Best Guitar Loop Pedals – 2021 Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: May 6, 2021

Most musicians go through a common dilemma – how can you clone yourself?

Playing solo is much more fun if you use a loop pedal, allowing you to ‘clone’ passages of what you play and then replay them at the right time.

There are numerous applications of a loop pedal. Have a look at the next section for a better understanding. 

What is a Loop Pedal?

A loop pedal is one of a musician’s best friends. This tiny device records a musical passage or might allow you to upload one, and then it play it back repeatedly, or on loop. They come with endless features and settings – you can overdub, change the tempo or the direction of the loop, and many more. 

What Does a Loop Pedal Do?

Basically, a loop pedal is a recording device. Because of this, it has numerous applications for musicians. You can practice guitar techniques and improve them through repetition. It can help you write your lyrics and develop your rhythm sense. You can even use one during live performances to create the impression of a full band behind you. 

How to Choose a Loop Pedal

Loop pedals have essentially one purpose – to allow you to record and replay music passages. However, products do have quite a few variations. Here are the top three most important aspects to consider when choosing a loop pedal:

Recording Time

Depending on your purposes, you need to keep in mind the recording time. On the good side, technological advances allow many manufacturers to come up with quite long recording times, but this will also make the product more expensive. They can range from a five-minute recording time for loops up to three hours or much more if the pedal supports an SD card. 


Some pedals have higher functionality than others. For instance, if you record your performances in a studio, you need a pedal with high sound quality and less functionality. This will be impractical for someone who wants more features and freedom, so take a look at other options and features in a pedal to find what is best for you. 


Does the pedal fully satisfy your needs? If you intend to purchase a pedal and experiment with hundreds of loops, you should keep this in mind as some are quite simplistic. What if you are a student? Too many options and features might make things complicated. Luckily for you, here’s a review of the best guitar loop pedals for all needs. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Loop Pedals

  • Best guitar loop pedal overall
  • Easy to make loops, overdubs, and great price range
  • USB connection for easy storage, sharing and organizing loops
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  • Up to three hours of internal memory
  • Two separate volume knobs, for rhythm and loop
  • Can upload tracks from a computer via USB connection
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  • Best guitar loop pedal for the money
  • Includes true by-pass and analog dry through
  • Unlimited functionality and simplistic, user-friendly design
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  • Quick MIDI synchronization
  • Two loops with numerous settings
  • Easy to use and sturdy built quality
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  • Highly functional and best for live performers
  • 12 minutes of recording time and 10 separate loops
  • Completely silent functions and a separate button for stopping
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Review of the Best Loop Pedals

When it comes to guitar loop pedals, there are so many worthy models on the market that it can be tough to decide which is best for you. Here are some of the best pedals to consider.

Best Overall:
Digitech JMSXT

Digitech JMSXT Jamman Solo XT Stereo Looper Phrase Sampler Pedal


  • Great sound quality
  • Sturdy and long-lasting design
  • 35 minutes of internal memory and up to 32 hours with SD card
  • Beginner-friendly – comes with pre-recorded loops and drum beats
  • USB port and simple to use software to store, share, and organize loops


  • How to use instructions are quite brief

What Recent Buyers Report

This looper offers you much more value compared to what you pay for. High quality, a sturdy design, and virtually endless loops are only topped by the sound quality when you play your sounds. This product is truly a musician’s best friend disguised in a compact loop pedal!

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Digitech is an amazing looper with great quality and an affordable price. The product is easy to use, allowing you to record up to 35 hours of recording if you decide to go for the optional SD card, or 35 minutes in the stock version.

Who Will Use This Most

If you enjoy playing different musical aspects at the same time, this is our top pick. All you need to do is start experimenting. The looper comes with pre-recorded drum beats and loops, which makes it great for beginners, while pros can enjoy virtually infinite loops and single phrases with this unit.

Bottom Line

Overall, this loop pedal is extremely compact, versatile, and easy to use. Its affordability makes it a great choice for any guitar player who wants to explore the benefits of playing different aspects of music at the same time. Once you get to know how it works, you will be amazed at the sound quality and endless opportunities you have!

BOSS RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

BOSS RC-3 Loop Station Pedal , red


  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Up to 3 hours of recording loops
  • Battery included, power supply is optional
  • Can upload tracks from a computer via USB connection
  • Comes in a compact design meant to save pedalboard space


  • Pricey
  • Instructions could be clearer
  • Double-tap to stop recording

What Recent Buyers Report

The BOSS pedal is a great looper with a large internal space – up to three hours. This makes it easy to record. However, the system of double-tapping to stop recording can be troublesome due to practicality. It is also quite pricey. However, the looper is easy to use and has numerous useful features.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our runner-up loop pedal comes with a maximum of three hours of recording time in 99 slots. It also offers the possibility to upload tracks through a USB connection, or you can simply use the pre-recorded tracks. It is incredibly versatile and easy to use.

Who Will Use This Most 

This pedal comes at a higher price with significantly more internal space, which might not make it a good choice for everyone, especially beginners. If you are looking for a higher quality product, this might suit you well. It is easy to use and versatile. The choice of pre-recorded beats is also a great addition to give you a head start.

Bottom Line

Overall, this loop pedal is a great choice if you are looking for the latest technologies. The recording time of three hours allows you to record all your necessary loops, or you can simply upload them from your computer to the loop. It is easy to use and the casing is sturdy and compact, perfect for a crowded pedalboard.

Best for the Money:
TC Electronic Guitar Ditto

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal


  • Looping time of 5 minutes
  • One-knob design for ease of use
  • High-quality sounds in a tiny design
  • Affordable price and high-quality standards
  • Has true bypass for optimum tonal integrity


  • Might be too simplistic
  • Power supply not included

What Recent Buyers Report

If you want simplicity and ease of use at an affordable price, this pedal is a great option for students and beginners. The design is exceptionally tiny and fits in any crowded pedalboard. It is great to use for entertainment or practicing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for an affordable looper designed to do only one job – looping – this is it. It has a simplistic design with only one knob to record, undo or redo, stop, and erase. It keeps high-quality standards for audio quality and it always stays true to the tone thanks to the true bypass for optimal tonal integrity.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for simplicity, this pedal is for you. The one-knob design is hard to miss, but this product might not be for you if you want more complexity and added features. This pedal is extremely affordable and well-crafted, making it the best for the money. It works great for students or beginners.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you just want a loop pedal to do the job, this is the one for you. It is great for practicing or studying music and allows you up to five minutes of recording time in a compact, simplistic design which is extremely user-friendly.

Best for Acoustic Guitar:
Pigtronix Guitar Looper Effects Pedal

Pigtronix Guitar Looper Effects Pedal, No (SPL)


  • Studio-quality recording
  • Best for acoustic guitars
  • Easy to use and clear instructions
  • The main focus is the outstanding sound quality
  • Two loops with many settings – run in tandem, in series, syncing, and others


  • High-budget looper
  • Not as functional as other models
  • Scores lower on value for money in terms of usability

What Recent Buyers Report

This looper has great features. It comes with settings for its two loops, such as syncing or running them in tandem/series and others. The tone quality is outstanding, instructions are self-explanatory, and the unit is easy to use. Overall, the product is in the high price range, but if you are recording your music, this unit is at the top.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This looper is our favorite for acoustic guitars, which favors quality and clean tones. It has two stereo loops that can be synchronized, the loops can be multiplied up to six times, and it has analog pass-through. All in all, the perfect asset for acoustic guitar players!

Who Will Use This Most

This great looper is a perfect addition for pros and studio recording. It has high-quality features and stays true to the tones, lifting the industry standards quite high. All the included features work together seamlessly to give you studio-quality in terms of sound and transparency.

Bottom Line

Overall, this looper is a great choice if you are looking for a high-quality loop pedal. It comes with numerous features that will allow you to record your performances seamlessly. If tone quality is your main concern, this is the looper for you.

Best for Bass Guitar:
Electro-Harmonix 720

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal


  • Silent loop erasing
  • Crystal-clear sounds
  • Perfect for live performances
  • Ability to program loops to fade out smoothly
  • Improved design – separate button for stopping


  • Quality control

What Recent Buyers Report

What is truly great about this pedal is its extended usability and functionality. This comes as a hero for musicians who dislike double tapping for stop recording. The separate button is a great addition, which makes life easier when you are performing live. Additionally, it can silently erase loops and program the loops to fade out smoothly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pedal is our winner for bass guitarists. Sound quality is crystal-clear and all the switches and functions are seamless and silent. The added button for stopping the recording is a great improvement over other models. It is easy to use and overall, a great investment.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are a live performer, this pedal is for you. Its functions are all silent, such as erasing loops and it is straightforward to use without others noticing. The separate button for stopping or just programming your loop to fade out are all great features for a live performer.

Bottom Line

This product offers great value for money and extended usability and functionality. It is a great asset for live performers, is easy to use, and the sound quality is stunning. It causes no noise and the switching and maneuvering are entirely silent. Overall – a great unit for bass guitarists and live performers!

Perks of Getting a New Loop Pedal

There are so many applications of a new loop pedal. Here are the essential advantages you have if you purchase a new product:

Higher Functionality and Usability

Our models pack so many features and it is impossible not to find one that fits you. The models range from simplistic designs for practicing or studio-quality products delivering the highest quality of sounds. The options are virtually endless. Old models can offer a few seconds of recording, while a new model can come up with many hours and features to sync two loops, play them in series or in tandem, erase them silently, and many more. 

Value for Money

A new product makes use of the high-tech to deliver the best features. The competition in the marketplace stimulates manufacturers to come up with better, improved, and more functional versions that will provide you with endless opportunities. 

Outstanding Performances

Whether you are a hobbyist playing in your bedroom, a live performer, or a studio recorder, a new loop pedal will offer you the benefit of maximizing the quality of your performances. The variations in products make them ideal for any guitar player and in any setting. 

How to Use a Loop Pedal

Repetition is the key to learning. Here are some simple exercises, step-by-step, to help you get started with a new loop pedal. All instructions use the most basic features on any loop pedal. After getting better, you should also experiment on your own with your model. 

  1. Getting started: First, you should learn how to open and close a loop – accuracy is not important for now. Choose any chord you want for four beats. Hit the foot-switch on your pedal, strum the chord, counting the four beats, and then hit the switch again to close the loop. Repeat this until you can hit the switch at the perfect moment (at the end of the four beats).

  2. Strumming exercises: Choose a chord, such as A minor and strum this one chord eight times. This will give you two full bars in the loop. When the second bar finishes, press the foot-switch to turn the pedal off.

  3. Overdub: Once you get the basics covered (when to close the loops seamlessly), you can try more complicated features, such as overdubbing. This will create the impression of an entire band with you. Once you have your first loop, you can record on top of it, making it richer, simply by hitting the record or overdub switch. 


Overall, loop pedals are extremely useful for most guitarists. You can make your songs richer and fuller, creating the impression of an entire band during a solo performance. They are affordable, practical, and allow you endless opportunities once you get started. Loopers are also easy to use and, with a bit of practice, you will be able to create a perfect loop at any time.

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