Best Guitar Pedal Boards of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: December 26, 2021

Whether you are used to effect pedals or you want to try something new, a pedalboard can become extremely useful for any guitar player.

It is not only meant to help you manage your pedals more efficiently, but it is a great way to transport your accessories without the hassle or keep them protected.

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What is a Guitar Pedal Board?

A pedalboard is technically a panel that contains and supplies power to all your effects pedals. It is a helpful asset to any musician with several pedals and a great way to manage all of them conveniently and effortlessly. 

Additionally, they make it extremely easy to transport all of your pedals from gig to gig or even carry them easily during international or domestic flights, without having to disassemble them each time. Most of the pedalboards come with soft cases, which will ease transport – or you can just purchase a separate one which fits your needs. 

What Size of Guitar Pedal Board Do I Need?

We can easily get carried away with shopping for guitar accessories – they are never enough. In order to find out what pedalboard size is perfect for you, take a moment to consider how many effect pedals you already own and if you usually buy them on a whim – the next ones might not have enough space on your pedalboard. 

If you are such an enthusiast, you should consider purchasing a large size pedalboard to spare yourself from the pain of answering "Which pedals should I take out?" and managing to keep all of them in. For beginners, a medium-size pedalboard would be a great starting point. 

Characteristics of Our Favorite Models

Here is a short guide on the characteristics of our favorite models, which are reviewed in the next section below: quality, accessories, and dimension. 


This is a top feature of our favorite models. On top of that, they also offer high value for money, meaning that quality should always be a little (or much) more than the price. There is no point in going for a pedalboard that will last for a couple of months – why not choose one to last you for years? 


A low price point does not mean much if you have to invest more money to purchase other accessories and make it functional. Our top models include everything you need, apart from the effect pedals. This makes it easier and more convenient for you, rather than considering shopping for adhesives, zip ties, soft cases, and other accessories. However, since a no-accessory pedal board offers more mobility and freedom, we did include one on our list. 


A great pedalboard is the one that can accommodate all (or most) of your pedals and remains highly portable and lightweight. There is no greater pain than deciding which pedals to include or exclude from the pedalboard – so our favorite models come with plenty of space for several pedals. 

Comparison of the Best Guitar Pedal Boards

  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Best guitar pedal board overall
  • Convenient for use and transport
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  • Dimensions 18x12.5x3.5 inch
  • Premium quality built and a soft case with shoulder strap
  • Ergonomic incline for better power supplies management
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  • Best guitar pedalboard for the money
  • Extra-large size accommodates all types of power supplies
  • Made from heavy-duty materials for increased durability and reliability
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  • Large size – 22x12.6x2.36 inch
  • Strong and sturdy construction made of aluminum alloy
  • High-quality carry bag, waterproof and heavy-duty padded
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  • Does not include a soft case
  • Needs additional items to be purchased separately
  • High-quality pedalboard with plenty of space for pedals
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Review of the Best Guitar Pedal Boards

Here’s a complete review of our favorite pedalboards:

Best Overall:
Donner Guitar Pedal Board

Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-2 Aluminium Effect Pedalboard with Bag, 40’’ Pedal Mountain Tape, 20’’ X 8’’ X 1.2’’


  • Available in three different sizes
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Robust build and a fashionable look
  • Comes with a solid canvas bag for higher transportability
  • Pedal security due to professional quality adhesive back hook and loop


  • Bag included does not offer much protection
  • No elevation (cannot run the wires under the board)
  • Might need additional Velcro if you have a lot of pedals

What Recent Buyers Report

This pedalboard is surprisingly reliable and high-quality considering its low price point. Additionally, it comes with everything you need, including the Velcro, a carry bag, and the board frame itself is extremely sturdy and high-quality. On the other hand, the bag offers little protection, though it is extremely convenient.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our top choice is the Donner Guitar Pedalboard, a product which is made from highly portable aluminum alloy material, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry with you from gig to gig. Additionally, it has enhanced security due to the professional adhesive-backed hook and loop, which secures your pedals.

Who Will Use This Most

Whether you are a guitar enthusiast or a more experienced player, this pedalboard comes with the complete starting kit to help you organize your pedals. It is incredibly affordable and convenient, especially for traveling musicians due to the lightweight build, although extremely sturdy, and there’s a carry bag included in the package.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is easy to spot why this is our top pedalboard. It packs all the necessary features, including convenience, ease of use, and it is spacious enough to accommodate quite a few pedals. The build is premium quality, which ensures that your investment will be worth it for a long time.

Pedaltrain PT-CLJ-SC Classic JR

PT-CLJ-SC Pedaltrain Classic JR w/soft case


  • Pedaltrain board has top-notch quality
  • Medium size perfect for pedal enthusiasts
  • Premium soft case with reinforced stress points
  • Heavy-duty hook and loop perfect for several pedals
  • Ergonomic incline design for extra space under the board


  • High price point
  • Soft case has a poor strap and does not include pockets
  • Soft bag design could be improved – pedals are pressed against the top

What Recent Buyers Report

This premium pedal board also features an open-front, stylish design, which is highly convenient and flexible. Its medium size is exactly what you need to organize your pedals and the wiring neatly, leaving you with plenty of space underneath due to its ergonomic design. It is extremely well-crafted, and the materials are top-notch quality.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our runner-up pedalboard is one of the classic favorites. It does come with a premium pricing, although it certainly delivers value for money. It has an ergonomic build that allows you to stock the bulky power supplies under the board, comes with a soft case for transportability, various zip ties, and a professional hook and loop.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is highly versatile – whether you are just starting your career or a professional, this is a great choice for you. It comes with either a soft case with the higher quality metal zipper and reinforced stress points for durability or a professional tour case.

Bottom Line

Overall, there is no reason to wait any longer without this Pedaltrain board. The outstanding quality, increased convenience, and the medium-size are a must-have for any guitarist. It is light, but extremely durable, which makes it perfect for traveling from gig to gig or having a professional tour.

Best for the Money:
Luvay Guitar Pedal Board

Luvay Guitar Pedal Board - Extra Large (22' x 12.6') with Bag, 7LB Pedalboard


  • Comes with 12 buckles and 12 ties
  • Stylish design, made from aluminum alloy
  • Highly portable and light-weight for increased transportability
  • Heavy-duty, high-quality and sturdy materials for an extended life
  • The extra-large size of 22x12.6 inches is perfect for all volumes of power supply and pedals


  • Poorly designed carrying soft case
  • Quality control – some products might have sharp edges which need sanding down

What Recent Buyers Report

The pedalboard size can accommodate any needs, and all for an affordable price. The space underneath is extremely useful. It comes with scratch-proof feet, welded corners, and joints, and the soft case included is perfect for accommodating the pedalboard with all your pedals attached. The sturdy build is high-quality and durable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our best for the money alternative is the Luvay Guitar pedalboard, which is affordable, made from heavy-duty materials, and it comes in an extra size for pedal lovers. Additionally, any type of power supply can be easily attached to the bottom with ties, although it remains highly portable and featherweight.

Who Will Use This Most

This pedalboard is the best choice if you are looking for the perfect mix of stylish looks. It is shiny black for a fantastic stage appearance, easy visibility due to 45-degree tilt, high-quality, large size, and plenty of space underneath for all your power supplies. It makes it impossible not to recommend it to anyone looking for a bargain!

Bottom Line

Overall, we know that the price point makes it hard to believe, but you should definitely give it a try. This pedalboard has all you might be looking for – plenty of room, yet lightweight, heavy-duty materials for prolonged use and, on top of it, loads of convenience and comfort.

4. Vangoa Ghost Fire Aluminum Guitar Pedal Board

Vangoa Guitar Pedal Board Large, 19° Incline Aluminum Alloy Effect Pedalboard Kit for Electric Guitar, 21.6' x 11.4' x 3.9', 2.5lb lightweight, Black


  • Suitable for any volumes of power supply
  • Rubber tips in the corners for non-slip and protection
  • Premium-quality hook and loop, with zip ties included
  • Heavy-duty, thickly padded soft case for the traveling musician
  • High-quality aluminum alloy construction for enhanced durability


  • Medium pricing
  • Heavier than other models
  • Four rubber tips on the feet are difficult to replace

What Recent Buyers Report

This large-size, solid pedalboard has plenty of space for several pedals. The soft case is thickly padded and looks extremely durable and solid – additionally, it includes space for spare cables, while the board has Velcro and zip ties, helping you to secure everything in place.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This fashionable and practical pedalboard comes with a heavy-duty, thickly padded carry bag, which is also waterproof and can withstand any unfavorable conditions. If you are worried about the security of your accessories when traveling, this pedalboard and the included soft bag will help you to protect your assets.

Who Will Use This Most

This all-in-one pedalboard is a great option for the traveling musician. If the previous models lacked a high-quality carry bag, this one makes up for it. Additionally, the pedalboard can accommodate various pedals due to its large dimensions, and it comes with all you need, including ties, hook and loop, and many more.

Bottom Line

Overall, this pedalboard is a heavy-duty must-have accessory for any guitarist. At an intermediate price point, it does not fail to deliver value for money. Its best feature is the additional carrying case, which is of exceptional quality and extremely trustworthy. The pedalboard also includes all needed accessories.

5.Temple Audio DUO 17

Temple Audio DUO 17 Templeboard - Temple Red


  • Accommodates numerous pedals
  • Durable construction and lightweight design
  • Quick-release mounting system for easy swap of pedals
  • High-quality, reliable and durable pedalboard with increased mobility
  • Design to adhere to domestic/international airline carry-on dimensions


  • High price point
  • Does not include a carry bag
  • Needs additionally purchased accessories to be functional

What Recent Buyers Report

This pedalboard provides extra mobility and convenience, it is built with high quality, long-life materials, and you can fit approximately ten pedals on it with careful planning. It is a medium-size pedalboard, great to satisfy most guitarist’s demands in terms of space, mobility, and comfort.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Temple Duo 17 pedalboard is a standard size pedalboard perfect for integrating numerous pedals – with some careful planning, you can fit in approximately 10 of them, and it is deep enough to accommodate volume pedals. The quick-release mounting system makes it easy and convenient to quickly swap pedals when needed.

Who Will Use This Most

This pedalboard can accommodate almost any need an acoustic or bass player might have. It is deep enough to include volume pedals and can accommodate numerous pedals at the same time. It is straightforward to swap out pedals due to the quick-release mounting system.

Bottom Line

Overall, our last recommendation is the DUO 17. It does not include any accessories, thus, they need to be purchased separately, including a carry bag, adhesive plate for each pedal, a mount for the power supply, and input/output side jacks (four of them) to attach input and output cables. However, it does provide a high degree of mobility.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Here is a shortlist you should check before making a purchase decision:

Price-Quality Trade-Offs

As for any other products, and although our models deliver high value for money, you should keep in mind that there are some drawbacks to lower value pedalboards. If you are a professional musician going and coming periodically, you might consider investing in a higher-priced pedalboard, which will withstand the harsh conditions without damaging your accessories. 

Is the Dimension a Good Fit?

Make sure you decide what dimension you need before buying the pedalboard, especially if it will be the first one. While it is recommended to go for a larger one, in case you expand your pedal collection, a traveling guitarist might find it inconvenient to carry around ten pedals all the time or haul around an extra-large pedalboard. 

Do I Need a Soft Case or Not?

Most lower-priced products come with soft bags, although they are not entirely intended for intense use. If you rely heavily on the soft case, you might want to go for either a pedalboard with a great soft case included, such as Vangoa Ghost Fire. Otherwise, if you play at home or travel occasionally, you may consider the quality of the pedalboard itself as the most important criteria. 

Types of Guitar Pedalboards

Here are some product variations you might be interested in:

Sizes and Shapes

Pedalboards come in various sizes, and they fulfill different needs. You need to pay attention and decide before purchasing which size is the best for you. Generally, most pedalboards on our list are either medium or large size – perfect for accommodating several pedals. Some pedalboards also come tilted at an angle, which allows you to store the power supplies underneath, saving space. 


Ideally, you should go for pedalboards that already come with adhesives – often called Velcro, which will allow you to stick the pedals to the pedalboard. Other models can come with bespoke fittings, although the main idea here is that your pedals stay in place. 

Carry Bags

Lastly, most (but not all) come with soft carry bags for easy portability. They are quite different, however. Some are better designed; some are usually meant just for storage or not much manipulation – choose the best one for you. Additionally, some soft bags for pedalboards can include multiple compartments for storing extra cables, ties, picks, tapes, and everything else, which is quite useful if you travel periodically. 


Overall, pedalboards are great assets for musicians as they allow you to keep all your pedals in one place, neatly. We reviewed different models that offer high quality at an affordable price point, numerous useful features, and a lot of convenience and effort. All you need now is to see for yourself!

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