Best Pianos For Kids – 2021 Top Picks

| Last Updated: December 27, 2021

If you pay attention most grown-ups regret that they didn’t take some acting or dancing classes or learn to play some instrument. They often say that it’s too late for them now anyway. That’s why playing music is one of the best decisions you can give as a gift to your kids.

What Makes a Piano Great For Kids

Studies have shown that playing music creates neural connections in a way no other activity can. Playing music at a very young age makes positive neural changes that stay for the rest of your life.

Problem-Solving Skills

Most teachers break piano lessons into smaller goals so that they can make the progress. This approach leads your kid to become a goal-oriented person who knows how to handle big tasks. And with every lesson they pass and piano piece they can perform well, they are building up their self-esteem. Also, with every lesson they fail they learn how to re-approach it and find a workaround.


Improves Hearing

Probably the most important thing is that playing piano significantly improves your child's hearing. There are very rare occasions when someone is tone-deaf. It’s a skill like every learning and it’s built by practicing. The sooner your kid starts playing piano the higher the chances that they will tune up their hearing.

Develops Well-Behaving 

The good thing about playing the piano is also that kids aren’t usually even aware they are being told to “stay calm” while they play, they just take it along and don’t complain. This way, your kid is developing discipline skills that you may find helpful when they become teenagers.

Comparison Chart of the Best Pianos For Kids

  • Compact and easy to transport design
  • Built-in speakers are of good quality
  • Batteries can function for about 6 hours
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  • Equipped with 2 full octaves in 25 keys
  • Compact and easy to transport design
  • Built-in speakers are of good quality
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  • Best for the Money
  • Comes with a book with a chart to teach songs
  • Chair is non-tipping to keep players safe
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  • Offers comfortable finger placement for children
  • Paint is environmentally friendly and safe
  • Made from good quality materials that are durable
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  • Offers 10 kinds of rhythms
  • Lightweight and compact to allow easy moving
  • Comes ready to use immediately
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Review of the Best Piano For Kids

We’re going to check now what toy piano you could find on the market these days:

Best Overall:
Korg tiny PIANO



  • Comes in various colors
  • Built-in speaker and headphone output
  • Small, very portable and work on six AA batteries
  • 25 mini keys packed in a miniature upright piano design
  • 25 excellent electronic sounds and 50 lullaby demo songs


  • Expensive for a toy piano
  • Power adapter is not included in the bundle

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are amazed at this unit and the fun part is that they are stealing it from their kids to play with it. They also report that the only problem with this model is that kids are playing it so much they don’t have time to recharge batteries.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This piano comes in a very original miniature upright piano style. It has 50 lullaby demo songs and 25 very good sounds on board. Some bells are very close to sounds you would hear in the movies. Build quality is exceptional and it comes with a reflective finish like what you would expect on a real piano.

Who Will Use This Most

It was designed especially for very young kids, like 0 to 3 years old. Keys are made so that they match their hand size and the sounds are specially tailored to fit their need and interest. Parents can play demo songs instead of singing lullabies, too.

Bottom Line

This will be an ideal present for any toddler. Amazing sound, top-notch design that comes in various colors for both boys and girls (even pink is included!). It’s certainly a gift that will be remembered for a whole life.

Melissa & Doug Classic Grand

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Classic Grand Piano With 30 Keys, Color-Coded Songbook, and Non-Tip Bench 23.5' x 22.2' x 10'


  • Lid can’t be slam closed
  • Acoustic toy piano sound
  • Notes are labeled with both letters and colors
  • Comes with the songbook with color-coded charts
  • 30 mini keys in a full concert grand piano format with non-tipping bench


  • Keys don’t feel so sturdy
  • It comes with just one sound

What Recent Buyers Report

This toy is reported as beautiful with shiny wooden parts and they are using it to teach their kids the basics about keys and notes. However, we’re not so sure if it’s going to be so interesting for kids at the age of 5 or 6.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a nice miniature “acoustic” grand piano with a xylophone-like sound. Mellisa & Doug thought about everything so, the bench can’t be tipped easily and while the lid can be wide open, it can't slam shut, so there is no chance of your kids hurting themselves.

Who Will Use This Most

It has been marketed as a learning tool for kids 4 to 6 years old but we can imagine that even younger kids could have fun with this toy. It can be more than just a toy because keys are labeled in colors and letters so kids can learn about notes.

Bottom Line

Melissa & Doug have been in kids’ music instruments for more than 30 years. They are making instruments for a reasonable price and have a lot of experience so you can be sure that your kids will be delighted with such a gift.

Best for the Money:
Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano Piano

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano With 25 Keys and Color-Coded Songbook


  • Acoustic toy piano sound
  • Nicely design with colorful panels
  • Comes with colored and labeled white keys
  • 25 mini keys modeled in upright piano style
  • Illustrated songbook with colored charts included


  • Screws are not protected and can fall off
  • Unfortunately, piano lid cannot be opened

What Recent Buyers Report

It’s a small size toy piano and most buyers got this as a present for a toddler. Keys are perfect for their fingers and they are usually very excited and start banging on keys right away. But, before you let them play, please secure the screws with some taping because they can fall off during play.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love how this little toy piano looks with every panel colored differently. Songbook is designed very well and it’s quite intuitive with color codes that match the key color so even kids who don’t know how to read can play the tunes right.

Who Will Use This Most

It comes in a format tailored exactly for a toddler. Songbook comes as a handy learning tool as they can find out more about the notes in an interactive way and they will definitely be drawn with the sound it makes for hours. 

Bottom Line

This is one of the most affordable toy pianos with a colorful design on the market. One thing is certain - kids will start playing as soon as they get on it so you better prepare your recording options.

4. Goplus Classical Kids Piano

Goplus Classical Kids Piano, 30 Keys Wood Toy Grand Piano w/ Bench, Musical Instrument Toy, Great Gift for Girls and Boys (Black)


  • Acoustic toy piano sound
  • Lid can be opened and safely closed
  • Comes with bench in two color variations
  • No sharp parts in this model for extra safety
  • 30 miniature keys in a full concert grand piano model


  • Keys are not well aligned
  • Lack of quality control results in poor coating finish

What Recent Buyers Report

People are usually buying this keyboard for their babies and are delighted with their reactions to this toy piano. It is reported as easy to set it up and it seems that the piano legs and the bench are made from real wood. But, due to poor quality control, keys can have alignment issues.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model was designed with extra safety so it comes with non-toxic coating and no sharp edges and the lid can be closed without any worries about hurting. Due to its miniature size it can fit in any corner of the room and it will stand out thanks to the modern design.

Who Will Use This Most

Because it has no small parts at all it can be used at any age and we can imagine that babies would have more fun with this toy than those who are getting ready for school. The pink color will be especially praised as a gift for the girls.

Bottom Line

Toy pianos are excellent gift for any kid and this model even has a pink color for girls. You will make them both happy and engaged and if you record their playing they will definitely enjoy watching themselves messing around at this age.

5. Semart Piano Keyboard

Semart piano keyboard for kids 61 key electric digital music keyboard for beginner portable piano w/LCD display microphone USB cable


  • Works on four AA batteries
  • Electronic keyboard with 61 mini keys 
  • 16 sounds, 10 rhythms, and 6 demo songs
  • Comes with music rest and USB power cable
  • Built-in speaker and microphone input on board


  • Speaker is mono and low quality
  • Doesn’t come with headphones output

What Recent Buyers Report

They think that beginners can use it for practicing, especially children. They also comment that kids enjoy using the microphone and listening to their voice on the speaker. However, others are unsatisfied with the price and feel like they could find a cheaper deal for such a product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It comes with 61 mini keys that are an ideal size for kids of this age. This key number will allow them to play with both hands on. It’s also bundled with a music rest and the microphone. Microphone will help your kids to build an additional self-esteem with singing while they play. 

Who Will Use This Most

This keyboard is ideal for preschool age kids but also younger kids can use it. It comes with different sounds and rhythm that will keep them occupied and the number of keys will allow them to be creative and even record their playing and play it back later. 

Bottom Line

This keyboard toy you may buy at any age of your kids and they can use it for many years later. Consider it as a nice long term investment that can make your kid fall in love with the music.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Piano

If you’re in doubt should you invest more, here are some reasons why it’s a good thing:

Build Quality

Cheaper products don’t have a good build quality and can break easily. With investing you’ll get a better build quality. Even if they don’t play it anymore, it will remain at home as a part of their childhood memories.


Kids' interests are a huge playground. They are exploring all the time, and you shouldn’t worry if they decide that they want to quit playing piano. It doesn’t mean that it will remain like that forever. Once they light up their interest about it again, the cheap sound may turn them off while a decent keyboard piano can spark up their creativity so much that it can be the breaking point of their choosing to become a professional musician one day.

Level of Interest

Imagine yourself playing a low-quality video game. Would you continue to play it? That’s exactly what can happen to your kids with low-quality piano.

It may happen that it’s not that they are not interested in music, it’s the keyboard features that turns them off. With buying a quality piano, features are tailored better and will keep their interest in the right way.


It’s shocking how early ages interests define what we will become in life. That’s why it’s very important that you feed your kid’s creativity on time and make yourself a proud parent later. After all, you’re not just buying a gift, you’re creating their future memories.

People Also Ask

Lets us cover some of the usual questions you had about your children's music interest and provide you with some reasons why you should invest in their music education. We will also cover you with some long term answers, so you can understand what to expect next.

When Can Kids Start Piano Lessons?

Since music can be taught even without using letters or notes, there is no such thing as too early for music lessons. But, the rule of the thumb is that kids should take piano lessons as soon as they start with their elementary school education.

Can a Child Learn Piano on a Keyboard?

Yes. It’s not just that it can learn, it may easily happen that the keyboard keybed might be more comfortable for a young kid as it has lighter keys. In the early stages, keys of the keyboard provide more than enough range for them to learn the basics.

Teach them young. (Source)

Why Should Kids Learn Piano?

Playing piano enhances your creativity workflow and it enhances the way you see the world around you. It helps you to get in touch with the emotional part of your being. Afterall, even Nietzsche said once: “Without music, life would be a mistake”. But, please, listen to your kid and don’t push it too hard.

Is Piano Good For the Brain?

Like every other musical instrument, the piano allows you to express differently. It is very similar to playing chess. It also improves your mechanics and focus as you will have to perform differently with both hands in perfect sync. And it’s also proven that it improves mental health.

How Many Years Does it Take to Learn Piano?

It all depends on what piano knowledge level you’re aiming at. Let’s say that for some basic level, piano can be learned even after a year or two. But for more advanced master levels, it will take more around 10 years of serious work, though. 

How Many Hours Should You Practice Piano?

Practicing needs evolve along with your skill level. While it is completely individual, let’s say that the sweet spot for a beginner is to practice more than an hour three or four times a week without any interruption. But, please remember that it’s always more important “what” you practice than “how many hours”.

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