coil Split Do?

It might be mixed with coil-tapping, but it is something else - by placing your 3-way pickup selector to the middle position, you’re splitting both humbucker pickups simultaneously so only those from the inside are working. This way you’re generating opposite polarity and can perform with higher output and, therefore, thicker, heavier sound.

Is the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro Hard to Play?

If you haven’t played semi-hollow guitars before, you should know that it has a bit of a different neck profile than your regular Les Paul. The neck is thicker than what you may consider a regular profile so it might be a struggle for players with smaller hands.

How to Care for a Sheraton II Pro Guitar

A plain dry cloth should take care of any body cleaning. Always use a different cloth for polishing and cleaning. Also, try to avoid any chemicals - use a water-based spray instead of cleaning and afford yourself some decent conditioner to take care of if you feel your fretboard is getting dry.


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