Best Guitar Pedal Power Supplies – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: May 6, 2021

Do you have all your pedals on hand but are unsure how you will power all of them? 

In this article, we'll discuss how to do that and much more.

Have a look at the next sections to find out how a pedal power supply can help you, what kinds there are on the market, and, of course, which one is the best for your needs. 

What Do Pedal Power Supplies Do?

One might have different reasons to use pedal power supplies. Here are their top uses:

Fully Supply Your Pedalboard

Some pedalboards have lower power, while others are a real power bank. The primary purpose is to find the best one which can provide enough current to all of your pedals, especially considering that nowadays the new models are quite power-hungry. A power supply can support all of them, keeping them at peak performance. If power is low, your pedals will be dull and can ruin your performance.  

Replace Your Batteries

Having a pedal power supply instead of the usual batteries can be a real advantage. For instance, some pedals require quite a bit of current, which can drain your batteries quickly; in the long term, purchasing more batteries can be much more expensive compared to a one-time investment in a high-quality power supply. 

Keep Your Pedals Safe

Some guitarists prefer daisy chains to power their pedals. However, a high-quality power supply will ensure the safety of your pedals in that they avoid humming noises, power fluctuations, and other side effects that can burn your pedals. 

Are Power Supplies All The Same?

Power supplies are not all the same; they have varied sizes and capacities. This is because the pedals you need to power are also different. Some are different sizes, and they require different current levels to function at their peak performance. Therefore, some power supplies are for smaller pedals, such as 9V, but some might also need more, such as 12v, 18v, or even 24v. 

Similarly, they also come with a different number of outputs – some for up to 5 pedals, 10, 12, and other variations, depending on how many pedals you would like to accommodate at the same time. 

What to Look For When Buying a Pedal Power Supply

Here are the main considerations you need to keep in mind when shopping for a pedal power supply:


Pedals have different voltage needs, which have to be accommodated by the power supply. First, determine the voltage needed by your pedals. This information should be either written on the pedal itself or in the user’s manual; then, you can look for an appropriate power supply. The most common voltage is 9V, but some pedals also require 12v, 18v, or even 24v. 


There are different configurations available, although most of them average at around 10 outputs, which can be used to power each pedal individually. 

Isolated Versus Daisy Chain

This is quite an in-depth debate – isolated or daisy chain? Some players might experience certain issues with their performance, namely humming or noises. If this is your case, you should consider going for an isolated power supply. This is because some daisy chains (which are cheaper versions) share the power among the pedals. 

However, this often occurs with some combinations of pedals, and it is not necessary to have any interference. Isolated power supplies ensure that the signal is protected, and there is no interference between pedals. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Guitar Pedal Power Supplies

  • Ease of use and high-quality sound
  • Best guitar pedal power supply overall
  • 8 isolated output, highly filtered and protected against short circuit
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  • Convenient and easy to use
  • High versatile, suitable for most pedals
  • Ten fully isolated outputs for noise elimination
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  • Protection against short circuits
  • Low budget pedal power supply
  • Best guitar pedal power supply for the money
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  • 10 outputs with short circuit protection
  • All needed cables included, affordable price range
  • Slim and minimalistic design with steel casing for enhanced durability
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  • Best for 18V pedals
  • Outstanding flexibility and versatility
  • Has 12 outputs which perform flawlessly
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Quick Take: 
Top 3 Picks

Here are the best guitar pedal power supplies:

  1. Voodoo Lab Pedal
  2. MXR M238 Iso-Brick
  3. Caline CP-05

Review of the Best Guitar Pedal Power Supplies

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best power supply options available on the market.

Best Overall:
Voodoo Lab Pedal

Voodoo-Labs Pedal Power Digital


  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Noise and humming elimination
  • Long-lasting and premium quality
  • Highly versatile and perfect for any pedal


  • Expensive for some (especially beginners)

What Recent Buyers Report

What is most important in a high-quality power supply for your pedalboard is to be quiet. This product fully takes advantage of this, eliminating all the humming noises due to the completely isolated outputs. In addition to this, it can be customized to accommodate all types of pedals and their power needs.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our top product masterfully combines a series of features that make this pedal power a must-have. The isolated outputs ensure that the pedals have no interference with each other, eliminating any noise or hum. It is easy to set up and use, even in the case of pedals that have different power requirements.

Who Will Use This Most

The versatility of this pedal power supply makes it an excellent accessory for any pedalboard, musician, and pedal effects. Although it has 9V and 12V outputs, these can be paired together so that you can set up any pedals. Apart from this, the innovative design of this pedal power eliminates any humming noises.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power supplier is our premium choice due to the various high-quality features, adaptability, versatility, and durability. It can be customized to fit any type of power needs based on your pedals, maintaining at the same time ease of use and convenience.

MXR M238 Iso-Brick

MXR M238 Iso-Brick Power Supply


  • Blue LEDs indicate proper connections
  • Compact and easy to use power supply
  • Can be used overseas due to multiple adapters
  • Different voltage for higher adaptability and versatility
  • Noise elimination features – power outputs are completely isolated


  • Poor quality control
  • Quite expensive for amateurs
  • AC Adapter could have better quality

What Recent Buyers Report

If you own some power-hungry pedals, such as 18V and you are concerned with potential power supplies, this product is a great choice that works flawlessly with all of your pedals. Additionally, it is completely noiseless and highly reliable. Furthermore, the small size makes it perfect for any setup.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What’s best about this product is how easily you layout the pedalboard. It has a right-angled connector, without any cord hogging space. The power supply has ten outputs that are isolated, meaning that no humming or noise is coming through. Additionally, it also has blue LEDs to show you when you have got the right connection.

Who Will Use This Most

This small and compact power supply is highly recommended for any gig. It is highly reliable and durable, and it can accommodate all your pedals, supporting your pedalboard flawlessly throughout many performances and without adding any extra noise.

Bottom Line

Overall, this pedal power supply is a bit on the expensive side, although many users claim that it is definitely worth its weight in gold. It is reliable, and you have plenty of output options so that you can power various pedals. It is easy to use, convenient, and, most importantly, it can easily power 18V pedals.

Best for the Money:
Caline CP-05

Caline CP-05 Guitar Pedal Board Power Supply 10 Output 9V 12V 18V Effect Pedals with Short Circuit/Overcurrent Protection


  • Essential for beginners
  • Impressive quality and versatility
  • Small design and extremely convenient
  • Highly affordable and high value for money
  • Can power any pedal due to 9V, 12V, and 18V outputs


  • Poor quality
  • Not long-lasting
  • Outputs not isolated

What Recent Buyers Report

This tiny pedal power supply is a great asset for any beginner. It can accommodate any pedal you might have due to its 9V, 12V, and 18V outputs, and it is incredibly affordable. Bear in mind that if you are planning some gigs or top-notch performances, you might want to consider another product. But it is definitely a perfect choice for a low budget!

Why it Stands Out to Us

Caline is the most affordable pedal power supply out there and boasts a great batch of excellent features. It is protected against over current and short circuits, it contains LED lights to indicate over current happenings, and it can support any pedal power needs, including 9V, 12V, and 18V.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are on a tight budget or are a novice, this pedal power supply comes at a great bargain. It has all of the features you need, such as protection against short circuits or over current; it can accommodate any pedal, although it is not recommended for professional use since the outputs are not isolated.

Bottom Line

Overall, the greatest bargain is Caline 05, perfect for any setups around your place. It is an essential and indispensable power supply for any hobbyist or guitar enthusiast. It has a minimal design, making it perfect for any situation. Definitely a must-try for its price point!

Best 9V Pedal Power Supply:
JOYO Power Supply

JOYO JP-02 Power Supply 10 Output 9V 12V 18V Options Isolated Short-Circuit Overload Protection for Effect Pedal


  • Stable and noiseless performance
  • Great as a 9V power supply for pedalboard
  • Extremely affordable and high-quality black finish
  • Numerous outputs which are protected against short circuit
  • Tiny design, although highly visible and easy to maneuver in low light settings


  • Adapter not durable
  • Not designed for US standard outputs
  • Misleading information – it is not isolated

What Recent Buyers Report

This power supply is highly reliable and well-constructed. It is an excellent choice if you need a 9V power supply, and it will exceed your expectations for such a low price range. It is well-built and easy to use, although it is not isolated – its description is falsely advertising it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our best 9V power supply is Joyo, a power supply that comes at an affordable price point and has ten outputs, all benefiting from protection against heating and short circuits. The design is slim and minimalistic, with a rugged steel casing. It includes all the necessary cables.

Who Will Use This Most

This is the best option for any players with lots of 9V pedals. The power supply has a high quality build, it is extremely affordable, and it is protected against short circuits and heating. It has numerous features that come in handy when you are onstage.

Bottom Line

Overall, Joyo is our top choice for 9V power supplies. It has great features that will help you deliver the best performance to your audience; it is easy to use, convenient, and straightforward to maneuver, even on a dark stage. On the other hand, it is not the ideal option if you are looking for an isolated power supply.

Best 18V Pedal Power Supply:
Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12

Truetone Stage And Studio Equipment Case (CS12USJ)


  • Highly versatile and flexible
  • Extensive range of 12 outputs
  • Designed for large pedalboards
  • Best for current-hungry pedals (18V)
  • Extremely durable, reliable, and trustworthy


  • Bulky design
  • High budget
  • No power switch

What Recent Buyers Report

Although definitely on the expensive side, this power supply is a true hero. It comes with real isolation – reliable, quiet, and extremely safe, making up for the extra bucks. It is large, powerful, and it is the best power supply in this category. Versatility and flexibility are astonishing, although the bulky design is one huge drawback.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for bullet-proof power in a sturdy, durable, extremely reliable power supply, then this is it! It is not an overstatement to say that this is the most flexible supply, and, in spite of its higher price point, it is still considered a bargain compared to other heavy-duty power supplies for 18V pedals.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are the proud possessor of one of the largest pedalboards you’ve ever seen, then here we go – we have one of the most powerful power supply to support all those pedals. Its versatility is impressive, and you don’t need to worry anymore about the power-hungry pedals.

Bottom Line

Overall, Truetone is a powerful titan ready to back up all of your current-hungry pedals. It is isolated, has numerous outputs, and provides you with endless versatility and flexibility. On the other side, this power supply is quite bulky compared to our other options – although it does deliver all the power you need.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Here are some important considerations you need to remember before choosing one of our featured products:

Follow the Voltage Specifications

When deciding what pedal power supply to purchase, make sure you consider its voltage specifications. For this reason, our products often include different voltage specifications, as the most common ones are 9v, 12v, and 18v. If you don’t match it, you can blow up your pedal.

Pay Attention to Polarity

While most of the pedals on the market have a positive polarity (thus the power supply needs to have a negative polarity), it is also possible to have the inverse. In this case, if you attempt to connect a positive supply with a negative pedal, most likely, it won’t turn on, or you can burn the pedal. Therefore, be considerate and check the polarity on your pedal or consider a polarity adapter to reverse it if necessary. 


Not matching the amperage of your pedals can lead to chaotic performance or permanent damage to your equipment. The power supply you purchase needs to meet the amperage needs of your pedals, at least. Exceeding that is perfectly fine, as long as it is definitely not lower than that. 

Considering these three factors, be sure that the power supply is compatible with your pedals. 


Overall, pedal power supplies are necessary to power your pedals. They are superior to batteries in that they are more powerful, and they can power all your pedals in one go. If you are a pedal lover and have a large pedalboard, one of our recommended products will make your life much easier. 

People Also Ask

As we’ve seen, pedals and power supplies are no child’s play – handling electrical current can be dangerous if you are not aware of certain aspects. Here’s a short FAQ section to provide you with more information:

Do Guitar Pedals Come With Power Supply?

Some guitar pedals do come with power supplies, although this is extremely rare. Most models do not have a power supply; if you open the pedal, you will notice that they have space for a battery. However, there is a high chance of you running out of juice during a performance with batteries.

Can You Power a 9V Pedal With 18V?

Essentially, using 18V on a 9V pedal can ruin it completely. You need to adhere to the voltage specifications of your pedals; otherwise, they will burn out. It could be straight away, or you might be able to play a few times, but eventually, they will get permanently damaged. Some pedals can handle higher voltage – make sure you check the user’s manual and use correct voltage. 

Is it OK to Use a Power Supply With Higher Amps?

As opposed to voltage, a higher amperage is fine. The rate of the current (amperage) needs to be at least as much as the pedal’s requirement for it to function accordingly. However, it is safe to use higher amps with the pedal, but never lower. Using less amperage for the pedal will eventually damage them, and, on the spot, you will notice that your pedals are not working to full capabilities (they are underpowered). 

Do Amps Matter for a Power Supply?

Depending on your pedals, the power supply should have at least the amount of amps they need. Although most pedals and power supplies are compatible, it is necessary to check that the minimum requirement of the pedal is met. Exceeding this limit is fine. 

Can I Use a Battery Charger as a Power Supply?

If you open up some of your pedals, you will find a space designated for a battery. In this case, you can use batteries to supply power to the pedal, although most people prefer to avoid it because the chances of running out of juice during the performance are quite high. Thus, a dedicated power supply is recommended. 

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