Gear savvy Is Looking for New Owners

Gear Savvy was founded by a group of indie musicians who wanted to share their hard learned music production & gear advice. After almost 3 years of publishing top ranking guides, we’ve decided its time to pass the torch to a new editor who can upkeep our library and continue writing great articles.

As the owner of, you’ll have:

  • Over 6,000 unique monthly visitors, eager to learn about new gear, recording equipment, and production advice.

  • A library of 27 high quality, heavily researched articles with unique graphics and tables.

  • Top ranking pages for keywords like vinyl pressing services, portable drum set, best podcast microphone, best tuner pedal, and best bass strings, just to name a few.

  • Top notch branding, logo & website design from a boutique designer.

  • A steady monthly income from Amazon & eBay affiliate programs

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