Fender Newporter Guitar – 2021 Review

| Last Updated: May 8, 2021

When you hear the name Fender, you know the product is going to be of good quality. Fender has built a reputation over the decades for designing and creating a quality acoustic guitar.

The Newporter is a newer California-made, 6-string Fender acoustic guitar series. They are well made and have great sound.

Newporter stands out for superb playability for any playing style, whether beginner or advanced.

  • Comes with the Fender Newporter body shape
  • Comes equipped with a solid spruce top
  • Comes with a C shape and a slim tapered neck
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Fender Newporter

Fender Newporter Player Acoustic Guitar - Olive Satin - Walnut Fingerboard


  • Style
  • Sound
  • Versatile
  • Top-Notch Gear


  • Manufacturing Issues

Newporter Specs 

  • Type of Guitar: Acoustic

  • Body Size and Type: Newporter shape – Auditorium/000

  • Action: Nice action with perfect spacing between strings

  • Tonewood: Made of solid Spruce, Mahogany, and Walnut

  • Number and Type of Strings: 6 Steel Fender Dura-Tone Coated 80/10 Bronze strings, .012-0.52

  • Orientation: Right-hand orientation

  • Neck: Neck wood is mahogany in a Slim C shape

  • Scale Length: Scale length is 25.6”

  • Color: It comes in various colors including Champagne

  • Weight: 9.25 lbs

  • Extra Feature: Fishman preamp system installed

Pros of the Fender Newporter Guitar

Most reviews you will find on the Fender Newporter Guitar highlight its musical features. It has some strong positive qualities.

Stylish and Appealing Design

For a basic guitar, the Newporter classic models are stylish. They have colors that are not only appealing but will suit every player's look. Each model has a great selection of colors. There is s Candy Apple Red, Champagne, Jetty Black, Aqua Splash, Arctic Gold, and Rustic Copper just to name a few. The Newporter models look classic in style, fresh in color, and have clean, uncomplicated lines in the guitar’s body shape.


The Newporter Guitars are great for anyone looking for a reasonably priced acoustic instrument. It works well for beginners and experts alike. It is especially versatile for those who are jumping from electric to acoustic. This Fender acoustic guitar makes it easy to switch back and forth. It has a great sound that doesn’t sound overly folksy. Its pre-installed pick-up means you can amp it. This is great for those who want to play both acoustic and electric.

Top-Notch Gear

Fender has made the Newporter guitars with quality hardware. The Fishman electronics are subtle with good bass, middle, and treble. It also has a built-in tuner that works well. The headstock has sealed nickel tuning pegs that keep tune well. These guitars also have a Pau Ferro Viking bridge to go with the fretboard. This is enhanced with a real bone nut and saddle. To keep this gear safe from bumps and dents, Fender often offers a gig bag, which is a bonus.

Balanced Sound

While looks and quality are important, the reality is that all musicians want an instrument that sounds good. The output on Fender Newporter guitars offers just that. The sound is balanced with a round tone. Playing fingerstyle will sound a bit subdued, but it shines when used as an electric guitar. It offers clear sound and lots of good tones. The sound quality also carries well when it’s amped. It transfers well from a quiet personal space to a larger one where more volume is needed. The sound remains natural and will not disappoint, no matter what style of play you prefer.

Cons of a Fender Newporter Guitar

Manufacturing Issues

Oddly, the issues with these Fender guitars are not about playability or quality of sound. The negatives tend to be manufacturing issues. There have been comments on the quality of finish and the necks as they come from the manufacturer. While there are notes about scratches and neck issues, these tend to be rectified quickly with good customer service response. The guitar, as an instrument, has very few complaints about it. But, it should be noted that buyers should give theirs a good look over and some quick playing time before investing. If there are any issues, catch them before you have to get customer service involved.

What Are The Components of the Fender Newporter? 


The body is made of solid tonewoods such as Sitka spruce and mahogany for good sound. The fingerboard has a radius of 15.75” for easy play and maple dot inlays for positions. These guitars also have a modern Viking bridge for good sound. The neck shape is a traditional C and is made of mahogany as well. It’s a single cutaway and orientation can be right or left-handed.


When buying acoustic, electronics is not the first thing that comes to mind. But this guitar’s pick-up is beneficial. Its configuration is Undersaddle piezo. It is 3 bands and has a Phase feedback filter. It also comes with a good built-in tuner.

Other Components

The other important components are the tuning machines which are made of sealed nickel and the saddle and nut which are bone. The six strings are Fender Dura-Tone Coated 80/20 Bronze that has a nice tone.

What Types of Music is the Fender Newporter Best For?

The Fender Newporter is great for all types of music but is top-notch when it comes to playing electric style. Because the neck is designed more like an electric guitar, its use and sound tend to be flexible for those looking to cross that line. That doesn’t mean it can’t play other genres. Its ability to have good sound while amped means that the flexibility between acoustic and electric is multiplied. Its pick-up is subtle but solid, so amped sound can be managed easily and adjusted as needed.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the Fender Newporter Suitable For?

The Newporter is suitable for all levels of musicians who are old enough to use a full-size guitar. The fact that the neck is slimmer means that it expands its usability to those with a smaller grip as well. These guitars are considered the middle of the road when it comes to price, but the quality is great for all. While it may be more expensive for a beginner, it certainly can be used to learn on. For the more advanced, they will find it a great price for a good sound on a quality product.

What Makes the Fender Newporter Stand Out From the Competition?

Any guitar with the Fender name on it is going to get a second look from musicians. They rarely put out a product that does not have a solid sound. The Newporter models offer a classic look with modern color as well as high-end sound for the middle of the line price. It has everything a musician needs in a good price range. Other makes may be comparable, but the Newporter seems to have it all in one place.

Comparison Overview 

Fender CD-140SCE vs Fender Newporter

While both these Fender guitars are good, the CD-140SCE is more portable. It doesn’t have the same options when it comes to style and color, but it is light, smaller in size, and has a full sound. The CD-140SCE is more expensive than the Newporter so the budget may account for part of the decision on which to purchase.

Fender Sonoran vs Newporter

The Newporter is stylish compared to the Sonoran, as there are many colors to choose from. The Newporter also has a built-in tuner than the Sonoran doesn’t have. The other issue is availability. The Newporter is easier to find when looking to buy new. They are similar in design, but the Newporter has a step up on the Sonoran with its look and player flexibility. The Newporter’s ability to meet the electric player’s needs as well as a big plus.

Fender Redondo vs Newporter

The Redondo and Newporter are both parts of Fender’s California series. They both have some great color options and have the same stylish look. The Newporter is slightly smaller and great if you are traveling. In contrast, Redondo is bigger and better for ensemble work.


Fender is one of the leading names in guitars and this model is no different. The Newporter is a great sounding guitar that is in the middle price range. Newporter is great for just playing around, or heading out on the road to perform. It’s got a good sound with or without an amp. Fender truly lives up to its name with the Newporter.

People Also Ask

There may be some things we didn’t cover in this article. Here are some FAQs that may cover some recurring questions.

Is the Fender Newporter Hard to Play?

Not at all. The action is good, and the smaller neck helps. It’s a great guitar if you are used to electric as well.

How to Care for a Newporter Guitar

As with any guitar, care is paramount. Make sure to play with clean hands to reduce wear. Use a strap to prevent dropping. Wipe down the strings, neck, and body after playing so the oil doesn’t build up. Make sure it is in a case when traveling to avoid dings and dents. Storing in proper humidity is important as well.

What is the Width of the Body on Fender Newporter?

The body width of the Fender Newporter is 17.5”. 

How Much is a Fender Newporter Guitar?

The guitar can range anywhere from $399- $500 US. The price tends to average around $429 US.

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