Fender T-Bucket 300CE Review – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: May 6, 2021

Fender has been a name in the music production industry for over half a century. In that time, they have built their reputation by engineering products for the industry that focus on excellent sound and exceptional quality. They have done this by focusing on design elements that lead to superior sound quality and durability. 

They have many series and lines of guitars that are ranked among the best in the world. When it comes to acoustic-electric guitar, the T-Bucket 300CE is one of the finest in their catalog.

  • Quickly tune the guitar with the onboard tuner
  • Includes software that allows you to record and edit music
  • Convenient strap button allows for standing while playing
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In this review, our goal is to give you a better feel for what makes this guitar special. We will also focus our attention on areas where it doesn't quite measure up. All of this information combined should give you the information you need to make the right decision as to whether this instrument is the right choice for you.

Main Features

There are many great things about this acoustic-electric guitar. With ultimate performance in mind, we will take this piece by piece to help you get a full view of the excellent construction and all the features that the T-Bucket 300CE has to offer.


The T-Bucket 300CE is a sharp-looking guitar. Although the beautiful design only forms part of its appeal, it is a great place to begin our discussion.

This is a full-sized dreadnaught and is crafted with a maple top, mahogany body, and rosewood fretboard. The blending of these magnificent tonewoods leads to a durable and high-quality guitar that offers a rounded versatility in sound quality. Where this guitar stands out above its competition is in the build of the hardware itself. So, let's move on to sound quality. 


Fishman hardware is used to help with the crafting of your sound. With a 3-EQ preamp, you also get volume controls and a built-in digital tuning system. This is great for the end sound, but the process of sound creation with the T-Bucket 300CE starts with the use of high-quality tonewoods carefully combined for optimal tone. With the saddle and nut, tuning is simple and leaves the sound clear. In the end, the sound quality of this guitar gives the guitarist a well-balanced, bright sound that is great whether the instrument is plugged in or not.


This electric acoustic guitar is designed to be a full-sized guitar, but it is the finer details that make it a beautiful guitar. The inlay of the fretboard gives this model a vintage feel, and the cutaway of the body makes it such a comfortable guitar to play. The final finish leaves a bit of shine that will get you noticed in no time. The choice of decorations and paintwork gives you a variety of choices so that you can pick one that screams, "mine!"


Now that you have an idea about what is included with this model from Fender, let's take a look at what makes this model so very special. How exactly does it get such good reviews from almost every buyer that has chosen it as their go-to acoustic guitar? Here are those things that find their way onto the list:


Fitted with several electrical systems and hardware attached to the guitar that enhance the overall performance of this product, the 300CE is easily one of the best options for the inclusion of these features.  With a Graphtech Nubone saddle and nut, the guitar achieves a level of balance that allows for superior tonal quality and the ability to stay tuned for longer. It's not just the sound design, but equally the electronics like the 3-band EQ and the chromatic tuner, that can give you that sound you have been looking for.

Sound Quality

Those pieces of hardware culminate in a sound quality that is just stellar. The design of the guitar, coupled with these enhancements produces a final sound that is full and crisp. What you have is a guitar that can fill a room with tones that radiate with clarity. With these features and the quality tonewoods, you can find your sound and feel confident that it is always top-notch, no matter what style of music you are playing.


The neck is balanced, with a good response that leads to ultimate playability. The action is so balanced that you can bank on not having too difficult a time pressing the strings down to reach the notes you are needing. Plus, with the cutaway, you can access more of the fretboard more easily, which means that the high notes you want to work on are not too tricky or out of your reach. This gives you a broader note selection while at the same time, giving you a decreased chance of forming calluses. This all means better playability and comfort for sure.


Not wasting your time tuning can be quite beneficial. With this model, you get a built-in digital tuner. It will leave you wondering what it's like to have to tune your guitar (that is how rarely you need to tune it!). Straight from the box, you are good to start shredding. However, you may want to take the time to teach yourself how to use the tuner. It is simple to use and does a great job -- no more tuning every few minutes for you!


The build is a beautifully crafted mixture of high-quality tonewoods that help make this guitar one of the most versatile acoustic-electric guitars by Fender.


The strengths and weaknesses of a guitar can play a big part in the way your music ends up being created. So, with that in mind, we have put together a few of the issues that some players have expressed in their reviews. None of them are universal, but having a handle on what could be a drawback will help you make your final decision with confidence. Here are the most significant drawbacks:

No Pickguard

There are a few things that would help maintain the durability and look of the guitar itself. Besides a transport case, you may also need to look for a pickguard, as one is not included with the guitar. However, this may be a good thing as you will be able to choose one that suits your playing style.

String Buzz

If you are going to be using this acoustic guitar to lay down some rock tracks, you may want to think about trying another model. There are quite a few recent buyers who have had to deal with some severe string buzz when playing a fast tune. If, however, you are playing a less vigorous style of music, this buzz does not seem to be a problem.

What is the Fender T-Bucket 300CE Best For?

Many guitarists could use this model from Fender to up their game. It is primarily an excellent choice for a novice looking for an exceptional quality piece that allows for superior ability to enhance their musical ear. 

It is also great for the studio musician that wants to be able to play a wide variety of musical styles daily. Jam sessions will never be the same once you have strummed or picked a few notes on this fantastic guitar. 

Indeed, a guitarist with any level of experience can get quite a lot from the 300CE, and that means that this guitar is a worthy investment. 

Bottom Line

So, if you are thinking of purchasing the Fender T0Bucket 300CE, you will be getting a guitar that is built to rock (but not too hard). This acoustic-electric guitar offers excellent sound quality and a build that incorporates style and functionality that will only serve to help you get to the level you are looking to achieve. Built with the Fender promise, this investment will suit just about any guitarist looking for good-quality sound in a simple model.

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