Fender DG 8S Review – Read Before Buying [2021]

| Last Updated: May 5, 2021

When you say the name Fender, it probably conjures images in your mind of famous guitarists shredding or picking on things like the Telecaster and several other famous electric guitars that have become known for their unique and timeless designs. But Fender is also an acoustic guitar-making machine as well. 

There are many models produced by Fender that take their pride and attention to detail that we have all come to love about this brand and combine them into beautiful sounding acoustic gems. 

  • Comes with a tuner, strings, picks, gig bag, and an instructional DVD
  • Back and sides are laminated Mahogany, features a Mahogany neck, and Rosewood fingerboard
  • Great for beginners and backed by a lifetime warranty
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The DG 8S is one of the dreadnaught series, and in this review, we will be taking an in-depth look at its flaws, it triumphs, and everything you need to know about it before choosing a new acoustic guitar.

Fender DG 8S


  • Durable
  • Design
  • Playability
  • Dual Action
  • Sound Quality


  • String Action
  • Laminate back and sides

Main Features

When you look at this guitar (and any guitar really), three main features stand out, each with their own unique qualities and characteristics. They can be broken down into the following three categories, which we will use to lay them out for you. 


This 6-string acoustic guitar is a nicely crafted piece of workmanship that is durable and sturdy. Built with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides, the build means that the sound quality is enhanced, and it is built to last. Rosewood is used in both the fretboard and the bridge. Sealed with a laminate, this guitar has a beautiful shine and is built to protect the wood from scratches and damage. This classic dreadnaught design uses some design factors like an x-bracing and a dual-action truss rod to enhance playability and sound longevity.


Thanks to the inclusion of rosewood and mahogany, this model is fitted with a sound quality that is on par with many of its competitors. The tonal quality of the guitar lends itself to a bright, crisp, and clean range that makes this guitar well suited for just about any person and style of music. This tone and consistency of that tone make this an excellent choice for those working on their musicality. However, one thing to note is that due to the laminate, some sound quality is lost, but not as much as one might expect.


This guitar looks excellent as you would expect from one of the leading names in guitars. With its mix of spruce, mahogany, and rosewood, you will find a sweet looking traditional acoustic that looks as good as it sounds. With its white dot inlays and pickguard, you will still feel like a rock star while learning to strum those chords or pick that tune.


Now that we have looked at the main features of this guitar, we should break down just what is so great about this acoustic guitar from Fender. There is a lot that we liked about the DG 8S; here are the things that really stood out to us:


This acoustic guitar will ride the roads with you for a long time. Built with excellent craftsmanship and features that strengthen the durability of the wood used, to begin with, this guitar offers a heightened level of durability. The finish of the guitar is also an essential part of making this guitar last longer. The thin laminate will help protect from scratches and damages that could affect the overall quality of the guitar itself. This is no surprise though; it is what Fender is known for. 


The classic dreadnaught design is one that screams acoustic guitar to almost any guitarist, no matter what level of experience they are at. The small details combine to make a nice-looking guitar that may not be flashy but that looks good nonetheless. Things like the white dot inlays and the finish make this a nice-looking guitar for any player.


When you are playing any instrument, the end playability is one of the ultimate things that stands out. The shape of the neck helps with ease of use and stability, which also helps with the ultimate playability of this model. This guitar has a smooth fretboard, and a beautiful rosewood neck makes for a smooth playing fretboard. The design itself also lends itself to easy and comfortable play. 

Dual Action

The dual-action truss rod is one of the design features that make this model stand out. The inclusion of this factor leaves the neck balanced and keeps it straight, which helps keep the guitar in tune. The truss rod also makes it easy to string, as the neck has a decreased chance of warping.

Sound Quality

The sound quality comes from two places. The use of high-grade tonewoods is the first. Mahogany and rosewood are both known for their richness and warmth when it comes to the tonal range. The bass is not as robust as others but is still lovely quality. This means that with the DG 8S, you will be getting optimal sound quality mixed with durability, which makes this an excellent investment.


When you are looking to invest your hard-earned money and time, you want to know where the product you are looking at struggles. This is so that if it struggles in an area you need it to shine; you can keep looking. 

Below are the top two areas where the Fender DG 8S has some flaws in its design:

String Action

Though this model from Fender does have a lot of excellent playability, you may find that the string action is a bit too high in the beginning. This can be addressed by adjusting the truss rod. By having such a high action, if not addressed, the beginning guitar player may feel that the guitar is a bit too hard to play. This is because they will need to press harder to achieve the proper notes.

Laminate Finish

The laminate finish does have its high points. It helps protect the surface of the wood from getting scratched or damaged. The trade-off is that there is a loss of some of the bass tones that may be possible with this guitar if it wasn’t present. The loss of tonal quality in this region may not be significant for some styles of music, but still, some guitarists may want to keep looking for their perfect acoustic guitar.

What is the Fender DG 8S Best For?

The Fender DG 8S is a high-quality guitar that will suit a few situations and players the most. With its construction and focus on playability, this model is perfect for the beginner. With the excellent sound quality, the newbie will be able to build their ear. Therefore, it works well into the intermediate phase of your guitar learning. 

With this guitar will do the best in guitar class situations or home practice where you will be playing extensively trying to nail this note and chords. These are where the Fender DG 8S will excel and help the players with their overall performance. By adding this guitar to your guitar learning curriculum, you will be getting a jump on the rest.

Musically, you will want to use this guitar for any style except those that rely on a strong bass presence. This means things like hardcore rock or even blues may struggle with this model as an option. It is excellent with the country and the standard rock genres and may work well with jazz too.

Bottom Line

This guitar is an excellent choice for those looking to find a guitar that offers superior sound quality and durability. With the mixture of tonewoods and design, the Fender DG 8S is an excellent option for the beginner or intermediate player that wants to stand out above the rest of their class.

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