Yamaha FG730S – 2021 Tell All Review

| Last Updated: December 29, 2020

Yamaha is one of the names synonymous with acoustic guitars, and one of the most widely played series from Yamaha is the FG series. This series offers many models, from beginner's guitars to the more experienced player options. 

With that said, among the FG series, the Yamaha FG730S is perhaps the cream of the crop. Loved by many musicians, both pros and novices alike, this does bring a wealth of great qualities and features that any guitarist could and should take advantage of. 

So, in this review, we will be taking a good hard look at just what makes this guitar from Yamaha such a great option. We hope that we can help you make your guitar decision just a bit easier.

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Main Features

Listening to a guitarist talk about their guitar, you will notice that they tend to concentrate on three things -- the build, the sound, and the style. These are all important, not only to the end musical product but to defining your image and showing your personality as well.

So, when we decided to review the Yamaha FG730S we thought we would do the same:


Unlike some of the other models in the FG series, the 730S is crafted with high-quality tonewoods. Built with a mix of Sitka spruce and rosewood, this guitar is lightweight and comfortable to use. It is a full-body acoustic guitar that lends itself to feeling like you are holding something of substance. The action of this guitar is just as exceptional as some of its higher-end cousins. As a result, these guitars feature amazing playability, which coupled with the lightweight body means that the build of this model is one of the best things about it.


This guitar has a sound that stands above the rest in many respects. Built with rosewood fretboards as well as the front and back, this guitar has a sound that is one of a kind. That combined with its spruce top and the neck to body connection, you end up with a clear, clean, and crisp sound that is very full, unlike many other models in its class. It is great for any music really but does much better for rock, blues, or country.


This guitar is a stunning piece of craftsmanship on so many levels, including style. It is fitted with nice-looking inlays around the soundhole as well as the binding. The rosewood back and sides bring another level of sleek style to the guitar, and it does come in multiple colors. Finally, it is coated with a beautiful finish that not only shines but serves as a layer of protection against scratches and other damage. This guitar is simply a fine-looking instrument that all guitarists would be happy to play.


The Yamaha FG730S is a guitar that has a lot going for it. From its fantastic use of high-quality tonewoods to its amazing designs that offer a sleek and stylish flare, this guitar has that magical combination of looking good and feeling good to play.

You can take advantage of the following things we liked about this guitar:


No matter what you do, if you do not use exceptional materials and high-grade craftsmanship, your guitar will be useless for the long haul. Yamaha has taken this to heart and built a guitar that is durable and ready to last you a lifetime. The hardware is of top-notch status, meaning that your guitar's original out of box body will be able to stay with it until the cows come home, so to speak.

Sound Quality

When you are looking for the right acoustic guitar for your music needs, you want to find one that has good volume and lush tones. This dreadnought-style acoustic guitar offers that and so much more. Whether you are picking or strumming, the sound that radiates from the FG730S is angelic. With the inclusion of rosewood back and sides, this sound is unique with its rich, crisp tonal range that rivals any of its competitors.

Neck to Body Connection

The dovetail joint used to connect the body to the neck is a traditional design, but it offers so much to not only the build quality and durability but also to the sound. By having this joint, the guitar provides a balance that only serves to elevate the overall sound quality.


The build of this model is not like the more modern acoustics. These are usually thinned and built to be suitable for players that are used to electric guitars. Yamaha has instead stuck with the tried and true design, which may feel a little big for some, but ends up giving a heightened level of sound and increasingly better playability. This is a vintage-looking classic guitar design that seems to never go out of style.


This looks like an acoustic guitar. From everything down to the tortoiseshell pickguard, you will feel like you are one of the legends you idolize as you strum this fantastic guitar. The end finishes also lend a note of style to the entire guitar that just cannot be beaten.


Looking at the places where this guitar struggles was difficult, considering that on the whole this model from Yamaha is one of the best. After digging deeper, we determined that there are a few issues that some players feel could be improved:


If you are used to getting down deep into those high notes, you may find this fretboard (and any dreadnaught-style acoustics fretboard) hard to do it with. Without a cutaway like in acoustic-electric models, you will have to work hard to get there. The fret size is also a bit small. So, if you have a little thicker or bigger fingers, you may struggle with connecting to the actual note without practice. Then there is the fact that the fretboard is not rounded, which can lead to an uncomfortable play.

Limited Versatility

If you play anything other than country, rock, or blues, then this may be the wrong model for you. It also doesn’t come with any electronic hardware, which means it is genuinely an acoustic guitar without apology. 

What is the Yamaha FG730S Best For?

The person that will get the most from this model is first and foremost the beginning player. With its great sound and clarity, it is a great choice to help build that musical ear. Plus, it is a comfortable play, meaning that that the hours of practice you will need to complete in order to get to the level you want will feel like a breeze. 

It is also great for those semi-professional guitarists that may find themselves laying down tracks in a studio or working a small venue. With its volume capability and beautifully crafted sound, this instrument would be ideal for such guitarists.

It is also great if you are looking for a high-quality gift for the musician in your life. The guitarist that gets this as a gift will love you forever and leave with the biggest smile on their face. That is, after they have strummed a few tunes for you, of course.

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Bottom Line

What this all boils down to is that, plain and simple, the Yamaha FG730S is one of the best quality acoustic guitars in its category. Built with high-grade tonewoods and constructed to enhance the sound quality with the top of the line hardware, you will be strumming into the long hours of the night with ease. That is why the Yamaha FG730S is one of the most well-reviewed acoustic guitars from this brand and will remain so for years to come.

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