Yamaha F335 Review – Updated for 2021

| Last Updated: December 29, 2020

When you hear the name Yamaha, it probably pulls up images in your mind of motorcycles. That is where we have seen the name scrawled across most, after all. However, as you may know, they also make high-quality musical instruments. 

From keyboards to guitars, this brand has been in the business of instrument-making for over half a century. One of the best instruments they deal in is acoustic guitars. They have many models that are simply amazing, and so we thought we would look at one of the best in that category -- the Yamaha F335. 

So, let's get tuned in and see what is up with this acoustic guitar from Yamaha.

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Main Features

Like with everything else in the world, when you dissect an acoustic guitar to try to determine if it is an excellent fit for you, there are some main features that you should look at. With the Yamaha F335, there is a lot to talk about, so let's jump into what features make this model stand out from the rest.


Just because it is not as pricey as others, you should not let this guitar fool you -- it is a durable and well-crafted instrument. What makes it so durable? It is crafted in a dreadnaught style with a top made of spruce and laminates, which gives it a little more sturdiness. The sides are constructed from meranti, which is a wood that is heavier than some types of mahogany, though it is not as hard. 

Mixed with the spruce top, this makes for a somewhat lightweight guitar that offers comfortable usability and playability, which suits many beginning players. The most beautiful thing about the build of this guitar is the mahogany neck combined with a rosewood fretboard. This makes for smooth play and a charming look.


Though you can easily play chords, you may find the sound quality of this piece lacks some of what other models bring to the table. Due to the lamination of the wood, you will tend to lose notes or not be able to discern them individually. This leads to muddy melodies and a harder time for beginners trying to build their musicality.


The overall look of this guitar is beautiful. Though many may feel the laminate takes away from other features of this guitar, it does lend a level of protection, and the finish that was chosen gives the guitar a gorgeous look. It is designed to look like the guitar every beginner thinks they should have. Plus, as a design feature, the guitar also has a couple of color options so you can match the color with your personality.


Even though there are some flaws we will talk about in the next section, there are plenty of good things about this guitar as well. From its lightweight, easy-to-use build to its nicely designed tuning system, you will find that this model is the right acoustic guitar for you. 

Below we look at some of the best things about the Yamaha F335:


The overall design looks nice and offers a variety of colors. The design of the frame of the guitar is the classic dreadnought style, which, to most, is the standard fit. Designed with a beautiful tortoiseshell pickguard and all the flourishes that a traditional guitar should have, this guitar may suffer in some areas, but the design is not one of them.


The construction is durable and makes this instrument a sturdy guitar that doesn't damage easily. Crafted with meranti and a mahogany neck, it is a relatively lightweight guitar compared to some of its competitors. The smooth frets and rosewood fretboard make for excellent playability and comfortable use over extended periods of time.


With the build and design, the design team at Yamaha has crafted an incredibly reliable guitar. The sound quality doesn't differ, and it is sturdy enough to take a licking and keep on ticking. The overall reliability of this guitar is a definite plus for any guitarist looking for a good beginner guitar.

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The last thing you want to do is waste your jam session having to tune your guitar at every turn. One of the best things about this acoustic guitar from Yamaha is that it stays in tune rather well. The sturdy gold die-cast tuners and the tuning system holds that tuned sound very well. So not only do the tuners look awesome, they work well too.


With that tuning capability as well as the overall design of this instrument, you get a consistency in sound and tonality that is just nice to have, especially as a newbie. Consistency at that point is critical, and with the right tonewoods and hardware that supports it, you will find that that is precisely what you get with the Yamaha F335.


So now that you have some idea of what we like about this model, it is only fair to look at where this guitar does not perform as well when it comes to quality and functionality. You take the good with the bad, unfortunately, and with this model, there are two things that most people who have purchased it complain about. Knowing where your potential future guitar is weakest will help you make your decision, and if you do choose this model from Yamaha, you will be able to compensate for its shortcomings:


The design is excellent, but the materials used are not of the highest quality. Though they are decent, meranti tends to be less durable than traditional mahogany. Even with maintenance, the overall durability of this piece has come into question. The hardware is a little on the lower end as well, which is how they achieved such a low price tag. 

Sound Quality

The wood is not porous enough, especially with that laminate; as a result, some sound may fall to the wayside. The lack of discernible between the notes can lead to a muddy sound that isn't suitable for anyone intermediate and above. 

What is the Yamaha F335 Best For?

The low cost and the cheaper design make this a perfect back-up guitar or first guitar for a beginner. Many professional or even intermediate players feel that this is sort of like a toy guitar, and so they think it is not a viable choice for them. 

But if you are looking for an excellent guitar to practice with around the house or even in a school band situation, this may be an excellent choice for you. Also, if you are a rookie doing some small gigs in small venues, you may be able to work this guitar efficiently. 

It may also work if you are just an occasional player. You know, the guy or gal that pulls it out to strum a few chords when your friends are over to prove you really can play it. The lack of professional sound quality in any of the cases above is not a problem, and even though it may be less than durable than hoped, it still looks nice and feels good when you play it.

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Bottom Line

In the end, if you are going for a great starter guitar, then the Yamaha F335 is a reasonable choice. It offers comfortable playability while giving you a reliable and consistent sound. The sound quality may not be show or studio worthy, but it is good enough to get you started on the road to be the next Joe Satriani or Jimi Hendrix. Hopefully, with the review above, you feel better able to decide if this will fit well with your guitar needs. So, if that is what you are looking for, then make sure you add this guitar to your potential acoustic guitar choices. 

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