Best Ukulele Straps of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated: December 27, 2021

Playing Ukulele in a standing position while holding your instrument firmly to the chest can affect your performance as your hands, especially the strumming hand, won’t move freely as they would in other positions. 

That’s why having a Ukulele Strap might be that accessory you’ve been missed.

Do You Need a Strap For a Ukulele?

The strap is not a necessary accessory for a Ukulele. But, if you plan to perform in a standing position or you have some live performance coming up, it will be much more convenient to use a strap instead of firmly holding the body of your instrument.

The reason why you need a strap is quite simple - keeping your hands more focused on playing instead of simply holding an instrument will be always welcomed. Also, using a strap will keep your instrument in exactly the same position in any situation, so once you get used to it, it will be a game-changer.

How Long Should a Ukulele Strap Be?

Sizes don’t mean a lot if you’re a big or small guy or you’re playing a Soprano or Baritone Ukulele. Also, some players love to hold it lower, why others prefer the “on the chest” positioning. There isn’t one size that fits all and that’s why all straps come with the plastic slider to adjust it to your specific preferences.

But if we’re talking about on average, the desired length for the shoulder strap that will match all the Ukulele models should be at least 50 inches. For neck-on models, this size should be around at least 27 inches.

What Makes a Great Ukulele Strap? 

Here are some tips on how you can tell a difference between an average and great Ukulele Straps regardless of the strap type:


Ukulele straps can damage your instrument. Hooks might be plastic without any layer of silica gel or other protection on the inside. Even rough shoulder strap material could wear out the neck of your instrument eventually. Needless to say, premium straps will hold your instrument more firmly and secure.

That’s why you should pay attention to buying sometimes even not the most beautiful model but the one that will keep your instrument more secure

Strap Width

If you were about to use a guitar strap on a Ukulele instrument, you will see how bulky it looks. But, many Ukulele straps seem to look so thin. That’s why the optimal width for a Ukulele strap is around 1.5 inches


Regardless of the Ukulele strap type, the design is something that can make a serious difference between choosing the right model for you. Sometimes it’s just about picking your favorite color, but mostly, it’s all about matching your new Ukulele strap with your instrument design. Some straps go well with vintage design, while modern may require more plain and basic solutions.

Best Sounds Uke-Starry Night

Comparison of the Best Ukulele Straps

  • Unique looking Van Gogh's "Starry Night" ukulele strap
  • Fully adjustable length 27.5 inch - 48 inch
  • Affordable and comfortable to wear
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  • High quality woven belt with double J hooks
  • 33 inches to 47 inches length
  • Beautiful colors and patterns
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  • Most affordable polyester shoulder strap on the market
  • 30.25 inch - 46 inch length
  • Comes with 2 no-drill strap buttons
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  • Best Leather Ukulele Strap
  • Adjustable Strap Length 40 inch - 49 inch
  • Handmade product
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  • Best Ukulele Strap No Drill
  • 22.5 inch - 26 inch adjustable length
  • Non-scratching sound hole hook
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Review of the Best Ukulele Straps 

With so many straps out there, it was a tough choice to pick the best for you: 

Best Overall:
Best Sounds Uke-Starry Night

Van Gogh'Starry Night' Ukulele Strap & Leather Ends Shoulder Strap for Soprano Concert Tenor and Baritone Ukulele (Uke-Starry Night)


  • Fits all Ukulele models
  • Affordable and comfortable to wear
  • Top quality 1.5” wide polyester strap
  • Fully adjustable length 27.5 inch - 48 inch
  • Unique looking Van Gogh's "Starry Night" ukulele strap


  • No tail pin included
  • The print may not look appealing on all models

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers describe it as durable, soft, and silky and they really love the printed out motif. Even the width is commented as being ideal and it’s very easy to change the length, even with one hand. 

They would gladly buy it again or recommend it to the others.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This shoulder strap is made from polyester and leather ends and it spans from 27.5 inches to 48 inches length. It was specially made for Ukulele instruments that come with any kind of pre-installed strap buttons and it should fit all the regular Ukulele models.

It comes with a unique print of Van Gogh’s Starry Night picture which looks wonderful on all Spruce, Mango, Cedar, and Walnut Ukuleles while providing you with additional smoothness and comfort and a durable length adjusting mechanism so you will be able to wear your Ukulele for hours without any fatigue.

Bottom Line

Having a nice looking strap is sometimes a matter of fashion as well. That’s why having a strap with Van Gogh’s picture motif over your shoulder might be just what you were missing to improve your stage presence.

M33 Double J Hooks Strap

M33 Ukulele Strap Upgrade Multicolor Hawaiian Jacquard Woven, Double J Hooks Clip On Ukulele Belt, Easy To Use Fits Most Standard Uke Sizes (Yellow-red)


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Beautiful colors and patterns
  • 33 inches to 47 inches length
  • Double layer widened leather shoulder pad
  • High quality woven belt with double J hooks


  • May not fit all adult sizes
  • Not compatible with all sound holes

What Recent Buyers Report

The strap length firmly fits all Ukulele sizes including and not just Baritone, they even confirm that it was used on Ukulele Bass, as well.

It is also commented as a convenient replacement for those Ukuleles that don't come with strap buttons installed and it’s both comfortable and good looking.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This strap comes with an advanced double hook system so it mounts on a sound hole from both sides. It seems to be the best solution in case you don’t want to drill your instrument.

The hooks are plastic but come with a bit of foam on the inside so there should be no worries regarding damaging your instrument, especially because the grip is transferred to two points respectively.

Those two mounting points provide you extra stability during play while the padded part of the strap will give you the comfort required for long-hour performance.

Bottom Line

Double J Hooks is a convenient strap if your Ukulele doesn’t have strap buttons. It will be a really suitable solution to your Soprano and Concert Ukuleles and you will have many color patterns to select from.

Best for the Money:
LOHANU Floral Ukulele Strap

LOHANU Ukulele Strap Floral - Black Flower - 2 Buttons & 2 Picks - 2 Strap Pins Helps You Hold the Uke Easily - Simple Adjustable Length - Easy Install Manual - Soft on Neck - Soprano Concert Tenor


  • 30.25 inch - 46-inch length
  • Lifetime Warranty guaranteed
  • Photo installation manual included
  • Comes with 2 no-drill strap buttons
  • Most affordable polyester shoulder strap on the market


  • Floral design might be awkward for some users
  • Length might be short for Tenor Ukulele models

What Recent Buyers Report

Lohanu customer support is well-known for their swift reply and there are many reports of their assistance for any concerns or questions they had with this item.

However, it has been reported that the actual length is not 51 inches, but 46 so it may not fit all the adults and instruments properly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This polyester shoulder strap is not just one of the most affordable we’ve found on the market, it’s one of the rare that comes with the provided strap buttons that don’t require drilling.

There is a photo manual with a section on how to install those buttons included as well. And while it shows you how to set both buttons, it still provides you with the string so you can set the strap using a single button and the neck instead.

And the best of all, in case anything goes wrong with this strap, Lohanu gives you an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

If your Ukulele didn’t come with the installed strap buttons, you should know that there are strap pins that don’t require drilling. It will leave your Ukulele unharmed while you can use not just this one, but any Ukulele strap from the market.

Best Leather Ukulele Strap:
LeatherGraft Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap

LeatherGraft 49” Length Tan Brown Genuine Leather Classic Mandolin Ukulele Instrument Strap


  • Handmade product
  • Moveable Shoulder Pad
  • Available in yellow and red color
  • Real Leather strap made for Ukulele
  • Adjustable Strap Length 40 inch - 49 inch


  • Black and brown color are missing
  • Might be too big for Soprano Ukulele

What Recent Buyers Report

Users say it's a top-quality product with very stiff and thick leather and a bit darker colors that are shown on the online images so the red is more closer to crimson color. 

Also, watch out for the buckle may catch your hair easily.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This shoulder strap is made from real leather and provides you with the strap that spans over 40 inches to - 49 inches length. The shoulder pad is 1.5 inches wide and it’s fully moveable so it will match any desired length and reduce any pressure on the neck or back.

The biggest advantage of leather straps lies in handmade production and longevity - it was meant to last for more than a decade and it will become more suited to you with every next year due to the break-in process every real leather product passes through.

Bottom Line

Having a real leather strap designed especially for Ukulele is always something worth considering, especially when it’s handmade. Leather is a true showcase of vintage design and it may be a perfect match to your Koa or Mahogany Ukulele.

Best Ukulele Strap No Drill:
Best Sounds US-Orange Clip on Strap

BestSounds Ukulele Strap No Drilling Printed Clip On Ukulele Strap Fits Any Ukulele Sizes (US- Orange)


  • Beautiful color pattern
  • Easy to clip on and remove
  • Non-scratching sound hole hook
  • 22.5 inch - 26-inch adjustable length
  • High-quality polyester and leather strap


  • Could provide a larger length span
  • Don’t work well with Tenor and Baritone models

What Recent Buyers Report

Users say that it has been thick and well made, but the length could be solved better. It also might be a bit too long not just for children but for some adults as well. Luckily such issues can be solved by simply tying an additional knot. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This neck strap is made from high-quality polyester with leather bindings. It provides you with the single sound hole hook which seems to be quite easy to set on and off without any concerns regarding scratching your tonewood so that your strumming hand may be free if you plan to do a standing performance.

The strap also comes with a beautiful vivid color pattern that will suit the vintage Ukulele models perfectly and it covers the length between 22.5 inches and 26 inches and it will work the best with the Soprano Ukulele size.

Bottom Line

If you would like to play standing but don’t want to drill strap buttons, this strap will snap onto your Ukulele instantly on most regular sound holes out there.

Best Clip On Ukulele Strap:
CLOUDMUSIC Button Free with Hook Clip On

CLOUDMUSIC Ukulele Strap Button Free Hawaiian Floral Ukulele Strap with Hook Clip On For Soprano Concert Tenor Ukulele(Pink Roses In White)


  • Length 25.6 inches -  40 inches
  • Silicon wrapped and flexible J-hook
  • Available in 20 different color designs
  • Elegant jacquard woven neck-on strap
  • Soft black cotton at the back for comfortable wearing


  • May be a bit odd in length 
  • Doesn’t suit Tenor Ukulele perfectly

What Recent Buyers Report

They loved the design variations Cloudmusic provided and feel like everyone can find their favorite.

But, there are some strange complaints regarding size - it’s too short for some while others say it’s too long for Soprano Ukulele. We guess that the starting and end size could be set better for adults.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This J-hook neck-on strap comes with a large silica gel hook which is completely flexible in terms of bending so it may easily fit any sound hole and Ukulele width without any concern of unwanted scratching your instrument. 

It has been made by 1 inch wide woven jacquard strap which is equipped with soft black cotton webbing at the back for comfortable wearing while the length can be shortened from around 40 inches up to 25.6 inches by using the regular plastic slider. This strap size seems to be ideal for Concert and Soprano Ukuleles.

Bottom Line

Once you find a reliable neck strap it is always nice if you can also pick the design that feels just like you. Luckily, Cloudmusic has provided us with 20 different designs to select from so there will be a color for everyone.

Best Ukulele Neck Strap:
D'Addario Accesories Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap

D'Addario Ukulele Strap - Clip On - Eco-Comfort - Ukelele Strap No Drill Needed - Black


  • Soft and durable material
  • Innovative basic but effective design
  • Eco-friendly strap made from recycled plastic
  • Rubber hook prevents any harm to the Ukulele soundhole


  • A bit expensive
  • May not fit all the adult sizes

What Recent Buyers Report

While they are aware that it’s a bit more expensive than the other straps on the market, they can’t deny that it works great and justifies its price.

It’s often commented as very comfortable and stable to wear and they love the simplicity behind its design.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Neck strap is made from an eco-friendly recycled plastic water bottle material that appears both soft and durable at the same time. The design is quite basic, but at least it comes in well spread five different colors.

Thanks to the rubber hook which goes to the sound hole you can be stress-free from any unwanted scratching while still being durable enough to balance out your instrument. 

So, in case you don’t want to drill holes, you might be surprised how much stability this D’Addario strap can provide to your playing. 

Bottom Line

D’Addario is a famous brand in the world of string accessories, so you can be sure that this neck strap is made with excellent quality control support. It had a basic design that may come handy to those who like plain and simple solutions.

Best Ukulele Shoulder Strap:
CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Style

CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Style Cotton Ukulele Strap Blue White Flower (Brown)


  • Two strap buttons bundled
  • 29.5 inches to 52 inches length
  • Available in more color patterns
  • Soft black cotton webbing at the back
  • Beautiful Vintage blue and white flowers motifs


  • May require drilling
  • Medicore strap buttons quality

What Recent Buyers Report

They say that the material is soft enough so it won’t scratch your instrument. It will fit all the regular strap buttons you may already have and it matches the provided photos.

However, be extra careful with the strap buttons - some reports say that those are not the best quality ones and that they are easy to break during installation.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This shoulder strap comes with the beautiful blue and white vintage design at the length of 52 inches at maximum and 29.5 at a minimum with the strap ends made from cowhide. 

Back side is made out of soft black cotton webbing that provides you with comfortable wearing so it will accommodate both kids and adults.

While it may require to drill the strap buttons for those models that don’t have them already installed, at least it provides you with two basic 0.11-inch screws in case you don’t have them with you.

Bottom Line

If you’re certain that you need a shoulder strap for your Ukulele, this is the most beautiful strap we’ve found on the market.  It’s durable, comfortable and it comes with all the accessories needed to mount on any Ukulele you have.

Editor's Pick:
Baite Music Double Nylon Strap

Double Use Adjustable Nylon Ukulele Strap - Can be Use as Ukulele Neck Strap or Ukulele Shoulder Strap (BLACK)


  • Adjustable length size
  • Balanced and firm grip in both modes
  • Multi-purpose strap made from nylon and vinyl
  • Can be used as a neck strap with the sound hole hook
  • Can be mounted on any regular strap button as a shoulder strap


  • Doesn’t come with the strap button
  • Hook might be too big for Soprano Ukuleles

What Recent Buyers Report

It is reported to work as it should do.

Those who play the Tenor Ukulele report that it works better when used as a shoulder strap, while Soprano and Concert users prefer the neck strap mode.

But, some Soprano Ukulele users say that they couldn’t mount it on their instruments.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love the fact that it works as a multi-purpose strap. If you use a single strap button it could be used as a regular shoulder strap with the other side going over the headstock. In case you don’t have a strap button installed, you can set a hook to the sound hole, and use the product as a neck strap instead.

Whatever you decide it will provide you a firm and secure grip so both of your hands could be moved freely all the time. And you may also appreciate the fact that it comes in a plain black design.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a versatile strap and you’re uncertain if you would prefer a neck or shoulder strap, this is quite an affordable way to have both for a while. In both modes, Ukulele will be held steadily.

Types of Ukulele Straps

Besides material differences, more or less, all Ukulele Straps can be categorized into two major categories with some custom subtypes worth mentioning:

Shoulder Straps

They will remind you of regular acoustic and electric guitar straps but much shorter and not so wide as they have to match a smaller instrument body. 

It will also usually require drilling one or two holes on the Ukulele body. If you set a single strap button, you will use a strap string to secure the other end around the headstock and in case of two buttons, the strap will be placed in the area where the body and neck joins. 

Neck Straps

Neck Straps can be a more convenient solution for those that don’t want to drill their instrument.

It comes in two variants - single and double J hook. You may be surprised how stable and secure the double J system can be.

The main grip of the strap is focused around the sound hole where you will secure hooks. Those hooks usually come with some sort of protection or in form of rubber or silica material so there are almost no chances for damaging your instrument tonewood.

The only drawback with this type of strap is that you can’t move your instrument aside while you’re not playing it.

CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Style

Mobius Strap

This strap is unique because it resembles the shoulder strap style but it doesn’t require any hole drilling. It puts no stress on the instrument's neck, goes beneath the strings and it’s very easy to set it up. 

Paracord Straps

Parachute cord or Paracord is often used for various DIY projects so it can be also used for Ukulele straps. It resembles the regular shoulder strap and it will require strap buttons to be installed.

How to Add Strap Buttons For a Ukulele Strap

Ideally, the most professional way to use Ukulele Strap is by using two strap buttons at each side of the body. If the strap doesn’t come with pins it won’t be so expensive to order them individually.

  1. Every strap button is made from an endpin, screw, and rubber washer. To make a hole on your Ukulele you will need the handheld drill, marker, tape, and a screwdriver. Choosing the right drill bit is simple - pick one that matches the size of the screw without a threaded part. It’s fine if it doesn’t match perfectly and in such a case, always pick a bit that’s smaller than your screw.

  2. Next, use some tape and marker to label the location and the center for your strap button spots. Regarding the position of the button on the neck, the rule of thumb is to install it a little bit below the center because of the strap end angle. It may grip much better with such a position, but anyway, try it out with your strap before marking drilling spots to find an exact sweet spot.

  3. Put the washer and screw inside of the end pin and mark the length of the screw coming out of the pin on your drill bit by covering the rest of the drill bit with the tape. Remember that you don’t have to nail the length perfectly and that it’s always better to mark it a bit shorter than longer.

  4. Drill the buttons, over the tape, and then remove the tape so you can insert the end pins by turning the screw with the screwdriver. Make sure it’s not screwed too tight as it may crack your instrument.

If you would like to check the video tutorial about this procedure, check the link below:


Hopefully, you will find a strap as a neat add-on eventually. It was designed to make your playing better in a way you can focus more on what you’re pressing instead of what you’re holding and we hope you have found the favorite from our list.

People Also Ask

As Ukulele may share some of the accessories from the guitar world, we will explain why you should consider having a Ukulele Strap instead and what are the differences. We will also cover the dilemma if you should install strap buttons on your Ukulele at all.

Can You Put a Strap on a Ukulele?

There are several ways to put a strap on Ukulele. Some may require you to install a button strap on your instrument, while others can use either a 1st string around the headstock or a single or a double hook around the sound hole to lock it on.

Can You Use a Guitar Strap on a Ukulele?

If your Ukulele is Baritone or Bass Ukulele, we feel that it might be okay. And of course, if it comes with the strap buttons, yes, some guitar straps can be used

Otherwise, such a strap might be too long for other models. 

Where Does a Ukulele Strap Go?

A ukulele strap should come around your shoulder and will require using or installing the strap buttons. Also, it may go around your neck as a sort of necklace with the neck-on Ukulele strap models. 

Should I Put a Strap Button on My Ukulele?

We believe that having a strap button makes your instrument more professional, especially installing a two-strap button system. 

This way your instrument will maintain the same position regardless of your playing stance and you won’t have to focus on holding the instrument at all.

How to Put a Strap on a Ukulele Without Drilling

If you want to use a strap on a Ukulele without drilling a strap on a Ukulele without drilling you would need to pick either a Mobius strap or some neck models which use a single or dual J hooks system. Lock the hooks to your sound hole and you’re all set.

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